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  1. Nottinghamshire DL's

    I'm sorry I don't like large crowds but thank you for offering.
  2. Need help peeing

    We have all been there, It took me years of practice to wet freely . Can you only pee when you've got a full bladder so you end up flooding your nappy? I think you being able to wet while standing is a good thing at the moment. From now on its all about being comfortable and having security in your nappies. Unconsciously something is preventing you from relaxing your sphincter and feeling safe. Continue wetting while standing and slowly work toward other things like like bending slightly while wetting, get used to other positions. Its all about muscle memory . It will come with practice.
  3. I'm looking into purchasing some plastic pants primarily to contain bowel accidents. What is the difference between pull up plastic pants and snap on plastic pants? If you have a nappy leakage and the plastic pants contain the leakage do you have to change them? If your a 24/7 wearer do you have any tips on maintaining plastic pants?
  4. The thing is if you purchase your own you will still continue getting your monthly supply delivered and over the months your supply gets larger and larger. We are talking 5 nappies a day/35 a week/140 nappies a month = 3 cases a month - could you keep up with it?
  5. And this supply had no baring on your financial obligations as they will be free and was delivered every 28 days. Would you wear 24/7. The only thing is if you canceled the order the continuous supply would end and you would have to buy your own nappies from now on. You only get to purchase one brand of medical incontinece nappies of your choose as AB nappies would be to obvious and would be denied. Would you do it?
  6. Nottinghamshire DL's

    The only thing I can think of is we are blessed with having Sherwood Forest on our doorstep plus we have all the old railway trails left from when the mines where open.
  7. public changing

    No. I keep my need for pads as discreet as possible although with the nature of my wearing its hard for my support staff not to know I wear pads. I don't flaunt it. Because I live in a shared house with 3 other people and wear 24/7 it has come out in the open amount my peers and staff but they respect my privacy.
  8. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    Depot is antipsychotic injection done monthly.
  9. public changing

    I have support staff supporting me to live independently and live in supported living. If I were to get confronted my support staff have badges so they would show it in my defence.
  10. I'm diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder and intellectual disability. The ASD is not a full diagnosis but when I was in Highbury hospital the psychiatrist I seen at the time specialised in autistic spectrum disorders so I think see saw traits in me.
  11. Not only has DD lost quite a lot of posts but some posts are missing their content. Its a shame because there was such a wealth off information in the missing posts and if your reading a thread most of the information is gone so makes it hard to follow. I think if DD lost many of the older posts especially the IC desires ones it would be a huge lose to our community because i think them posts are priceless. It actually makes me feel sad.
  12. public changing

    What kind of reception have you had using Changing Places toilets. Do people confront you if you don't have an obvious disability. How do you go about it if confronted. I'm especially interested because I'm from Nottinghamshire and its a pain using normal toilets because they don't have proper bins to dispose off pads. I have a radar key but not used it yet because I'm worried about the opinions of other people especially disabled people because I'm able bodied and can't deal with confrontation.
  13. When I was hospitalised it was assumed I had ASD because of my black and white thinking but it was decided I just have traits.
  14. Basically if you don't use your penis for its intended purpose, i.e, regular sexual activity, the blood flow to your penis decreases and overtime this causes erectile dysfunction. I think this has happened to me from prolonged nappy wearing and keeping my sphincter muscle in a totally relaxed state when I'm wearing which sometimes has been for months at a time. My penis is 90% flaccid, even when I masturbate it still remains flaccid but playable if I massage it but it rarely gets hard and it takes me ages to climix, I have to give my hand a rest because it starts to ache. When I do climix its a very weak discharge, sometimes I discharge without climaxing. When I was early 20s I had to fight the erections off when wearing nappies, now nappies don't even excite me like they used to do. What do you think all this means? I think this is why I've found it very easily to revert to completely keeping my sphincter muscle relaxed and open all the time when wearing and letting things dribble out, I could stub my toe and my sphincter won't automatically clench, this has taken years of practice. I'm going 24/7 and am surprised at how easy it is to wet, I don't know if this is post-dribble but I am noticing I am dripping small amounts of pee when I do light excise such as sanding up or sitting down, it feels like a little drop. I'm not a over-sexual person so it doesn't bother me being impotent. It actually excites me for some reason. I have had a blood test for unrelated things and everything came back normal even my prolactin and testosterone levels so I don't think it's any external influence. So for 24/7 wearers who are incontinent do you have any sexual dysfunction or erection problems? Have you noticed a difference from then when you were continent? For people wanting incontinence how do you feel about losing your erections if you achieve incontinence? Would you still go down the incontinence route even if it mades you impotent?
  15. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    I have to go for a depot injection every month. I always wear but I have the injection I’m my arm although the nurse know I wear pads.