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  1. Awwww ... looks like I just missed you again by five minutes or so 


  2. Coo-ey ... Andy.

    Looks like I missed you again today.

    Oh well ... 

  3. Awwwww ... looks like I missed you by a matter of minutes! Was sooo hoping to see you!

  4. Ha ha ... and missed by less than 5 minutes again!!! (Was just having a shower ... )

  5. Aw shucks ... missed you! K came in and asked me to look something up for her, so I had to switch screens, and it looks like that was almost the exact same moment you came online. By the time I was finished with being her secretary, you'd gone.


  6. Coo-ey ... Andy ... are you still around??

  7. Abi

    baby girl

    Awwwww ... that's soooo adorable, Jess
  8. Abi

    i Love Ariel

  9. Aw boo ... just missed you again!

  10. Aw boo! Just missed you again ...

  11. That's really cool, Sherri. I'm really pleased to hear it went well for you
  12. gone again.catch you tomorrow.


  13. not seeing messages im sending. will try another time. 



  14. Awwwwww ... looks like I missed you by an hour this morning. Hope you're doing good. Can't message you privately ... I suspect your inbox is full and needs a few things deleting to free up some space.