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  1. I'm waiting for another case of Attends Regular plus 10. They are really good nappies. They are very absorbent and they wick good. They are comfortable to wear. Also they are very crinkly.
  2. I have found that not only do I dribble smallish amounts, I also feel like I’m weeping urine in very small amounts, I can feel the trickle at the end of my penis. I still have control but am very practiced keeping my sphincter completely relaxed.
  3. The last time I wore 24/7 I wore for about 13 weeks solid. I have been 24/7 many times before but this particular time I practiced keeping my sphincter completely relaxed and I would pee at the slightest urge.. At first after peeing my sphincter would instinctively clench shut, then open, have a little dribble, clench shut, then open , have a little dribble.. I soon leaned not to instinctively clench. Only when I remained still I could easily relax my sphincter and keep it open and wet in drips/dribbles/gushes. As soon as I moved my sphincter would clench shut. I started to drink a lot of water and as my bladder filled I would wet, I would then walk slowly around the kitchen table. Same thing would happen, clench shut, then open, very little dribble and clench shut again. It took much practice too wet while walking without clenching. I practiced the remaining open when sitting down and getting up. I was already very good at wetting sitting down from wearing nappies many time before. I continued this for a few weeks and learned to wet in all positions. It took practice too wet while lying on my side. That was the hardest. I can now wet in in drips and dribbles on my side without clenching my sphincter. I kept my sphincter open all the time, it would only clench shut when I sneezed. I started to noticed the sensation of needing to pee all the time. A dull feeling in my bladder, only relived when I peed and it would be a tiny amount. The sensation would go away then return minutes later. I have had bladder spasms and they are very different to the sensation of needing to pee all the time. With the spasms it's like a moderately painful twinge in my bladder that comes out of nowhere, it only lasts momentarily. With the constant needing to pee sensation its like a dull ache in my bladder all the time. The last time I went 24/7 and practiced to keep my sphincter open I stopped wearing around March last year.. I have continued having little binges lasting for a few weeks..At all times wearing I would practice keeping my sphincter relaxed and this was very very easy to do... I reverted backed to wetting automatically without clenching my sphincter, this sometimes after not wearing nappies for weeks.. I also can still wet in all positions. I think my pelvic floor muscles have learned muscle memory. As little as a few days doing this I have the constant urge to pee all the time.. Its differently coming on more quickly each time I've had a binge. I am wetting in smaller amounts, I can feel its a weak stream and after I think I have stopped wetting I can feel a little trickle of pee.. I would like to hear more of you experiences oznl... How did you get to the stage you are at?
  4. I think I made myself urge incontinent from wearing nappies 24/7. I have stopped and started my incontinence journey many times over the years. The last time I stopped I got to the point I where I had developed post micturition dribble, this was more noticeable when I was having a bowel movement, I would involuntary dribble on the floor when pooping even without straining. I was peeing at the slightest urge without clenching my sphincter muscle, this become automatic and the reflex to clamp was gone. I would have to psychically clamp to stop the flow. As soon as my bladder filled a little bit I felt a strong urge to pee and I would drip/dribble/gush depending on how much I drank. I could do this walking/sitting down/lying down. I got to the point I had the feeling of needing to pee all the time more so when my bladder filled a little bit, it became very uncomfortable and I would pee leading to a little gush in my nappy which was disproportionate to the amount my bladder was telling me I had too pee. I stopped wearing at this point.. It took some time for me to not feel the urge to pee all the time, I was going to the toilet every 30 minutes to get rid of the constant uncomfortable feeling of needing to pee. My urine stream was weak - I found it very easy to pee, it would come out in a weak uneven dribble/splatter, my bladder would empty fully and I would have to psychically clamp it to shut. When I finished peeing and pulled up my underwear I found I would have involuntary drips soon afterwards which resulted in my underwear feeing damp. This cleared up after some weeks. I found that when I was bursting for the toilet and trying to keep my sphincter clamped it would involuntary open and leak a drip or tow before it would clamp shut again. 5 months after my last incontinence attempt I'm wearing 24/7 again. I started where I left off. I can automatically wet without clenching, in little drips and dribbles...I have started feeling a constant need to pee again, way sooner than I did last time. I think me starting and starting my incontinence journey has differently had an effect on my continence.
  5. I will just continue using iCloud and let them remain in the hidden setting. Plus have it backed up on a memory card plus CD's. If by the remote chance people see them I could just continue saying I'm incontinent and took the photos to see if my bum look big in incontinence pads as at the time I was self conscious about wearing them.
  6. I would say I'm quite experienced going 24/7. I like to simulate incontinence and I have trained my sphincter muscle to pee at the slightest urge. This has the added benefit as the little drips and dribbles are better absurbed in the nappy so I only need to change every 4/5 hours. I wear Molicare Slip Maxis and find that when I've drank normal amounts of fluid one Molicare nappy can easily last me 4/5 hours and more. I like to change regularly to keep smells down. I choose Molicare nappies as I find them very comfortable, they have a soft back sheet and soft pulp so they don't feel bulky between my legs, I like this as this gives me more confidence as they feel discrete. I don't feel like I've got a nappy between my legs anymore I'm that used to wearing. I have 100% confidence in Molicare nappies. Going back to keeping my sphincter muscle unclenched and dripping/dribbling urine all the time. I wouldn't recommend you doing this if you want to keep your continence, it will slowly slip away if you don't regularly exercise your sphincter muscles. When you've practiced enough times and learned to keep your sphincter relaxed and opened it stays that way with muscle memory. You soon have to purposely clench to stop the peeing. I noticed with my 24/7 wearing and urinating at the slightest urge my bladder become super sensitive and as soon as my bladder fills a little I would feel a urge to pee, this almost becomes a constant urge only getting relief for 5 minutes after peeing, then the urge to urinate comes back. It become very easy too wet in any position. I noticed that I have most post micturition dribble, this is most noticeable I'm using the toilet for a number two as I'll drip and dribble uncontrollable on the floor and this is without straining to poo. I then noticed that after wetting (I only wet in little drips/dribbles/gushes) I would I have after-dribble in my nappy which feels like a post micturition dribble like a gush when I think I've stopped peeing. It is this point it feels alien to clench so you just let it happen. This is the point I stopped wearing 24/7 as I got scared. Transitioning back to underwear was hard. Although I was continent I still had a constant urge to urinate, I was going to the toilet every 30 minutes just to release maybe less then a cup of urine and the stream was very weak, I had to push to make it faster, the flow was uneven and more like a gush which splatted all over the place. After peeing I had to psychically clench my sphincter shut. When I didn't have easy access to a toilet I would soon be bursting to pee and this is when my sphincter would involuntary spasm and realise a drop of urine then clench again. I also always felt like I had damp pants after using the toilet. The constant urge to pee stopped after a few weeks but my bladder capacity has diminished. I've hit a binge phase and am wearing 24/7 again. This is after about 11 weeks of hardly wearing and my wetting abilities have started off the same as I left them. With muscle memory I can still wet at the slightest urge without clenching. Have a constant urge to pee all the time. I don't know how long before my continence does give in after yow-rowing between constantly remaining relaxed and then bladder training again. I have differently noticed a progression in lesser control over my bladder. I'm going to try and keep at the 24/7 nappy wearing. I like the thought of being incontinent. My lifestyle fits well into living an incontinent lifestyle. My housemates think I'm incontinent. But in a purge I get a strong dislike too incontinence. I think if I can manage to get through the purge cycle and not stop wearing I'll be in a better position with trying to become incontinent. What I have learned is not to have any visual reminders with incontinence paraphernalia such as packet of nappies laying around. I would keep everything out of sight. I would wear cloth backed nappies to bed like Abena premium nappies as these feel like normal underwear to me now. I think having visual remembers makes me more horny and I'm more inclined to masturbate which makes me lose interest in wearing. I think if I just get out a nappy when needed it'll become routine when changing and I'll get a less sexual stimulation and hopeful nappies will not make me horny all the time.
  7. I have hundreds of incontinence nappy pictures of myself. I had them on CD and hadn't looked at them for some years as iMacs don't have CD drives anymore. Recently purchased a CD drive and currently have all my nappy pics stored in Photo in the hidden settings which isn't ideal. Which is the best platform to store them which is easy to access and look at them when needed but is more discreet?
  8. Anal dilatation was the primary treatment for haemorrhoids after the introduction of the now-infamous Lord's procedure, the concept was the forceful dilation would loosen the sphincter muscle and increase blood flow to the anoderm. It is now well documented that this procedure is frequently associated with compromised continence. There is lots of information on google books that habitually stretching your rectal muscle with dilators the tone of the anal and rectal muscles and other tissues are destroyed and these become permanently stretched. Starting with a small dilator and gradually using larger and larger ones a time comes when an ordinary drinking glass may be inserted into the rectum. The anal sphincter is no longer able to close the rectum and all voluntary control of bowel action is lost and the victim of the cure is forced to wear a diaper. This results in damage to both the internal and external sphincter resulting in passive incontinence where the person in unaware of soiling. I think this is proof that wearing the Meo 24/7 buttplug and increasing the size from extra small to the extra large and wearing constantly for some months with compromise sphincter competence resulting in anal sphincter unable to close and severe fecal incontinence. I think is this interesting. What are your thoughts on anal stretching using increasing sizes of buttplugs. Can they cause incontinence?
  9. I like FetLife. The message boards aren't as busy as here but the content is good. I have met many people with the same disability fetish as me. Its a good community.
  10. I love reading about nappy finds. Never find anything here in England.
  11. I had been wearing adult nappies from 11 years old (1997) not because of incontinence but because a child psychologist suggested to my foster parents that they purchase them for me to stop me stealing them from school. My foster parents let me wear them every night after that. my foster mother always used to tell him if I continue wearing nappies I'll end up incontinent. God I used to want to be incontinent so bad at 12 years old! lol. Anyway the first time I was exposed to people liking nappies (like me) was when I was around 13 in 1999, my foster father was watching something on channel 5 (If you know U.K. TV that channel showed raunchy shows especially after 9pm. I remember thinking ''WOW I'm not alone''.... I remember standing at the living room door trying to act disinterested but being totally consumed by that show. I think it was obvious that I very interested. I certainly think my foster father clicked why I liked wearing nappies. The first time I googled adult nappies was when I was 17 (around 2002ish) on the computers at my sister university campus, she left me alone in the computer room and back them I assume they didn't have blocks on websites. I was blown away. In 2003 I moved out my foster parents house into my own flat and the first thing I did was get a internet connection. Never looked back.
  12. Many years ago my old uncovered mattresses had large urine stains from leaky nappies, on both sides. When it came time to get rid I couldn't just get somebody to take it to the tip (I don't own a car) I literally had to wake up at 3am in the morning and drag it around the corner from my house (I live in a high residential area) and dump it as it was just too embarrassing to expose my piss stained mattress to people. Them urine stains were that obvious.
  13. Also the thing is with that over time no matter how much you bath or shower you are always going to have a residue urine smell on you.
  14. People with BIID can have a sexual interest with being an amputee/disabled, others not so much. Same thing with AB's. Some find it sexual and some don't. I have a interest in disability play and its not sexual, my play time just revolves around being hopeless and needing support with nappy changing.