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  1. Hey everyone, I am posting this to see if anyone would be interested in possibly trading ABDL photosets, I am a big collector in vintage ABDL photosets from arrange of diffrent websites, I have over 2tb of photosets from diffrent sites and was looking for people to exchange to help fill some holes I am missing, I know there is old ABDL members on here that may have them and I look foward to hearing from you all. I also have DPF files for trade as well. Thanks, eric
  2. daddyeric91

    Selling 2 bags of Large Fabines

    Sold already sorry. Was offered 50+shipping GB.
  3. daddyeric91

    Selling 2 bags of Large Fabines

    I live in georgia 2 bags of fabine teddy
  4. Selling 2 bags of large fabines, I am up for offers.
  5. daddyeric91

    Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    Looking for the story the little attorney?
  6. daddyeric91

    Too many abandon stories

    I luv me some baby luvs. You and sophie are so awesome!
  7. Is it just me or does it seem like alot of great stories get unfinished and I really wish they could have great endings to go with them. My favorite stories that were never finished. Casey's Nanny Baby Jill The do-over program
  8. daddyeric91

    Diaper Depot (Atlanta)

    Been there many times me and helen are like family, I am the one who got helen to start carrying ABDL products in her store, I did it to make sure the ABDL community in the Atlanta area had a place to go to get there ABDL needs whenever they needed it and to help build helens business. Her stores are normal online prices only difference is your not paying shipping and instead your just making the commute to get them when you want them.
  9. daddyeric91

    the AR ARCHIVE

    I have been noticing it aswell.
  10. daddyeric91

    Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    Hey everyone I am looking for possible other chapters to the story Jackie and Leonie by seventyeyes. does anyone know of any chapters past 1-3.
  11. daddyeric91

    ABDL stories you like from other sites

    Does anyone have the stories from adultbabysource.com?
  12. A very interesting story. Can't wait for the next chapter. I'm asking nicely for the story not to go dark.
  13. Update? Make a patreon. Id pay to have this continued.
  14. daddyeric91

    Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    looking for a story 1. the story was about a little getting a roommate who happened to be an amazon, and the amazon forced regressed the little.