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  1. There are alot of great stories on saily diapers,but there are alot of stories with great beginnings and people write them and stop. I think paying the author would give them a reason write great readings. I think alot of abdl people complain that writers dont post all there work at one time. There is a story on dailydiapers called the do over program the writer wrote the first chapter and stopped and hasnt been on this site since. I luved that story so much. I would pay for him to continue it. I would pay to read other people write great storys. There are alot of great minds on this site. Please keep up the great work.
  2. Im going to be completely honest I wish all story writers would do this, It would give them an incentive to write better readings for the ABDL community, I pay 5 dollars a month read 5 diffrent patreons and so far I LUV it. I can add an extra 1 dollar for me to read ms sophias wonderful stories.
  3. Can anyone tell me if they are getting rid of the family albums on adult baby source, I have emailed wendy and have yet to get a response back from her, All i get is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Test Page every time I click on one of the family albums, If anyone knows wendy personally and can contact them please do, I am trying to purchase content and am not able.
  4. its a great way for writers who write really awesome stories to be payed for there great writings, I would support you sophie! You Rock!
  5. Is trading movies and photosets illegal on the site. I posted something in trades last night and my post is gone. There is stuff im looking for but now is no were to be found.
  6. diaper dimension

    im really hoping to see gabby come and see him...mabey even have her become a little awesome story none the less!
  7. Are you willing to pay shipping, like 20 bucks?
  8. Selling some bambino diapers almost every version at an awesome price. Also some abuniverse space diapers. And i also am selling some posey mittens. Items below with case price listed below. 2 and a half cases of bambino classico 4 bags of teddyprint size large 8 bags of bellissimo size 3 large/5 xl 4 bags of xl space abu 5 pairs of posey mitts Classico are 50 a case. 30 for half cases Teddy print 40 for 4 bags Bellissimo 35 for large. 60 for xl Abu space xl scented 50 Double padded posey mitts 35 a set. Free shipping with mitts. To see images of everything follow this link :
  9. I bought these diapers last friday and was wondering if there worth anything.
  10. diaper dimension

    Great Chapters so far! Cant Wait for the next chapters to come, I have this idea rolling through my head that gabby may come join him in baby land. Would love that.
  11. Im sorry, I signed up for cushypen and just had to read this story, Awesome JOB!
  12. Best Story I have honestly read in a long time, Cant wait for part 3!
  13. Its the only way for me lol
  14. Adult-baby-shop eu, makes great stuff like this, I have a spreader pants romper and it is very hard to walk in.