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  1. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    It should be both of them in the playpen with a mommy watching them.
  2. still getting babysat

  3. Casey's Nanny

    update coming???
  4. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    If you want to read a new update early then subscribe to his patreon, and he will post here when the update is on his patreon.
  5. Pre Halloween Baby preparation scenarios.

    If you want to be discreet and still be a baby on halloween, try shortalls and a pacifier, my wife did that last year and it turned out perfect.
  6. Magnifico Pull-Ups

    They maybe the worst thing bambino has ever made, This pullup is very pathetic. They took granny pull up diapers and threw a print on them.
  7. I am interested sends pictures, email: daderic91@yahoo.com
  8. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    God elfy. I have read this story 7 times. I am beyond ready.
  9. Casey's Nanny

    the comments above seem that the story will become dark, but with story of him and her engaged I really don't see anything dark coming, I love the way it is coming more less, please keep nanny out of the relationship.
  10. The Nanny (Private with FalloutZone)

    update plx!
  11. Casey's Nanny

    I am really intrigued by the last chapter, her daddy wants her to obey everything the nanny says, may be involve nanny taking her stroller rides to the park or may be make her play outside to show that she is just a baby and that its ok for people to see her as a baby. I love that the story didn't go dark, I think stories that go that way tend to lose focus. Great story so far though. I really cant wait for the next part. P.S. after you finish this story do you ever plan on continueing your baby jill story. I was very excited to see were that one would go aswell.
  12. Casey's Nanny

    Well then glad to see this story continue. Great update. Glad to see it not go dark.
  13. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    I have a feeling Sarah is going to get a taste of her own medicine
  14. RP Ideas

    Have you thought about become a patreon, I would subscribe to read your stories, I wish you would update the nanny. love that roleplay.
  15. Casey's Nanny

    this isnt the first great story he has wrote. he unfortunately does this many times