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  1. willowbaby

    Sharing needs

    Well a lot of good advice... Back in 1995,6 months before we got married I played the bed wetting card. She didn’t waver a bit. Of course soon she found out it wasn’t bed wetting do to my embarrassment of purge and binge. And this went on for 20 years. I also battled a drug addiction to pain pills at the same time.( A copping mechanism) Well she was a drinker and me a pill popper. Our arguments would get bad and she would bring diapers in very negatively. So you know it I would throw out all the stuff. I can stop! Not ... Fast forward to a couple years ago and while cleaning up I also met a Woman in Canada on a Recovering website. So I talked to her. Yes I understand that was not a good idea. Well as we got to know each other over text and talking. I let out this side of me to her. She took it so cool because her cousin has lived as a baby all her life. She lives at home in her late 20’s still diapered. So she kinda understood me and encouraged me because of her cousin it was easier for her. This woman would always comment on wanting to see a picture of my diapered butt every day. She could tell when I was wearing and when I wasn’t from my tone of voice. Well the wife caught me and I had to stop talking to her as I should out of respect for my wife. Fast forward to a month or so ago and I sat the wife down. Told her it’s not going to stop and I want to wear them. Of course she said only at home and I said all the time. Well she has taken it on the cheek other than the little things. So did she sign up for it with marriage, kinda.... She still wants sex every night so that aspect didn’t change. And looking forward she has a calm relaxed husband that is very happy except for needing just a little participation. Love her till death do us part. We all know there is more than just wearing and there are others out there that could and would fill the needs. Like I said I fill her every need.
  2. willowbaby

    Sharing needs

    Well some know I have gone 24/7. It has been a little over a month. So I don’t want to feel greedy. But I have been married over 2 years and feel no need for sex. Yes I do take care of my wife’s needs even though it is not something I want. I understand that you have to give more than you receive. But I feel that the wife should help with my needs. I’m not asking for all the time taking care of me . I’m scared that feelings are looking elsewhere for what I want. But getting her to understand is the hard part. She has seen me binge and purge for years so this is not new. So bless her heart she likes to drink and get a little nasty at me. We have addressed this issue before going back to Diapers and she apologized and said she won’t do it again. But we all know the memories never leave. So I ask for advice on how I can get her more involved with my needs as I give her the needs she wants. Is this possible for her or am I fooling myself. I love her and will always love her but I have one chance in this world and need some things also. Thanks
  3. willowbaby

    Going 24/7

    Great advice Darkfinn. For now I am aware of the flow so I can take need precautions. Soon I’m sure the protection will be needed for the furniture. I believe the print adds to the experience for me. Plus the cheaper diaper falls apart within 2 hours and my first shift of the day is 6 hrs. So the Crinkles does the job. Of course everyone’s needs and wants differ hearing your opinion helps. Thanks
  4. willowbaby

    Going 24/7

    Well 2 weeks strong going 24/7... I’m so glad I went to fill time diapers but never in a million years thought I could. So true that nobody notices. I believe if diapers are your thing then give it a try. As for the cigs well they are not all gone yet. Still have that after meal and after sex craving but that’s a lot better than 2 pack.
  5. willowbaby

    Going 24/7

    All is going well. I’m down from 2 and a half packs to a half a pack a day. Soon it will be zero. Yes as some said it is a big commitment going 24/7. I’m enjoying every minute of it. The one problem I’m having is super worried when I bend over. So I ask if anyone knows the website to the guy that custom makes onesies. I believe that will help a great deal. Also the other night the wife asked me if I wanted her to put the diaper on me. Yes I would love that but I turned her down for the fact I do not want to push it. Thanks for all the support. And have a no leak day!
  6. willowbaby

    All I can say is WOW....new Crinklz

    FireFly I got 2 bags of each new print. Like the Aquanaut better though. Slept in Astronaut last night and the bottom tapes came undone on me. But hey that was only one I’m not knocking them they are the best brand I’ve had.
  7. willowbaby

    All I can say is WOW....new Crinklz

    I stocked up with the sale. Love this diaper .
  8. willowbaby

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    I’m currently wearing a dry Crinkles Aquanaut. So in love with them.
  9. willowbaby

    Going 24/7

    Well here we go! Told the wife last night that I can’t pay for 2 habits. So I have traded cigs to go 24/7 . I’m sure it will be one of the hardest things to do but I love my diapers more. I was surprised that she agreed because her first thought when I told her about diapers was,” only at home”. For the start I’m going with Walgreens Cerenity while at work. Then at home I have Crinkles that I love so much. But the Cerenity are breathable and working in a kitchen with no ac in the middle of summer right in the Carolinas, Hot. Maybe I can get some advice of a thicker cloth backed diaper. Of course any extra advice is welcomed. Thanks
  10. willowbaby

    Hi, I'm Living Curious

  11. willowbaby


    Is it just me? But the outer layer of plastic is the best! So soft and my inner thighs do not stick to it. They are made by same company as Better Dry right? I have some of them coming Wednesday...
  12. willowbaby


    Did not know where to put this . But does anyone know how to get a picture for my profile from a phone?
  13. willowbaby

    One Word Challenge: Diapers are...

  14. willowbaby


    Yes Rusty Pins you got where I was going with this. Exactly the heat is incredible and tight quarters of bumping into one another. I don’t know how it got to the health department talk . Never have I seen a restaurant loose points due to what undergarment you wear. And I wore a very thin diaper at that. Could not imagine is it were a 24/7 or better dry. Again mad respect to those without a choice...
  15. willowbaby

    What to put....

    I’m not knocking you at all but that seems like a very private and inappropriate question to ask an employee. So I would say it is none of their business. Of course my opinion but I would put no because it may create an out for them.