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  1. A very interesting story. Can't wait for the next chapter. I'm asking nicely for the story not to go dark.
  2. Update? Make a patreon. Id pay to have this continued.
  3. Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    looking for a story 1. the story was about a little getting a roommate who happened to be an amazon, and the amazon forced regressed the little.
  4. I am really enjoying this story, please continue.
  5. bytemine and old ABDL content

    can you link me please. I am looking for the old movies from the site testing the waters to see if anyone has them on there computer and would sell or trade for them.
  6. Does anyone have any old ABDL content that has closed down and would be willing to make a trade for other content or cash.
  7. ABU ending free shipping

    Watch your mouth Finn. Just because I don't update my age doesn't mean I don't understand supply and demand and money management. Let's make a little bet. I guarantee abu becomes just like bambino in 5 years. Shitty quality diaper with free shipping and making diapers at 15 cents a diaper.
  8. A Change in Curriculum

    is this story already complete on cushypen?
  9. ABU ending free shipping

    Consider this, ABU makes diapers for about 50 cents a diaper and then charges the consumer (everyone else) 2.50 a diaper and then wants to charge people for shipping.....He is over there kicking rocks acting like its a boulder.
  10. Do people buy ABDL ebooks on Amazon?

    I have copies
  11. Do people buy ABDL ebooks on Amazon?

    I buy books from 3 authors on amazon, they all write forced regression ABDL or being forced to be a baby. I wish some writers on here would make a patreon to starting writing because I would pay to have some of the storys on here finished. like BABY JILL, Caseys nanny, The Do-over program. ect.
  12. Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    looking for caseys nanny
  13. Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    Does anyone have a file with all the stories from adultbabysource.com they use to have stories on there site and they were removed when the site changed.

    Can some repost story baby jill
  15. Adultbabysource.com

    Well I have been a long time supporter of the site and finally going to write this crappy review. I was downloading the photosets from adultbabysource archive page found in the member areas only to come across files that require username and passwords to get them, I also have active usernames to the family albums so this shouldn't be a problem. I message wendy only to get a response that it is an easy fixed and that she has to think why they are locked. it has been 2 weeks since I messaged about this issue and they are still locked. I wish the customer service level would be better with a 20 year old site. just my 2 cents.