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  1. I Think Diapers Have Reached Their Limit In Capacity Now.

    I’m interested to know what contributes a wetting. Is one wetting a full bladder? I have trained myself to wet in dribbles and gushes and my nappies tend to absorb 4/5 hours without leaking but I never release a full bladder.
  2. Do diapers shrink your bladder ?

    If you had surgery to make yourself urniery incontinent you would still effectively be continent at night because without the abdominal pressure pushing down on your sphincters you will still hold the same amount of urine while laying down as you did before that’s why the 24/7 approach is much better as it gives you time to shrink your bladder and with this your urniery sphincter becomes weak resulting in stress incontinence and intrinsic sphincter deficiency soon follows, this means your urinary sphincter muscle has atrophied resulting in constantly dribbling small amounts of urine day and night.
  3. Do diapers shrink your bladder ?

    I know for me my post micturition dribble is getting worse meaning my urethral sphincter is becoming weak. I have only had 7 weeks not wearing nappies since September last year and I can’t go for a poo without uncontrollable dribbling urine.
  4. Thanks FedEx & Amazon

    I have problems every month with ripped boxes and the product name written all over the boxs with the company I use but they are sufficiently cheaper then other places and they do auto order so I forgive them. I definitely think the DPD courier knows that he’s delivering incontinence nappies to my house because guaranteed it’s always the same guy delivering them.
  5. Do you REALLY Want to become Diaper dependent?

    I'm really struggling at the moment with the balance of wanting to wear 24/7 and not wanting to wear at all. Since September 2017 I have probably had 6/7 weeks out of nappies and I have definitely noticed my bladder is more sensitive. When I'm not wearing I wake up 2/3 times a night needing to pee and it's a nagging urge I can't get back to sleep without using the toilet, its not a desperate urge more annoying. When I do pee its a weak stream and I have a after dribble. I go in extremes between wanting incontinence so that I would take a bullet to the spine to being ambivalent. I think as I've got older I have more understanding in what incontinence involves and I think more with my brain more then my dick. I'm lucky that I don't have to worry about the cost of nappies and I live in a environment that is accepting so I personally don't have many Cons but I'm very ambivalent at the moment about wearing.
  6. What is your faith?

    I have pantheistic beliefs.
  7. Choice

    The first time wearing in public feels like everybody knows your wearing a nappy. You feel the bulk between you legs that reminds you your wearing and that intensifies the paranoia. The reality is nobody knows you wearing unless you make it obvious. After wearing 24/7 for awhile it doesn't feel like your actually wearing a nappy anymore it becomes so normal. I think wetting becomes so much easier and this changes the whole experience of nappy wearing. Say goodbye to the floods as you learn to dribble and gush everywhere you go this extending the life of your nappy and giving you much more confidence in the product. I can tell you I never leak now and change every 4 hours. If I choose to drink loads I gush small amounts near constantly and my nappy absorbs these very well but before 24/7 I seemed to hold more urine and I would flood and after 2/3 wettings the front of my nappy would be saturated and leak around the top resulting in more changes and me questioning myself if I could actually cope with incontinence, the actual truth is that when you start dribbling and gushing that is actual incontinence as is so much more manageable then flooding.
  8. Really want to wet my diaper while I sleep

    You need to wear 24/7.
  9. Its a textile Molicare Premium.
  10. 25 Week Unpotty Training Update

    I’ve noticed the twinges in my bladder becoming worse, they are hard to describe much like a sinking feeling. I’m continuing keeping my sphincter completely relaxed and I’m peeing in small dribbles and gushes. I hardly ever leak.
  11. What Other Fetishes?

    I turned on by being forcible given Electric shock treatment and made mentally disabled and incontinent. I read that the US army gave some soldiers ECT back in the 50s and they were left drooling and unable to support themselves to eat. I would like to be like that plus double incontinent.
  12. Do you mean by letting 'a dribble out over time' you are consciously letting small amounts of pee exit your sphincter so you don't flood? This method is bad for incontinence training! You need to learn to keep completely relaxed this does mean flooding if you have too. You need to concentrate on the feeling of being open all the time without clenching. This overtime diminishes your singles to clench and it becomes so much easier and you will wet without any clenching. Its not so much about diminished capacity leading to incontinence its more about you ability to pee at the slightest urge, with this I have found the urge to pee more intense and in smaller amounts. At this point you will be able to wet in any stress position in little dribbles and drips. It just takes practice. The more you wear the easily it becomes. I would recommend not masturbating as this dampens the need to achieve your incontinence desires. If you need to masturbate do it in the morning while in the bath or afterwards then straight put on your nappy. Don't masturbate before you go to bed no matter how horney you get.
  13. What I have noticed with keeping a completely relaxed sphincter and dribbling and dripping is that I feel the need to pee more strongly and urgently then before and when I do my pee there isn’t a big amount which my nappy handles and absorbs very well. I think if you are at the point where you can dribble and drip without the clenching reflex incontinece will be much quicker then if your are at the beginning of the 12 month program. Its actually a very nice feeling dribbling which unlike flooding you are not scared about leaking which holds you back in some situations. With a constant dribbling your nappy hold up so much better
  14. When I have worn nappies I have always tried to simulate incontinence meaning I always try and keep my urinary sphincter muscle completely relaxed. with time this has resulted in me dribbling and dripping all the time without the clench relax. There is a huge difference with flooding and dribbling. With flooding you will get 2/3 wettings out the nappy until the front of it becomes saturated and it starts to leak at the top and around the legs cuffs, the nappy doesn't wick to the back of the pad. When dribbling you can make the nappy last so much longer and you will start to resemble a person with true incontinence, either stress/total incontinence. You need to practice keeping your sphincter open and dribbling at the slightest urge. At first you will automatically clench but with time you will wet without clenching. This totally changes the feeling. I go with premium nappies. At the beginning when your flooding cheaper nappies they will be rubbish resulting in more changes and higher cost as the capacity and absorbency isn't there. At first you will have a higher cost with premium nappies too but when you become a dribbler they last so longer and you can easley get 4/6 hours out a nappy as the pee distributes around the nappy. I pay £160 month for 12 packets of Molicare (14 per pack) With premium nappies you with have more confidence with the product which helps with wetting around people as they are less likely to leak. With going 24/7 and bowel incontinence I found the two are closely related. Because I keep my sphincter relaxed it has an effect on the anal sphincter. i find that when I poo in my nappy the clench reflex is much reduced. Its notable because I don't automatically clench and the anal sphincter is more relaxed. I think when trying for urinary incontinence bowel incontinence can follow because both muscle can become weaker.
  15. Do you flood or dribble? What are your experiences with both? I have noticed that the capacity of my nappy holds more with frequent little dribbles keeping my sphincter completely relaxed. Before I would have little floods and it would over saturate the front of the nappy and which resulted in more changes.