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  1. O2binspired

    This is a true story.

    Yes and sorry for the grammar. I have recently had to go back to diapers because of oab. I just had to get that story out of my mind and share. I only put the concert in the story as it was a vivid memory and set the time of what was happening. Ie parachute pants.
  2. O2binspired

    This is a true story.

    Ok so this is a true story. Just to put it out there there is no sexual nature to this story. It is just a recollection of i I started to use diaper. Chapter 1 My very first recollection of being put into a diaper was when I was ten. Ok I had diapers as a baby but I don’t remember it. My grandpa was sick and my grandparents lived in Florida. My dad knew that time was drawing near if you know what I mean. So my mom made plans for me to stay with my aunt who lives about 200 miles away in another city. Needed to keep this anonymous. So my dad drops me off. I have not seen aunt Mary in a year so it was nice to see her. Now my cousin James is 7 and developmentally delayed as I was told. James looked to all of 4 years old but acted and talked like a 7 year old. I remember how fast he was when he played soccer. Just a dynamo and a great person As he is today. So James comes over and greets me and say let’s go out and play I have some friends over. We did till lunch. When we came to get lunch my aunt in front of me asked if James needed a change. James looked at me and just as plain as I can hear it now he said he wore diaper still. I just say it was no big deal. He told his mom he did. She went out of the kitchen and came back with a plastic backed disposable diaper. I say that because many baby diapers today are cloth backed. Then she takes him in to the living room. James say come on. I walked with them. She laid him down and like it was nothing pulled down his pants and there it was a diaper. When took it off of him and cleaned him up powdered him and strapped on a new one. I could not believe it. For the first time in my life I was turned on. I do remember me getting a little hard on. James got back dressed and we ate lunch. I could now because I was listening hear the crunch of the diaper. After lunch we went to the park and played baseball with his friends and got a little sunburnt. We used to play outside back then. When we got back home my aunt had ordered pizzas and said they would be there soon and had rented a movie. Then asked James if he needed a change. He reached down his pants and said yeah. Once again she brought back a diaper. Then asked if we were in for the night. We both said yes we were sunburnt and were just going to watch tv. So the same thing happened right in front of me when I hear James say hey nick why don’t you get a diaper too. Laughing of course. I just stood there. My aunt looked at me and said sure why not you can both just be diaper boys. I thought she was kidding. I was ten. I knew when to pee. She got up and brought back another diaper. Now I’m three years older than James and six years physically. He is shorter but stocky and I wa taller and skinny. My aunt then said come on it will be fun. I slowly laid down. She took off my pants and underwear and cleaned my waist. She put baby powder on. I remember that it felt awesome. Then she put the diaper under me and pulled it up between my legs and taped it on. Then she pulled down my shirt. All she said then was there you go no need to put in your pants your in for the night. I do remember it feeling weird and the diaper in between my legs but my most vivid memory was looking down on my lap at the white padded plastic. I was severely turned on. After dinner we watched the movie and somewhere in the middle I had to pee. I remember just sitting there and letting it go. I felt the warmth and I remember how good it felt. Movie was over and time for bed. She looked at me and said at least you didn’t have to miss the movie. Before bed she took my diaper off and put on another one. She said just in case you wet the bed. Which I have never done. The next morning we woke up and headed down to breakfast. No I had not wet. Sitting at the table I did wet hey I had on a diaper. After breakfast she change James but just took mine off. I was cool getting back into underwear. She never diapered me again. Chapter 2. 13 years old and I’m in 8th grade. August birthday. School was letting out for the summer. I had many friends I would stick out with but my neighbor Kyle was like this really great guy. He knew everyone and had a great let’s have fun personality. I had asked him a few times during middle school to stay the night. He never could. I really just stopped asking. Last day of school comes and we are walking home. When we got there my dad was home from work early. Graduation night and all. So we went in and my dad was there with my mom and said I should shower because graduation was at 6:30 and I needed to get dressed. I said goodby to Kyle and got ready Graduation was same boring bs bit kind of cool knowing I was going into high school. After graduation kyles parents and mine went to grab some burgers and talk. Nice way to end the night. Kyle and I sat at our own table. We were talking about girls and stuff. Finally I said “kyle it’s no big deal but I have asked to to stay over a few times and you never say yes what’s up”. He loooked at me and said “just bad timing I guess”. Then I said why don’t you come over tonight. There was a long pause. Now remember Kyle is a straight shooter type of guy. He looked at me in the eye and said look I’m going to tell you something but you can never repeat it. I said ok. He said I started to wet the bed a couple of years ago. I don’t know what the problem is but I’m starting to get better. I said bug fucking deal. That nothing to be ashamed about. It happens. Then he said no I have to wear a pull up to bed so it does not mess anything. Once again so what it happens. He looked surprised. I said that’s you you asshole. I don’t give a shit. Then I told him about that weekend at my aunts. He was relieved. So what stay the night. Mom and I are going to great America tomorrow you can come. He said sure let ask. I yell over to my mom and asked and she said sure so long and his dad said sure why not go have some fun. Then I asked if Kyle could spend the night as we were going to leave early. His mom just said it would not be a good idea. Kyle then said no biggie mom he know. She look surprised and said if you want to. Parents paid the bill and I told Kyle to pack and come over. On the way home my mom asked what I know about. I told her Kyle was having bedwetting problems. She looked back. I said don’t worry he wears pull-ups. She was like good. 30 minutes later Kyle shows up. We go up to my room and play Atari. Now you know how old I am??? Anyhow my mom comes in at about 11 and said look we are going to bed you guys should too. We need to be out of the door at 9. Ok I said. So Kyle grabs his bag and says so should I change in the bathroom. I said not I have seen you naked before when we shower. I’m still playing Atari and wrap up the game when I look around and see Kyle taking off his underpants. Big taboo to look down at that age. Then he pulls out a diaper. I said I thought you wore pull ups. He said I tried pull-ups but they leak. Once again the plastic diaper. I didn’t know why that turned me on so much. This was not a baby diaper though. So I asked him and he said it was a small adult diaper. Ahh. But this time I saw him put it on himself. I had never seen that I tried to ignore it. Then he put on his t shirt. I just said co no big deal. Although I was turned on. Then I said ok let me get some sort to sleep In and we can hop into bed. Just then I heard him say remember that time at your aunts. I turned around and he had another diaper. I said no I was not going to wear a diaper. He said come on it would make me feel better. Shit I said. Ok help me put it on. Still skinny I stood there and pulled the diaper between my legs. Kyle held the back up and untaped it. The diaper came all the way past my Belly button. Then I took the tapes and fastened them. I had to adjust to make them tight. Once again I noticed the smooth feeling of the white plastic between my legs and the plastic paddded crotch. I put on a T-shirt and went to play atari a bit more. At midnight we went to bed. It was different sleeping in a diaper again. We woke the next morning and Kyle had wet his diaper me no. Thank god. He sat up and said it looks like you didn’t wet. Nope I’m good I said. My mom Knocked on the door and said come down and get some breakfast. Shit. We put on our shorts and headed down with my diaper still on. I was nervous because they crinkled so much! Not to mention. My mom Was In the kitchen. We sat down and then just like at my aunts I let go in the diaper. What the heck I had one on then use it. That feeling of warmth!!! Wow. We got up and I let Kyle take a shower. Mom came into the bedroom and said 30 minutes. No problem I said. When he wa done I went in and took my shower. Then went downstairs grabbed a small garbage bag and put the used diaper in and threw them out. On the way out I let my mom know that I put the bag in the garbage so she was not surprised. She said thank you The day wa great we had lots of fun. My mom stayed behind while we did all the rides. We got back at eleven and dropped off Kyle. The next day my mom came into my room and said hey. The bag you put in the garbage had two diapers not pul ups. I said yeah Kyle said pull ups don’t work for him he wets too much. She said no there were two. Shit I thought. Well Kyle brought another. He thought he would feel more comfortable if I wore one too. She laughed. How long did it take him o convince you. I said he’s cool I wanted to make him feel comfortable. Two weeks later my dad gets tickets to a poison concert. Yes they were a band back then. Said see if Kyle wants to go I won four on a radio contest. I called Kyle. He was like fuck yeah. I said I’m wearing my black jeans and leather jacket. Come over on Saturday afternoon dressed. He was like sure. Also. Spend the night my mom said we are going to be out late. Ok That night I told my dad he could come and I was going to rocking it in black jeans and my leather coat. He laughs said it was going to be too hot. He would get us som T-shirt’s for the concert. Thursday he came back with some cool prison T-shirt’s and one for Kyle. I called Kyle and let him know and he asked if I wanted to go to the mall with his mom and him to find some pants he could wear to the concert. He had nothing black or rockin style. I said sure Next morning I went over to kyles and we wen tot the mall. We looked at a couple of stores and his mom didn’t think the jeans he was looking at looked cool enough for the concert. We started to walk and his mom said hey let’s look in here. It was a Wilson’s leather store. I love leather coats. His mom went over to the pants and said hey try these on. What leather pants?? Kyle went to try them on and they fit great. Better than the jeans he was trying on. His mom just looked and said there’s my Little Rock Star. She bought him a studded belt and we were out of there. I wa so jealous. So when I got home I told my dad about my day and how Kyle got some cool leather pants. My dad was like wait. I have something you might like. He came down the stairs and handed me some parachute pants. They were black with zipper everywhere. He said try these they were your brothers when he wa in high school. They fit good but i didn’t remember my brother I. Them but he is tens years old than me. . Next day Kyle comes over rocking it. Leather pants and the t shirt. My mom was like that’s Great. Go put your bag upstairs. My mom grabbed me and said hey. If he asked you to wear a diaper tonight it’s good. Just make him feel comfortable. I said sure. She said just dispose of them. At the concert it was a bit hot but when the sun went down it wa ok. I didn’t wear jeans. My dad found me some black parachute pants to wear so I looked cool too. We got home and and it was late and we went upstairs to change. Sure enough Kyle brought me a diaper too and remembering what my mom said I strapped it on. Next morning we both woke up and rubbed our eyes. I turned on the tv in my room and sat on the floor. Kyle can over and did the same. His diaper was wet. Mine was not. My mom knocked on the door but then just came in to see out diapered and t shirted bodies just sitting there. I though Kyle was going to shit. She said come down for breakfast. Weird I though my mom does not just barge in. I looked at Kyle. Said she knows don’t sweat it. We slipped on some sport shorts and headed down. My mom was just smiling. I was like what? She just said nothing. We ate pancakes and Kyle went to take a shower. On the way up the stairs I peed had to use it right?? While Kyle was showering my mom came in and grabbed me and said. I have not seen my baby in a diape since he was three. Sooo cute as she looked at me. I said don’t embarrass me mom. She left. I took my shower and disposed of the diapers. Kyle did not spend the night until after our freshman year and then he was already out of diapers. Final thoughts So now I’m 46 and have been wearing diapers on and off since I was eighteen. The pull to the look was the reason at first. Now I wear them more for how convent they are. I like to wear a diaper damn it. There is nothing wrong with it. Don’t let anyone tell you different. M
  3. O2binspired

    Cath and Diaper tips?

    Yeah. Loved the catheter at first but I can no longer feel it. I just feel the pee every once in a while. I have been wearing for about two years and this lifestyle just seems normal to me now. No I am continent bu I live as an incontinent person. Trust me it takes time. I cannot tell you how many times I. The first three months I just wanted to remove the catheter and get back to normal. I do change out the cath once a month and leave it out for a while which is now not normal to me. I only use the bathroom to poop. Wearing pants without a diaper is not normal also. Have fun
  4. Ok. So I’m 45 now but I started to wet the bed when I was 13. I started junior high I was growing and girls were no longer yucky. My life was changing ung like crazy. So one morning I woke up wet. Yes woke up! I did not wake while I wet. I quickly told my mom. I did not try and hide it. She just made no big deal out of it. However it happened every night for a week before she decided to put a plastic sheet on the bed. I was seriously distressed. I wanted to know what was wrong. We went to the doctor and he said I was just sleeping really hard and it happens to lots of teens during this age. He suggested an alarm that we could get at this hospital supply store down the street. We did and I wore it that night. Needless to say I did not hear it. My dad came in and woke me up. I was already wet at 2 am. This sucked worse. Now I was wet changing my sheets in the middle of the night. This happened for about three nights. I was seriously tired going to school and my parents saw that. The next night my mom came in to my room and said look. I went back to the store. I didn’t want to make a big deal about this but I bought some adult diapers and I put them In your closet and there are also bags too. I won’t make you wear them but if you want they will allow you to sleep better. I was responsible for them and throwing out the old ones. Then she left. My mind was swimming. I didn’t know what to do. I figured it was my private thing and there was going to be no one who knew. I went into the closet and I put one on. I remember being afraid my parents were going to hear the tapes. She was right I was now able to sleep. I was also had a dry bed. Ok it sucked but I felt with it. The only thing I thought was weird was at Christmas we were going to my grandmas home about a four hour car ride away. We left at 8 pm due to my dad coming home late. Small snow storm but he was delayed. My mom told me to just wear sweats and she packed some night pants for me. Ok I was embarrassed. Then she said it could be a long trip maybe you should wear one in the car in case you go to sleep. I just said ok. I did put one on. I did not fall asleep but did use it instead of asking them to stop. Luckily the bedwetting stopped after a few months.
  5. O2binspired

    Cath and Diaper tips?

    Ok late to this topic and not sure anyone is posting anymore. When you first start to use a catheter the tip is going to be sore. It happens to most men. This does subside. In fact maybe a week. The feeling of the catheter is used for two weeks will be completely normal. So to say you will not feel it anymore. It should be totally transparent to you than you have one in. Keep with it
  6. O2binspired

    The Psychology Behind Incontinence Desire

    Yeah this is always the issue. Let’s face it we don’t really need the diaper right? We just want it. Im like you. I wear diapers for convenience. I have a job I travel all day. The stopping to urinate and breaking out of customer meeting was driving me crazy. So a couple of years ago it started to try diapers. This was a long conversation between my wife and me. So I bough a pack and started my days wearing them. Took a while to get myself to pee in them. Then after a few weeks got easier. Now the frustration of the diaper set in after the third week. I though I need to stop worrying about this. My wife did not let me stop. She knew how much it was making my life hard not being diapers. I pushed through for the next week. It was hard at first but now I have accepted it. I wear till I go to bed. Life is easier. Maybe because I don’t desire them? I use them for convenience?
  7. O2binspired

    Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Ok love the ideas but the cath is not going to be any less infected. Yeah it’s not open but there is still risks. I started cathing a year ago and letting it drain into my diaper during the day and bedside bag at night. Good sleep. For the first month the whole experience was awesome. I thought cool I’m incontinent. Then it started to wear off. Yes I like diapers. But it seemed to be more of a necessity then a really cool thing. So I remove the catheter !! Four hours later it was back in. The fact that I did not have any urge was what has kept me doing this comfortable a year. I really don’t like having to go pee. I like the freedom the catheter and the diaper provide me. So so now it is just a way of life that I have chosen to live. I can take the cath out and I’m continent. But then it’s not convenient. I just consider myself incontinent. No I have been luck not to have an infection. I’m healthy and clean.
  8. O2binspired

    First Time Diapered

    Ok I know this is an old topic but I did want to share my first time. I was at my aunts house. I was about ten maybe nine. My cousin was five and developmentally delayed. Number of medical issues but eventually got better. Anyhow my aunt went out to check on us as we were watching tv. I knew my cousin was still in diapers but I didn’t say anything. He was a chubby kid due to the medications he was taking but not huge. When my aunt came in she had a diaper and a towel and told my cousin to lay down so he could get changed. She took his pants down to expose a plastic covered disposable diaper. No cloth covered at the time. She untaped it and used a wash cloth to wipe the area. Then she laid out the new one and taped it up tight. All the while I was looking at the process. I remember thinking how cool that must have been to be put in a diaper. I just kept looking at him. When he stood up his butt was also covered. My aunt noticed. She goes yeah he seems old for a diaper but he can’t control his urine. I said yeah it’s not big deal. I was trying to divert how awesome it looked. At dinnertime she came back in and had the towel and did the same routine. I could not stop looking at the white plastic diaper. I was mesmerized. My aunt looked at me and said I’m leaving his pants off. Why don’t you try one and you can both wear a diaper till bed. I was surprised. I told her I was too old for diapers but she said my cousin was too. She said come on try it it will make him feel better. I was resisting on the outside but excited on the outside. Without me saying anything else she ran out and came back with another diaper and told me to lay down. I did and she took my underwear off and laid the diaper under me. Then she grabbed the front and taped it tight. It was a little big as I was skinnier. She pulled down my shirt and there is was. I remember noticing the plastic in my crotch the most. I also remember going pee in it the first time. I did not go to the bathroom I just peed in it. Bu bedtime she noticed I peed and said I guess you used it for its purpose. She did not re diaper me.