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  1. runtor86

  2. WIN_20160531_151620.JPG

    Yes she did. It was so delicious.
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  4. Of course not, one must distinguish job of privacy. One can be an excellent employee even if they are ABDL. But many are governed by prejudice and ignorance unfortunately.
  5. Bed Wetting Families

    I used diapers almost every night until I was nine years old because of bedwetting. Same procedure every night, a shower, fitted diaper and pajamas. I used the usual children diapers from libero and pampers. My little sister did not struggle with this. It was quite embarrasing when I as her 3 year older big brother sat there with my big, thick diaper in my pajamas. She did not tease me, but over the years I have been reminded by family members that I used diapers well over normal time to say the least. My four year younger cousin used diapers until the age of 5. So I was atleast not the only one who used diapers veeery long. So therefore no wonder that I have a diaper fetish today.
  6. Do you wear diapers in public, or in private only?

    I only use diapers private. Could well have liked to push the limits a bit, but it had been in places where I was all alone. As a secluded beach where only I was.
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    Thanks! Its a cuddlz-diaper from cuddlz.com in large size. I have changed the print on the front to make the diaper more childish. Have a great day you too!