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  1. Richnap7


    Nappy So full and You ao gorgeous !!
  2. Richnap7


    The whole idea of diapers/nappies worn n the woods, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!
  3. Richnap7

    Me no face :)

    Love this in many ways !!
  4. Sounds promising Nappyboy. Let's see what we can do. Username, at the moment, Boots Pull Ups. . .
  5. Really inspired posts if I OK to say that, Thanks xx
  6. Such a good question ! The feeling of comfort, return to childhood/babyhood, at least the feeling of it, are difficult to separate from sexual pleasure. Sometimes, yes it is sexual in part for me, but not always
  7. Richnap7

    my duck romper

    Very lovely
  8. I do sort of understand. Could not say about autism, but I suffer from depression, and tend to turn friends away. Also tend to "chicken" out of social events and later regret it. We are what we are, and I hope you do find a friend or friend who can stick in there. Take Care. Rich
  9. Richnap7

    Female me

    Female you looks so nice x
  10. So sweet and you look so comfy !
  11. Goodness Alvin Spacemunk, you were on 5 hours ago !

  12. Hi . I am in Nottingham. Do you know when next Leicester munch is, and any in the sort of E.Mids or Mids area coming up. Thanks

  13. Lovely and full, thanks for posting
  14. Hi, I am from West Bridgford, near Nottingham, wold love to chat with on here about diapers and similar sort of age play things. So glad you have found

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    2. Apache Raccoon
    3. Richnap7


      Alvin, Thanks. A friend of mine was taken to hospital. Sorry we did not get to meet yet. Still OK to meet in a pub, town or around. Fridays afternoon or evening usually good, or we can chat about it, if you still would like to meet. Hope You are in a Nappy Mood !!

    4. Apache Raccoon

      Apache Raccoon

      Nice pic :)

      And I'd still be up 4 hangin' :)