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  1. A big thank you to everyone who's read and commented on this story, I really appreciate your words of encouragement. This story has been a lot of fun to write and and hoping to have chapter 2 up for your soon....
  2. The Reformation of Jen Pop by Pwy Ydy'r Tad Chapter 1 My name is Jennifer Pope but the world knows me better by my stage name; Jen Pop. I'm only twenty three but I've been in this business so long that I feel much older, especially now. I've done a lot in my short time in this world; I've been places and seen things that some people would only dream of but I missed out on so much too. Some said I never really grew up and on reflection I think they were right. And now I'm paying the price.... **** I suppose my career has a bit of a cliché. Like many little girls I dreamed of being famous and I was blessed with just enough talent to pursue that dream. I entered a national talent contest and fought my way through each round before finally claiming the top prize. Soon a team of professionals set to work remaking me to create my look, my sound and my style. After that the sweet girl from the little English village went on to become one of the biggest stars in the world and Jen Pop was born. The following years passed in a whirlwind of recording sessions and bigger and bigger tours. For a while I had everything I ever wanted; fame, popularity and more money that I knew what to do with. I quickly relocated Stateside and bought myself the big LA house I'd dreamed of and surrounded myself with sycophants and 'yes men'. When you live the life of a singing superstar you face temptation at every turn and I'm not proud to admit it but I gave into them all with wild parties with drinking, sex and of course drugs. So when I got high and decided to take my Porsche out there was no one to tell me it was a bad idea and when I got into a horrific wreck there was no to blame but myself. I walked away with just a few cuts and bruises but my passengers and they guy in the other vehicle weren't so lucky. Today I sit in court apprehensively awaiting my verdict. On stage I had been known for colorful outfits but right now I was trying to look respectable in a somber black skirt suit and sensible shoes. I fidgeted uncomfortable as I looked around the room. My lawyer sat next to me having done all she can do but in this case I don't think she can work miracles. I looked back towards my parents. Mum has buried her head into dad's shoulder refusing to make eye contact with me. She has every right to do so, I'm actually glad she has because it's preferable the look of disappointment on my dad's face which is just heartbreaking. I feel so tense that I'm going to burst but that was when the judge returns to deliver his final verdict. “It'll be OK,” my lawyer whispered in a final attempt to reassure me, “You're a celebrity, you'll get off lightly.” “Jennifer Pope,” he began, “I find the acts that you are here for to be appalling. In the eyes of the law you are a grown woman but your actions are that of a spoiled child. I thank God that no one was killed by your recklessness and wish a speedy recovery to those you hurt. Far too often have people in your situation have been shown too much leniency so I aim to make an example of you. I hereby sentence you to a correctional facility for the maximum time the law will allow......” I zoned out after that. This was so unfair, what happened to special treatment? I felt numb as the guards led me out of the courtroom and down to the cells. I wasn’t even thinking as I handed over all my personal possession and then I just sat with my head in my hands, I don't know how long for. After a while my lawyer came to see me, I was certainly paying her enough to stick around. She talked about appeals and stuff but I mostly just pretended to listen. I had a few more visitors after that who seemed to be there to check on my well-being and mental state. At one point I was handed a tray of food but I didn't feel much like eating, especially not the slop they were trying to force on me. Finally, they came to transfer me to the prison facility. I was led outside where the prisoner transport waited. When we arrived the other end things really started to get bad. A female guard led me into room and ordered me to strip. Wasting no time she yanked down on my jacket the second I started to remove it and let it fall untidily to the floor. My hands shook as I unbuttoned my blouse, slowly revealing a pale pink lace bra. Once the blouse had been taken I unzipped my skirt letting it fall to the floor. I rolled my pantyhose down my legs and stood in just my matching underwear set, the last vestige of my own sense of style. I lingered as long as I could but after a few seconds the guard singled her impatience so I unhooked my bra and slip off my panties. That was it, I was completely naked at the mercy of the prison system. The guard set to work searching me, checking every nook and cranny of my body for hidden contraband. And I mean every part of my body! She even brought out a mirror for my most intimate areas. On a normal day I would have made a wisecrack like 'buy me dinner first!' but today I just didn't have the energy and passively took the indignity. Once my little date with the guard was over I was handed my prison issue clothes and told to get dressed. During my time in the limelight I had become used to a certain standard of clothing, both on and off stage, and let me tell you this is the worst outfit I have ever been given to wear. The main item was a two piece prison uniform in a hideous canary yellow but somehow worse was the underwear. I looked in horror at the prison issue panties, on a close inspection they seemed were cut for a woman's figure but the style looked like the y-fronts my grandad would have worn. “Sorry princess,” the guard sneered, clearly registering my disgust, “you can't get Victoria Secret in here. Now are you going to put them on or am I going to have to make you?” Sighing I slipped the panties on and pulled them up to my hips. They felt just as bad as they looked, baggy in some places and the material was harsh and scratchy. The bra wasn't much better and together they felt awful compared to my usual lace and satin lingerie. The main uniform however was just a disaster, even though they had clearly given me the smallest size it sat baggily on my petite frame and I was forced to roll up the sleeves and legs so I wouldn't trip over. “Aren't you just the prettiest girl at the dance,” the guard said mockingly. Finally, I had a bundle of blankets and a set of plastic crockery pushed into my arms before I was led out onto the wing. As I walked past the cells and the other prisoners I was reminded of my first day at secondary school; a hostile environment where I didn't know anyone and the population looked like they would eat me alive. I wondered whether any of them recognised me or even cared who I was. Maybe I'm not even that much of a novelty as I'm sure the California prison system has no shortage of celebrities coming through their doors. We stopped abruptly in front of one of the cell doors. “Welcome to your new home,” the guard said as she ushered me inside. The cell was as basic as you'd expect, bunk beds and a small toilet area which I shuddered at the thought of using. A tiny window gave me a view to the outside world where the setting sun acted as a harsh reminded of just how long today had been. The final feature of the cell was a heavy set middle aged woman lying on the top bunk reading a magazine. She was attired in the same hideous yellow uniform as me, just several sizes bigger and apparently a lot better fitting. Despite all the events of the day weighing on me I mustered up the best smile I could. “Hi,” I said brightly, “I'm Jen.” “Uh huh,” my cell mate grunted, “How nice for you.” “Oh come on now, be nice,” the guard chimed in, “Jen, this is Jacqueline, I'm sure you two will become best friends in no time.” Her words dripped with sarcasm. “I'll just leave you to get acquainted, have fun!” And with that the guard turned on her heels and left us alone. Jacqueline still barely registered my presence and my mind started racing to think of something, anything to strike up conversation about. As if to provide inspiration my stomach started grumbling. It had been a while since I declined the meal at the courthouse. “When's dinner served around here?” I asked. “You missed it.” “Oh, so when is the next meal.” “Breakfast.” “Oh, is there anything....” “Nope.” There was a brief science. As I surveyed the room something occurred to me. “What do we sleep in?” “The bed.” “No I mean clothing, do we get PJ's or anything?” “Nope, you're wearing your only outfit.” I sighed, this conversation was getting me nowhere. The events of the day were weighing heavily on me so with nothing better to do I slid into the lower bunk, curled up into the fetal position and drifted into an uneasy sleep. **** I was awoken when one of the officers passed my cell delivering the early morning wake up call to every prisoner. I silently wished all the events that had unfolded yesterday had all been some kind of horrible dream but as the cell came back into focus my heart sank as I realised that this wasn't the case. I rolled out of bed, my first instinct was to pee but when I looked at the toilet again I just couldn't face the prospect. “Just go,” Jacqueline muttered, “I got three kids and I've had a dozen cell mates. Trust me, you don't have anything I haven't seen before.” Despite her words of encouragement I decided to hold it. A guard escorted a bunch of prisoners to the showers and I'm sure you'll forgive me if I don't dwell on the details. I wasn't subjected to the horrors one might expect in a female prison shower but it wasn't exactly pleasant either. The showers were cold, the soap was harsh and the lack of privacy made me feel like I was being treated like an animal. Once I was washed and scrubbed and decked out in a clean uniform I was led to the cafeteria where breakfast was being served. I clutched the tray to my chest as one by one the line shortened until I got to the front. The main feature of the breakfast seemed to a large pot of what I think was meant to be oatmeal but had a strange aroma to it. “Tray” the large tattooed server demanded making me realise I was still holding it. “Is there another option?” I blurted out without thinking, “It's just that I'm on a low carb diet.” My clarification didn't seem to help matters as the server roared with laughter. “Yeah there's a low carb option you skinny bitch,” a voice whispered harshly in my ear, “I eat yours and you go without. Now quit holding up the line.” Reluctantly I accepted the bowl of oatmeal before filling the rest of my tray with two poached eggs and a slice of white toast and grabbed a glass of orange juice. I munched through my breakfast without any enthusiasm. If they force these carb heavy meals on me every day I going to be the only person to come out of prison fatter than when they went it. They'd better let me do pilates I can tell you that. Meanwhile every sip of the orange juice reminded me of my bladder. Once I'd finished one of the officers flagged me down and introduced me to another prisoner named Alex who would oversee my induction. At first glance Alex was quite intimidating; she towered over me and sported a shaved head but turned out to be quite pleasant. She explained to me how everything worked in there, the work programs, the library the gym, all of that. But first I was taken for a drug assessment in the medical wing which was carried out by a friendly good natured nurse. Given my previous history with drug use I was categorised 'at risk' and informed in no uncertain terms that I would have to submit to regular screenings. This quickly turned out to be a blessing as I was asked to give a urine sample so managed to take my first pee of my incarceration. Maybe this was the solution; I could make some comments and get bumped up to daily samples. It would certainly better this sterile office that the toilet in my cell. I quickly shook the thoughts out of my head, that wasn't a viable long term solution. Plus I'd been clean since the accident so was in little real danger. So far most of the other prisoners were more or less leaving me alone. Some called my name while others would shout my lyrics at me (in some cases inserting rude words) but no one had taken a real interest in me. The rest of the day passed, lunch and dinner were as uninspiring as breakfast and two meals later I was back to my earlier predicament with the toilet. After dinner I was back in my cell, thumbing through a book on gardening I'd found in the library. I'm not sure why I picked it up, it's not a subject I had any real interest in. I suppose it was just slim pickings in the library and the thought of attractive well maintained gardens brought back some happy childhood memories. Meanwhile Jacqueline lay on her bunk where I'd found her the first day. Our 'quiet time' was interrupted by guard, specifically the guard who had taken such delight in searching me when I'd arrived. Given the nature of the environment we weren't allowed to know the names of most of the staff so I've decided to call her Barbara. I named her after a PE teacher who also took great delight in tormenting me at school. “Miss Pope,” Barbara said loudly, “You have an appointment with the prison psychiatrist. I'm supposed to take you up.” “That's bullshit!” Jacqueline exclaimed before I could even respond. “I didn't get to see the shrink for weeks, how come she gets straight in? Spoiled bitch!” I tried to ignore Jacqueline's harsh words as Barbara escorted me towards to office next to the medical centre. She knocked on the door and once she was acknowledged she unlocked it and we went inside. The office was pretty basic, the psychiatrist himself was a balding middle aged man sat behind the desk while a much younger man in an expensive looking suit stood next to him. “Hello Ms. Pope. I'm Doctor Hargreaves, the head psychiatry here. How are you settling in?” “Not well,” I muttered. “I see. I'm sorry to hear that. Of course, you're always welcome to make an appointment to see me, you're health and well-being as well as your rehabilitation is my primary concern. However you've been summoned here today for a very specific purpose. This is my associate Doctor McGowen.” The man in the suit nodded in acknowledgement, “His company have had the go ahead to trial a new rehabilitation program and they have determined that you fit the psychological profile for the kind of inmate that they're looking for.” “Well that's flattering,” I said, “but I'm really not interested. I just want to put my head down serve my time and be done with it.” “I'm sorry you feel that way,” Doctor Hargreaves replied, “However there's a very good chance that by participating in this trial your sentence could be reduced.” My ears pricked up at this. “No promises of course but if you co-operate it will certainly help your cause.” “Fine, whatever it takes.” I said keen to jump on any opportunity to get me out of this hell hole. “Wonderful!” Doctor McGowen exclaimed, “Now if you'll excuse us Doctor I'd like to go through the particulars with Miss Pope.” “Of course.” And with that Dr Hargreaves got up to leave his office, “I'll be in the nurse's station if you need me.” Once we were alone Doctor McGowen produced a large bound document from his briefcase. “If you would be so good as to sign this,” he said, placing the contract in front of me. I started leafing through it, trying to make sense of the technical jargon that filled every page. “Miss Pope,” Doctor McGowen said impatiently, “You really won't gain anything by reading that. You're already incarcerated and right now my program is the only hope you have to speed up your time here.” I sighed, as much as I hated to admit it he was right. My lawyer was working on an appeal but who knows how long that was going to take. If I was going to get out of here I was going to have to take matters into my own hands. I grabbed a pen and signed the contract. “Thank you,” he said, “You've made the right decision. Now lets begin.” What followed was a series of personality testing questions, everything from rating various attributes on a scale of one to ten to asking specific questions about my childhood. It seemed to go on forever but finally he seemed to be reaching an end as he stared talking about my trial. “One thing the judge said really struck a chord with me, he said 'your actions are that of a spoiled child', how does that make you feel?” “Mortified,” I said angrily, “I'm a grown woman, I'm in control of my own life.” “I disagree,” he said, clearly pleased with the emotional action he had elicited, “You see it all the times with people like you, you found fame at an early age and as such your used to getting everything you wanted. You never gained any perspective or maturity.” “That's not true! I worked hard to get where I am!” I spluttered. “It's true and you know it! You didn't achieve anything, everything about you was crafted and managed by a committee. The judge was right, you're nothing more than a spoiled child. You know what happens to child when she misbehaves? She gets spanked!” In one swift move the doctor pulled me out of my seat hand had me bent over the desk. I struggled but he was much larger than me and easily kept control. The first blow connected hard across my bottom causing me to cry out in pain. “Fuck!” I yelped. “Language!” he responded as he smacked me again.” “You...you can't do this to me!” “I can, you signed the contract remember. Am I getting through to you yet?” With that he took hold of my waistband and yanked down my prison issue bottoms exposing my ass clad in the ugly white panties. He was merciless, bringing his hand down again and again. But through the pain I became aware of another sensation, the urge to pee. I felt a twinge, stronger and stronger every time he hit me. “Stop, please!” I begged, “I'll do anything!” But then came the slap that pushed me over the edge. It started as a trickle darkening the front of my panties but soon it began to flow as the hours for which I'd held my pee were finally released. The spanking had stopped and the room went deathly quiet with just the sound if urine tinkling against the tiled floor. I said nothing, I simply held my position, shaking with embarrassment and rage. Behind me Doctor McGowen stood upright and straightened up his suit jacket. He opened to door to the office and shouted out, “I'm going to need some assistance in here.” Within seconds Doctor Hargreaves, Barbara the guard and two members of the nursing staff were in the room. My cheeks burned red as all of them drank in the sight of a once popular singer with her uniform round her ankles having just wet her panties. “Clean up on aisle one,” I heard Barbara mutter. One of the nurses put her arm around me, “It's OK honey,” she said reassuringly. I didn't respond but I did allow her to help me back into a standing position. She got me to step out of my uniform bottoms which had absorbed a good amount of my urine. Some had soaked through into the top so I put my arms up as she pulled that off over my head. I felt the cold latex of her gloves on my waist as she set about cutting away my wet panties with safety scissors. After that all my soaked clothing was placed into a trash bag and I suspected it would be sent away to be incinerated. Once again I stood naked before strangers with just a simple bra to protect my modesty. The nurse then set to work cleaning me up with baby wipes, starting at my pussy and then running them over every inch of my lower body. While this had been going on I had seen Doctor McGowen whisper to the other nurse who nodded and quickly left the room. She now returned carrying a bulky blue package, my heart sank when I saw what they were. The packaging clearly dislayed the words 'Tena Protective Underwear' and a picture of an adult sized pull-up diaper. The returning nurse slit open the pack while the kindly nurse remove one of them and unrolled it. “No, no,” I said weakly, backing away but the kindly nurse just shook her head. “I'm sorry Miss Pope but you're going to have to wear this,” the nurse said gently, “It's the rules for any prisoner who has.... a little accident like the one you just had.” I relented and let her approach. One by one I stepped into the leg holes and she pulled it up snugly around my hips. “Good girl.” She said in a way that actually sounded sincere. “I think that's enough for today.” said Doctor McGowen, “You'll be escorted back to your cell now and we'll have a new uniform brought to you soon.” Barbara took my arm and led me out the door and across the landing. Walking back to my cell in just a bra and diaper was the final indignity, I was at breaking point. When I got back to my cell I just sat down on my bunk and cried. I'm not even ashamed to admit it. Hot tears rolled down my face as the weight of everything that had happened since the accident was bearing down on me. I thought I was at my lowest when I heard Jacqueline move above me. Great, I thought I'm sure she's here to kick me when I'm down. But what happened next genuinely surprised me. I felt two powerful arms wrap themselves around me as my cell mate pulled me into her bosom. “It's OK,” she said as she gently stroked my hair, “Mamma's got you, just let it all out.” And so I sat there in Jacqueline's arms, I'm not sure how long for. By the time I was all cried out I felt better, still lousy but things somehow didn't seem so bad. For the first time I felt like I could actually cope. “Thank you,” I croaked. “Any time Sugar, if anyone in here gives you grief you come to Mamma Jacqueline.” “But why?” I asked. I felt stupid asking but the question was playing on my mind amongst the whirlwind of other emotions. “I thought you hated me.” “At first I did,” my heart sank again, “I thought you were just going to be some stuck up spoiled princess. But when I saw you walk in here in your diaper I didn't see a singing superstar, I just saw a little girl who was upset and needed a hug. What can I say, you make me feel all maternal and such. Besides,” she added with a wink, “My kids are big fans of you, they'd never forgive me if I didn't help out Jen Pop when I had the chance.” She kissed my head and got up to leave but my hand shot out and grabbed her. “Please don't go,” I said pathetically.” “Sure thing,” she replied and climbed into my bunk next to me. She took me in her arms as I drifted off to sleep.
  3. Thank you both for that, I think I shall adopt the chapter format from heron in. I'll still want to get a bit further before I post anything but I'll still have the freedom to tweak if if need to.
  4. I'm currently working on a story and I'm wondering if it's better to post chapters incrementally or as a one off? I've seen both formats utilised in the forum but I'm wondering if more seasoned writers have found one or the other to be better. Obviously it depends on the story. I'm still writing so I have no idea how long it's going to end up being but I have written about 6 pages so far and I know I have a lot to go. And while I didn't plan to write chapters I have hit a point that would make a very neat end to chapter 1. I suppose it's just a question of what's easier for a reader to digest, is there a point where a story is simply too long?
  5. I feel I should put a quick update on this. Despite placing the order the order on the same day as making the original post I still haven't received anything from Integriti Schoolwear. After a week I attempted to contact them by e-mail, through their website and eventually by phone and they failed to respond. Fortunately I payed by Paypal and have now escalated this to a claim and with any luck I'm just a few days away from a refund. I would strongly advise everyone here to avoid this seller and offer my apologies to anyone else who may have used them based on the link that I posted.
  6. Thanks so much for your replies. This is exactly the sort of advice I was looking for so much appreciated there. Consequently I've redone my search, this time specifying X-Large (equivalent of a 14-16) and I managed to find a site where I could get exactly what I wanted, a maroon skirt in the larger sizes. And a blouse because once you're there you may as well get a few things right? http://integritischoolwear.co.uk/index.php?route=information/sitemap It's worth checking out for anyone who's into school uniform as they seem pretty good for the larger sizes. I shall be putting in an order today as I've let things like this slip through my fingers too many times. *Edit* Please exercise caution with this site. I still haven't received the order placed when I made the initial post and they have so far been unresponsive with regard to queries. *Edit*
  7. I'm in the process of putting together a school uniform for an age play event and I was hoping to get some advice before I made any purchases. I always like to add a splash of colour to proceedings and have eschewed black and grey skirts in favour of burgundy/ maroon which has helped me narrow the prospects down to 2 (which is great because I'm not normally good with stylistic choices). The finalists are: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Girls-School-Wear-School-Uniform-Girl-6-Pleat-Secondary-School-Skirt-Skirts-New-/272114017773?var=570922908699&hash=item3f5b4265ed:g:Qr0AAOSwqYBWo~jh http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Girls-School-Uniform-Box-Pleated-Elasticated-waist-school-kids-Skirt-Age-2-18yrs/182021811782?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D37256%26meid%3D7345a0917e8543bab8bebf2dc4a77701%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D291792474492 I'm about 5'9'' with a slight frame (although a bit of a belly) and usually wear 32' trousers. I like the first one but I'm unsure about the size, they sound like they should fit but given the sizing range I have some concerns. Surely I can't have the waist of a 13 year old? As for the second, it seems a safer choice but I'm a little confused regarding the relaxed and stretched length so any advice as to which one I should be going for would be much appreciated. Or should I just get the biggest and be done with it? Also a point of concern I usually wear a pink wig, that won't clash will it? Thanks for your help
  8. @ Nappylad89: Thanks for that, the Molicares are definitely looking like the best option now. @AB_Adam: Thanks for the advice. What we have planned so for is going to be a one off to see if she likes wearing nappies or not so free samples would be good. XpMedical is an American site but I have found a UK alternative http://www.incontinencechoice.co.uk, where I can get the Molicares. I'll have a look round see if I can find a few different sample options as I suspect we will get though a couple in the evening. Hopefully this means I'll be able to try the Abenas as well as the Molicares.
  9. Thank you both for your responses, this has been extremely helpful. I've had a look and based on styles, quantities and prices and it's down to a choice between the Abena Abri Forms and the Molicares. I think she'd like the Molicares Super Plus because they come in purple but I need to check one thing first. Are they a brief/ pull on or do they need to be taped on? I'm finding this surprisingly difficult to work out from the pictures/ descriptions.
  10. My girlfriends has recently agreed to indulge my kink and spend at least one evening in a nappy with me. Although this is something I've been interested in for a number of years I have little practical experience so thought it best to do some research here first. My main concern is that she is a BBW and so I want to make sure I get something that can accommodate her. Roughly we're talking around 54" hips. Since this is purely a fetish and neither of us are interested in wetting things how leaks and how much it holds aren't really going to be issues. I just want something that is going to look and feel good, for both of us. I've had a look round and the Tena Slips seem like a good bet as they come in larger sizes. The only downside is they come in packs of 28 which may be too many (I'd have to store any we don't use and have a limited budget). Any recommendations would be gladly received.
  11. Hi Timmy, The next Birmingham munch should be December 17th, provided it doesn't get moved due to Christmas. Watch this space for updates and official announcements. Hope you can make it, whenever it happens to be.
  12. We had four all in all, just not all at the same time. Given that we had two regulars and a few interested people who couldn't make it it wasn't a bad turn out. And hopefully we can get a few more next time too.
  13. So the munch has been and gone, a big thank you to everyone who made it. I had a great day and I hope the rest of you did too. Alan, it was nice to meet you and I hope this was the first of many events for you. Until next time....
  14. Hi Alan, really glad you can make it, it will be great to see another new face. Don't worry we're always gentle, we're a relaxed and friendly crowd. I look forward to seeing you there.
  15. Mark: PM sent. I'm not just going to post in on the forum but if there any newbies that need my mobile number then I'm more than happy to provide it. And just so people know: I don't have an internet phone, I'll check for messages before I leave in the morning, which will be around 10:30, and after that I'll only be reachable on the phone. I'm really looking forward to this. I've got two more confirmed people that I've spoken to on other sites and a couple of maybes as well. So it should be a half decent turn out and a good mix of old and new faces.