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  1. I have been a member on this site since 2014 and have had constant issues with wendy. I feel like this site was at one top an awesome site and has had alot to offer. I have site ripped 80% of the available content that hasn't been deleted or removed for other reasons. I have a feeling wendy knows that her site wont be able to keep up with todays models and abdl sites. She refuses to answer my emails I send her of photosets that i find locked and in the member section and has a 0% customer service. I do not recommend using her site.
  2. daddyeric91

    large Bambino Magnifico diapers

    ill buy all 3 for 60 and split shipping to georgia.
  3. daddyeric91

    The do over program

    Thank you, this story will be started up again, i am going to have it commisioned and finished.
  4. daddyeric91

    The do over program

    I think august of 2015. The writers name was like Charleston or something.
  5. daddyeric91

    Adultbaby photosets/videos/movies

    40 views and 0 comments lol no one wants to trade.
  6. Hey Everyone I am currently looking for photosets from various ABDL paysite to finish my collections and am wondering if there is anyone who hoards it like I do. I am looking for photosets/videos content from Sites I need: adultbabysource Bytemine Diaper-girls I have over 4 tb in content and very rare content from other ABDL sites.
  7. daddyeric91

    The do over program

    It was a story about a girl in college comes home for the summer to help her mom take care of her sister. The sister has been constantly in and out of jail and has been told she must partake in a program called the do over program and she must be reraised from a baby to an adult. The sister coming home has no idea about that and walks into her house to find her sister wearing diapers and sitting in the middle of a playpen. The mother explains the program to her and she figures that its going to be a long summer. That was how the first chapter ends.
  8. daddyeric91

    The do over program

  9. daddyeric91

    The do over program

    Does anyone who a copy of this story?
  10. daddyeric91

    Diapers for sale!

    Hey everyone me and cece have some diapers in our closet that aren't touched very often and are trying to make room for ones that we like alot more. I am not asking for what I paid for them. Tykables waddlers size 2 3.5 cases left of these 1 case= 130 Half cases = 80 Kiddos size xl 2 packages I'll do 20 a pack or 30 for both. Abena delta form size L3 3 packages 10 dollars each.
  11. daddyeric91

    The Struggle

    I loved this story so much.
  12. daddyeric91

    Wearing diapers during the day 24/7

    i wear them and wet them everyday just don't poop them, if I didn't make that clear my bad lol. What are the chances of wetting them and becoming incontinent.
  13. Why hasn't a company created a cloth disposable diaper with all over print. Like a magnifico with an outside cloth instead of plastic or even abuniverse. I love the idea.
  14. I have started wearing diapers during the day time at work and home. What are the chances of becoming urinary incontinent? I wear tykables every day but use the toilet for poop.
  15. daddyeric91

    The Little Attorney

    Somebody messaged me it Thanks