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  1. I have hundreds of incontinence nappy pictures of myself. I had them on CD and hadn't looked at them for some years as iMacs don't have CD drives anymore. Recently purchased a CD drive and currently have all my nappy pics stored in Photo in the hidden settings which isn't ideal. Which is the best platform to store them which is easy to access and look at them when needed but is more discreet?
  2. Anal dilatation was the primary treatment for haemorrhoids after the introduction of the now-infamous Lord's procedure, the concept was the forceful dilation would loosen the sphincter muscle and increase blood flow to the anoderm. It is now well documented that this procedure is frequently associated with compromised continence. There is lots of information on google books that habitually stretching your rectal muscle with dilators the tone of the anal and rectal muscles and other tissues are destroyed and these become permanently stretched. Starting with a small dilator and gradually using larger and larger ones a time comes when an ordinary drinking glass may be inserted into the rectum. The anal sphincter is no longer able to close the rectum and all voluntary control of bowel action is lost and the victim of the cure is forced to wear a diaper. This results in damage to both the internal and external sphincter resulting in passive incontinence where the person in unaware of soiling. I think this is proof that wearing the Meo 24/7 buttplug and increasing the size from extra small to the extra large and wearing constantly for some months with compromise sphincter competence resulting in anal sphincter unable to close and severe fecal incontinence. I think is this interesting. What are your thoughts on anal stretching using increasing sizes of buttplugs. Can they cause incontinence?
  3. I like FetLife. The message boards aren't as busy as here but the content is good. I have met many people with the same disability fetish as me. Its a good community.
  4. I love reading about nappy finds. Never find anything here in England.
  5. I had been wearing adult nappies from 11 years old (1997) not because of incontinence but because a child psychologist suggested to my foster parents that they purchase them for me to stop me stealing them from school. My foster parents let me wear them every night after that. my foster mother always used to tell him if I continue wearing nappies I'll end up incontinent. God I used to want to be incontinent so bad at 12 years old! lol. Anyway the first time I was exposed to people liking nappies (like me) was when I was around 13 in 1999, my foster father was watching something on channel 5 (If you know U.K. TV that channel showed raunchy shows especially after 9pm. I remember thinking ''WOW I'm not alone''.... I remember standing at the living room door trying to act disinterested but being totally consumed by that show. I think it was obvious that I very interested. I certainly think my foster father clicked why I liked wearing nappies. The first time I googled adult nappies was when I was 17 (around 2002ish) on the computers at my sister university campus, she left me alone in the computer room and back them I assume they didn't have blocks on websites. I was blown away. In 2003 I moved out my foster parents house into my own flat and the first thing I did was get a internet connection. Never looked back.
  6. Many years ago my old uncovered mattresses had large urine stains from leaky nappies, on both sides. When it came time to get rid I couldn't just get somebody to take it to the tip (I don't own a car) I literally had to wake up at 3am in the morning and drag it around the corner from my house (I live in a high residential area) and dump it as it was just too embarrassing to expose my piss stained mattress to people. Them urine stains were that obvious.
  7. Also the thing is with that over time no matter how much you bath or shower you are always going to have a residue urine smell on you.
  8. People with BIID can have a sexual interest with being an amputee/disabled, others not so much. Same thing with AB's. Some find it sexual and some don't. I have a interest in disability play and its not sexual, my play time just revolves around being hopeless and needing support with nappy changing.
  9. I'm a DL and like medical play, i.e pretending to be disabled. I know there isn't much cross over between AB play and disability play. Do people have objections with people acting disabled (maybe as a form of BIID) if its not impacting other people. Do you think AB play and disability play are on the same spectrum. I include incontinence play into the disability aspect.
  10. Just be aware. Wearing the MeO 24/7 anal stretching rings can become very addictive. I purchased all sizes and worked my way up because I wanted to simulate bowel incontinence but found out I love stretching my anal sphincter and the feeling does become very addictive, it is very stimulating. I always had the MeO plugged as it didn't feel like actual incontinence and I didn't like having to take the plug out to clean it after I have had a bowel movement which is very messy.. I started small and went up the larger sizes. The medium and large sizes took some time getting used to as my sphincher couldn't take the size difference and the MeO 24/7 do go up in size considerably . I used plenty of lube. It's intolerable wearing at first but you soon become desensitised to the dull painful feeling. I loved the fullness and it's an amazing feeling being wide open all the time. I feel empty when not wearing it. I'm working myself to the XL but boy its massive! I have been wearing the large size for 11 weeks constantly. Only taking it out to have my daily bowel movements and my poo's just plop out with no pressure when I take the plug out. When I'm not wearing I have to wear a nappy or faecal pad as I have a-lot of faecal mucus/seepage which very easily shows on the back of my trousers if I'm not wearing a pad., Its feel like I have a wet anus all the time and every time I wipe it with toilet tissue it has faecal matter on it no matter how much I wipe. This presented me with problems because of burning and soreness. I use wet-wipes (toilet paper makes me more score) and Sudocrem nappy rash cream as a barrier.. My anal sphincter has become very loose and I can't hold a normal bowel movement especially when I'm walking with each step I'm leaking until 3/4 steps I've totally messed myself and no amount of clenching will stop the leakage. When standing still I have seepage in my pad but can hold with great care in clenching hard until start walking I have full on leakage and fill my pad without much control. My bowel movements come on fast and unplugged I can't make it to the toilet from my bedroom without messing myself. That why I have to stay plugged. I have fantasied about bowel incontinence for a very long time but its not what its cracked up to be. The faecal mucus/seepage makes me very sore. I have to change more regularly as my nappy/pad becomes stained with faecal matter. I'm paranoid I smell all the time especially when I go out (which isn't very often) If I'm going out unplugged I have to plan my activities around if I'm going to have a bowel movement as these are full bowel movements, I need to change straight away when it happens as it burns .My bedroom smells.. Sometimes I think I've made a mistake. I think I am very much plug dependent now Honestly bowel IC is not what I expected. It wouldn't be that bad without the constant faecal mucus/seepage. I was expecting 2/3 small passive bowel movements a day without control but what I got is constant burning faecal seepage and can't hold a bowel movement very good more so when walking and it pretty much sucks.
  11. I'm a nappy pooper! I don't particularly have a pooping routine but like to mess when I'm ready and that simulates actual fecal incontinence. Let it slip out without clenching anal sphincter.
  12. For me - my foster parents were accepting of me wearing teen/adult incontinence pads (nappies) from age 11 to 17. At the beginning they got fed up with me stealing them from my special school and hiding them under my bed, they took me to a child psychologist and it was decided I could wear one nappy to bed at night along with a good behaviour chart. My foster mum acquired a Tena ordering catalogue (this in 1998 before internet took off) and we looked through it together and we chose the nappies I wanted. We picked Tena Slip Supers. I remember my foster mother ringing to place order and it was professional like she was ordering for somebody who genuinely needed them. She got me a case. my foster mother also put a plastic mattress protecter that covered the whole mattress plus a washable bed protecter sheet. I wore Tena nappies evert-night there, it just become routine wearing them, I would be allowed to put my nappy on when I put my pyjamas on so would purposely put them on 2 hours before bed. At first it was very hard to wet but over the years in become easier. I got my flat when I was 17 and moved away from foster care and this was the time I wore 24/7 but it was very binge and purge cycle. I still wore every-night.
  13. Disability pension. I get to wear all the time.
  14. I've spend all my focus on achieving incontinence. My whole sexual being is around incontinence. When I do become incontinent does the sexual side decrease. Will I feel content? How you you feel now that you're incontinent?
  15. At first after wetting I concentrated on the open feeling. I would wet in a standing position standing like a statue, I would wet and try not to clench after wetting. At first it was very difficult as my sphincter would involuntary clench kinda like a spasm, I would have little spasms while peeing, like I would pee a little and involuntary clench, little pee, involuntary clench, etc... I drank lots of fluids - my wetting ability back then was more like flooding. I finally trained myself not to automatically clench when standing. I then started to concentrate on wettings while walking without clenching. I begin to pee and them move around making little movements, I would involuntary clench but after some time I could move around without the automatic clench. I then would drink lots of fluids and walk around the kitchen table while wetting concentrating on the open feeling, I started on the stairs, start wetting then walk a step. Now I can wet in any position. When you have learned to remain open you can feel in your sphincter, it does sorta feel like an open feeling, At first you can defiantly feel it but then it feels normal. Sometimes when I have an involuntary clench it feels weird. You begin to dribble and gush small amounts all the time. If I have a coffee in town I can walk around and while just dribbling away. I can sit and dribble away. I can lay in bed, it seems to build up more when I'm laying down but I after a sort while I pee, it feels like I am going to pee a lot but actually ends up just a little gush. What I have noticed is that it feels like I have to pee all the time even after I have just peed, I know I have nothing in my bladder but I still feel the urge. This keeps me awake at night. I wake up with a strong urge to pee, I pee a small amount then go back to sleep. I have also noticed when I'm walking around and pee I have after dribble, most likely Post Micturition Dribble? It is annoying having the feeling like peeing all the time. By pushing you are excising your sphincter.