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  1. It is quality entertainment. You need beer too.
  2. Babykins has a heavy duty pant. I have been wearing them for years. They will custom make them for you too. It is a 7 mil pant I think.
  3. I will tell a story that is well over 25 years old. I was working in an office setting and the old lady bookkeeper said "I am sorry for the short notice but I need you to approve and sign these vendor invoices so I can get them in this week's check run". I said to the bookkeeper "well we will just have to spank you for that". The bookkeeper came back and said "don't threaten me with something I might like". In today's office environment, people would be screaming "harassment". It was all clean fun back then. Nobody seems to have a sense of humor anymore.
  4. I wore Salk plastic pants as a teenager. They had a snap in liner. Whenever I had an accident, I wanted the pants and liner cleaned.
  5. I got married for the second time. My new wife loved a man in diapers so in the morning and evening, I get changed. I wear at night for bedwetting.
  6. The best diaper is the one that works for you. Some people may not need supper heavy protection.
  7. I just did two weeks in the hospital. The hospital diapers suck. When my wife brought some diapers from home, the hospital staff did not have to change the sheets more than once a day. The old Abenas I had in the closet came in handy. The hospital's diapers were really thin.
  8. I'm an old fart an use cloth diapers. For disposables I like the Abena.
  9. It saddens me to report that a legendary rock and roll founder has passed. RIP Chuck Berry
  10. Temprpedic has a waterproof cover that fits their mattresses. If you buy one of their beds, they will throw it in for free. I think it is around 80 dollars if you want to buy it. It doesn't stick like plastic.
  11. My ex wife made a big deal of my night-time diaper in a nasty divorce. The judge told her to "Shut up. Your husband's medical condition has nothing to do with his ability to be a good father". It was embarrassing but the judge put her in her place.
  12. They suck. I had a bag of Depends when I was in the hospital. The hospital's diapers were better.
  13. Barbara Hale has passed away. For those who don't know who she is, she played the part of Perry Mason's secretary "Della Street". I believe she was the last surviving member of the Perry Mason cast. She was 94 years old.
  14. Yes I use to watch they show on TV when I was a child.
  15. If you were into the AB/DL thing in and Islamic country, they would probably not be nice to you. If you are gay, they will cut your head off or throw you off the side of a tall building. They post the videos of gay executions on youtube.