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  1. willowbaby

    Hi, I'm Living Curious

  2. willowbaby


    Is it just me? But the outer layer of plastic is the best! So soft and my inner thighs do not stick to it. They are made by same company as Better Dry right? I have some of them coming Wednesday...
  3. willowbaby


    Did not know where to put this . But does anyone know how to get a picture for my profile from a phone?
  4. willowbaby

    One Word Challenge: Diapers are...

  5. willowbaby


    Yes Rusty Pins you got where I was going with this. Exactly the heat is incredible and tight quarters of bumping into one another. I don’t know how it got to the health department talk . Never have I seen a restaurant loose points due to what undergarment you wear. And I wore a very thin diaper at that. Could not imagine is it were a 24/7 or better dry. Again mad respect to those without a choice...
  6. willowbaby

    What to put....

    I’m not knocking you at all but that seems like a very private and inappropriate question to ask an employee. So I would say it is none of their business. Of course my opinion but I would put no because it may create an out for them.
  7. willowbaby


    Well I can now say I’m even more sorry to those that are incontinence. So I took the challenge and wore to work. I’m in the fast food industry. Hot was not the word. My diaper felt moist within an hour of being there. My opinion is that I’m very thankful I have a choice where as others don’t. For a lot there has been that wish that you had a reason to wear 24/7. If that ever happens I will take it in stride but never again will I wish for it. Again my deep respect to those who have to. PS... To those that fear one seeing relax people don’t have a clue. I will say the main problem I worried about was the tight quarters and a coworker bumping into my butt.
  8. willowbaby

    North Carolina

    I’m on the coast... Right in middle of Wilmington and Myrtle Beach
  9. willowbaby

    North Carolina

    I know there are an/dL in this big state. Why not get to know one another.
  10. willowbaby

    Get To Know

    Hello future friends! I would like to have conversations with others like littles or moms/dads. It is a very lonely world. Talks can be anything not only about diapers. In hopes to some day hangout and just become great friends. Pm anytime
  11. willowbaby


    Well I’m a proud father of a 22 year old son. He has given me my first grandson which is my little buddy. I married my high school sweetheart . Tied the knot 22 years ago. Die hard Seattle Seahawks fan, all year long researching what the team is doing. Sports are a big deal for me. I’m currently in training for management in the fast food industry. This is new coming from years in construction. But I was self employed for so long and never had the advise to prepare for retirement. So now my journey is to get ready for the years I can’t work. Lol
  12. willowbaby

    Not ready for a meet up, but i'd love to talk.

    Just wanted to say goodluck from across the border Shallotte. And hit me up anytime to talk. My wife doesn’t understand but she excepts the wearing. If I can help I will.
  13. willowbaby


    Just haven’t seen or heard of many on the coast. I’m sure we are around but do we want to come out and play? Let’s chat never know might have coffee go to a game or just enjoy the sun.
  14. willowbaby


    I would like to officially say hello. I apparently joined awhile ago but as we all have had my doubts. Well in the last year I have come to accept what I can never part with, Diapers. It’s yet a very lonely world so my hopes are to meet others with common interests in life not solely pertaining to diapers only. I’m 4 years away from half a century so time is passing and I need to live it the way I want.