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  1. From girlfriend to mommy

    OK maybe i read it wrong just seemed harsh. If i was wrong i apologize. For me i thought maybe he didnt just realize he was an ABDL as much as he finally let himself believe in what he fought to deny what he didnt understand?
  2. From girlfriend to mommy

    you are really harshing his mellow! constructive criticism is ok but writers are as free to choose what they write about as much as readers are free to choose what they want to read. But we don,t have the right to tell someone to stop writing a story because you dont agree with it.. FEEL FREE TO CONTINUE WRITING IF YOU WANT TO. take the criticism with a grain of salt, please
  3. Newbie Nursury

    We are all friends here so no need to think the worst of a post. as you can see you are far from too old to be here it how old you feel on the inside
  4. feel free to post and reply to others posts. allot of other new babies and toddlers and other who just like diapes.
  5. long time lurker

    Here we are all happy in our nappys! Even when we are wet or need a baba! lol
  6. Newborn!

    I am sure you will do both meet allot of people AND meet new friends as well lilcobutt. Glad to meet you
  7. newbie

    i would agree with AbabeBll has always been there for me. BUT you can order diapers off line if you dont want to buy local. After that,when you have diapers and acc you want just ty them and see what you like and dont like and go from there. if your daring you can usually go to a local thrift store and buy basic ones or look on local adds(say you buying for a relative if you need an excuse!
  8. Hello!!

    do you live alone? tat will limit what you can try or as far as that goes have at your space in most cases
  9. New here

    well here you are free to ask questions and develop into the baby or toddler with or without diapers you choose to be! WELCOME
  10. Introducing me

    we hope you have allot of good times and meet many friends here
  11. Newer abdl

    welcome you are among friends (or baby brothers an sisters)
  12. Favorite diaper to wear?

    for me comfidri 24/7 but i add a pampers or huggies diaper tape when i want to feel smaller. they are the only diaper that i have tried that fit me and i dont worry about leaks (though they happen no matter where i am sometimes)
  13. Heya :3

    Welcome come on in and relax
  14. I'm new! like really really new...

    There is a wealth of knowledge compassion and understanding here. Feel free to research and ask questions and i an sure you will get allot of response. for myself i learned early in my life i liked to wear and pee in diapers. as time went on i did the spurge and purge several times (even with my girlfriends or wife( later) never finding out. i made the decision to go 24/7 couple years ago and for myself never regretted it. Be sure to consider all the facts before you do that because as many will tell you it is hard if not improbable to go back after awhile of doing it. But feel free to read and ask questions WE ARE ALL FRIENDS HERE!
  15. Acceptable excuses in the following scenario

    there are all levels of wearing and how far into the scene you want to go. ONLY YOU can decide what works for you. We can tell you what works for us but ultimately you have to decide where you want to fall in the whole scene here. it may take you some trying but as has been said many times for your benefit dont do the whole splurge and purge scene. It will ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,