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  1. Awwwwww ... looks like I missed you by an hour this morning. Hope you're doing good. Can't message you privately ... I suspect your inbox is full and needs a few things deleting to free up some space.

  2. I live.

    1. Abi


      That's good to hear

      Haven't seen you around in EVER such a long time.


  3. I'm still alive.

    1. Abi


      I'm glad to hear it hun

  4. And ... Abi back home.
  5. I'm just off walking in Scotland now school's out ...
  6. Abi

    New here

    DIstribution of primes is a fascinating subject. And my advice is ... go and get a proper autism assessment. It can't harm to have the diagnosis, and there can be many benefits.
  7. Abi


    Oooooohhhh ... they are soooo pretty
  8. Hey Andy, have you deserted us? It's nearly 3 weeks now since you were last here ...

  9. snobak

    Abi the lollipop Princess :)

  10. Well quite, Drynot. What possible relevance does the whistleblower's sexuality have to any of this. None. So why mention it at all? Moreover, to attempt to discredit somebody by "outing" them sends a VERY clear message to the effect that "I believe a gay person to be a lesser person than a straight person: less honest, less reliable ... therefore since this person is gay, I don't need to engage with his argument, I can simply tell you that they are gay and this wins the argument for me". What an odious attitude ... and what an odious person to be advancing it.
  11. Welcome from me as well; and what babyqtboy says is spot on - labels are for groceries, not people.
  12. Yep ... working now. Well done, Daily D