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  1. Masters

    New boy

    Hi welcome im steven welcome to [DD] boarddm and chat if you need eanything ask ok we ("little") talk alot
  2. Masters

    Hi I'm Cormac

    Ok cormac if you need anything ask
  3. Masters

    Hey! from a lonely babygirl in minnesota!

    Yeap you have a nice day ok
  4. Masters

    Hi Everybody!

    Hello lavender moon if you need anything ask we chat our ("little") life if you need well help in many ways ok sweetie
  5. Masters


    Ok I thought I was bad enough with diapers now that's alot of diapers
  6. Masters


    It's not like everyone has there taste nice outfit I see you like to wear a diaper and dress while drinking a baby bottle love it
  7. Masters

    Disposable diapers (adult size)

    Thank you miss I love you sooooo much for the help thank you thank you at least you know what I am saying foofybabykitten
  8. Masters

    Dry Care 24/7

    Ya I am waiting on a store to put a sign up sheet so I can get the job and get the money and the store is walks away
  9. Masters

    Capcon 2019

    Nope but it looks awesome in youtube yes I'm a youtuber sir
  10. Masters

    Art of Drako Swiftclaw

    Nice I like it I wish I had one of those on me
  11. Masters


    It looks like she's composed and ready for another diaper change
  12. Masters

    Ohio bondage

    Ummm in in ohio western side of ohio
  13. Masters

    Hello everyone

    Well akari to the board and chaotic [DD] we will help you with anything you need ok I'm Steven or aka Masters if you need anything ask ok will help you to be ("little") again ok I mean welcome oops If you need info on buying stuff or just want to be ("little") again join the chat ok akari
  14. Masters

    CTDC bear hugz/sweet dreams

    😶 ladies are the boss in house These days
  15. Masters

    Hey! from a lonely babygirl in minnesota!

    I'm Steven hi I'm from Ohio I'm a ABDL as well welcome to the little fox hope you enjoy the stay here ok If you need anything ask ok well help out things for abdl ok