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  1. Man I hope this story gets updated.....The anticipation is killing me lol. my favorite stories.
  2. Thats a 200 dollar bag of diapers
  3. Hey everyone, I am trying to get rid of some diapers that are just sitting in my closet. 3 Bags of size 3 Tykables, asking 20 a bag or 50 for all 3. 4 bags of XL Space, asking 60 for them all. or 20 a bag. 1 case of Bambino Classico Size LG. asking 50 for the case. 4 bags of Abena M4 asking 15 a bag.
  4. I have 3 bags of tykable size large available for sale, I wasnt crazy on how small these diapers were. I am asking 20 a bag. you pay shipping.
  5. Update soon? I hope.
  6. I have about 4 cases of large of these. paid 120 ea.
  7. Safari are the thickest.
  8. diaper dimension

    Any Gabby anytime soon?
  9. I own it.
  10. All depends on you buddy, do you like thick diapers to the point you waddle or do you like diapers that are concealed under your clothes. Best Diapers on the market right now are Safari made by rearz they are thick and hold a ton.
  11. I luv this story
  12. What a story. You are one awesome writer. Keep up the great work.
  13. update please?
  14. I am 6"5 i have a 42 waist, I wear XL Diapers and I get a comfy fit every time.
  15. I would love to see pictures please inbox me.