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  1. Question About Cotton Flannel

    Prefer gauze here. Flannel wind up on the dryer screen too much.
  2. Buying adult cloth diapers

    Check out adultclothdiaper.com.
  3. A perfectly legal device that fries your computer...

    Probably to test for UL and CSA safety standards. I am sure it fries the port. This is done because there really are people, who will find a way to connect their USB port to an electrical outlet. The object is to be certain that the computer will not catch fire upom misuse .
  4. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    You want one while under extreme chemotherapy. They see it all the time.
  5. Your Childhood Christmas Time memories

    Back in the 50's Christmas was pretty modest. I was curious about the television in the corner that I saw in the photo. I saw that same TV in a photo dated 1951. Since I am a TV buff, I looked up the cost of that TV. It sold for $149. I could only think what that would be in today's dollars.
  6. Pain,Pain,Pain

    I know all about pain. With Cancer, I deal with it daily. Now the popular rhetoric of the day is to bash the drugs used to relieve pain as well as making those drugs harder to get.
  7. Velcro Cloth Diaper/New Plastic Pants

    Get some pins and get it over with. I tried Velcro and went back to pins as well.
  8. Advise on issue

    Throughout my life I have discovered one thing regarding this issue. If you take care of someone they will let you. If you lend them money, they rarely pay it back. When you put the brakes on your charity, the receivers of your good works get pissed.
  9. My redneck side is showing

    It is quality entertainment. You need beer too.
  10. Heavy duty plastic pants

    Babykins has a heavy duty pant. I have been wearing them for years. They will custom make them for you too. It is a 7 mil pant I think.
  11. I will tell a story that is well over 25 years old. I was working in an office setting and the old lady bookkeeper said "I am sorry for the short notice but I need you to approve and sign these vendor invoices so I can get them in this week's check run". I said to the bookkeeper "well we will just have to spank you for that". The bookkeeper came back and said "don't threaten me with something I might like". In today's office environment, people would be screaming "harassment". It was all clean fun back then. Nobody seems to have a sense of humor anymore.
  12. Plastic Pants with Cloth Inserts

    I wore Salk plastic pants as a teenager. They had a snap in liner. Whenever I had an accident, I wanted the pants and liner cleaned.
  13. what is your best diaper experience?

    I got married for the second time. My new wife loved a man in diapers so in the morning and evening, I get changed. I wear at night for bedwetting.
  14. What is the best diaper?

    The best diaper is the one that works for you. Some people may not need supper heavy protection.
  15. Are Thick Diapers a nostalgia thing?

    I just did two weeks in the hospital. The hospital diapers suck. When my wife brought some diapers from home, the hospital staff did not have to change the sheets more than once a day. The old Abenas I had in the closet came in handy. The hospital's diapers were really thin.