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  1. dl2024

    Go Go Gigapower!

  2. dl2024

    Tuff year so far.

    Hopefully it get gets better for ya man.
  3. dl2024

    anyone want to chat?

    I'm like an hour away from greensburg
  4. dl2024

    First time wearing a diaper

    I didn't try a diaper til I was like 23. I bought a sample pack of abuniverse sdks and they were Awesome! Nice profile pic btw, I love brand new! lol
  5. dl2024

    Wearing for comfort

    If I drink enough fluids I will urinate while I'm sleeping
  6. dl2024

    Unfortunate truth. Are there others?

    As previously stated by others it' definitely an excitement problem for a while. After a while you just get used to it when excited. If I get too wet during the night though I will wake up until i change lol
  7. If its wet and at full capacity, usually until I have to wet next as I don' want to leak lol if messy usually not too long. Idt I've ever waited more than an hour.
  8. dl2024

    What a thrill

    I find if you have the right clothing, as stated by other users previously, that you can make extremely hard for people to even notice that you are wearing one
  9. dl2024

    Diapers: Sexual or Comfortable

    Definitely both for me
  10. dl2024

    Rock n Roll Baby - what bands you into??

    Let's see... The Killers, the strokes, the shins, Led Zeppelin, RHCP, letlive., The Beatles, Paul McCartney & Wings, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday and John Mayer(If he counts as rock lol)
  11. dl2024

    Anybody have an AB side?

    Like many others already posted, I started out just a dl but got addicted to pacis, bottles, onesies etc lol
  12. dl2024

    Wet or dry diaper?

    I like a dry one better especially when you first put it on and feel the coolness of the diaper powder
  13. dl2024

    Diaper bulge ??

    Diaper bulge if I am in little mode
  14. dl2024

    Do You Carry a Diaper Bag?

    Like others apparently I usually just use my backpack