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  1. I'm a bit unusual in this community, in that I don't wear diapers. I'm an "older little" who likes age regressing to somewhere in the 5 - 9 age range (usually about 6) ... a little girl who wears proper "big girl" knickers, but still has occasional accidents.
  2. You're welcome to wear a tiara, as long as you let everyone else have a turn at wearing it too.
  3. Awwwww ... looks like I just missed you by 20 minutes or so, Jamie


  4. I used to wet my bed frequently until I was 6 or 7, when it largely stopped. My last childhood wet bed was when I was 11. My favourite cousin has recently told me that she used to wet her bed sometimes until she was 6 or 7. When I was 8 and my brother was 9 or 10, his best friend who was 11 was still an almost nightly bedwetter, and always had a protective sheet on his bed. When I was about 10 we slept over at my father's best man's house. He had two daughters who were older than me, and a son who was 8. The son wet his bed, and afterwards complained "why is it that whenever I s
  5. Are you there this morning, Pete?? It says you were here 12 minutes ago ... but I was in chat and you didn't call by


  6. Pete ... it says you can't receive messages. I'm guessing that means you need to clear out your inbox by deleting  a few old messages ... 

  7. They look cute, Stephany, and I'm sure you'll enjoy them. One thing, though ... I'm not a mod. I'm just an old bossy-boots ...
  8. Cory

    Hey abi I just enabled my profile and do u know how messages work on here I’m new on here

  9. Hey Pete .... you need to clear out your "envelope messages" in box ... it won't let me message you until you do!!

  10. Hey you missed me!

  11. You go to your inbox and click the little square box below the word "messages".

    A window pops up saying "select rows", and you choose "all"

    When you do this, a rubbish bin icon pops up, centre screen bottom. It's black with white writing, and will say "With 25 selected [rubbish bin] [right arrow]"

    Click on the rubbish bin, and another pop up will ask you if you're sure. Click OK, and they'll be gone!

    (Online now, btw)

  12. Hello, miss seeing you around!

  13. Hiya Katie .... good to see you were online again here yesterday, even if I missed you.

    Hope to chat soon.


  14. Hey ... nobody will be kicked out of this group if they still wear nappies rather than "proper" pants or knickers ... so relax!
  15. Many words with a strict technical meaning are regularly and routinely used, by non-technical users, in a rather different meaning. "Shock" is a case in point. It is a medical term with a very well known and understood meaning ... yet we regularly read on the newspapers of people being "treated for shock" after a traumatic event when they were treated for no such thing. "Forensic" is another. Its technical meaning is "pertaining to the courtroom", hence "forensic science" ... the science which is used to assist enquiry into certain matters in the courtroom (e.g. the trajectory of a bullet or t
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