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    • “Good, good” Colin writes down notes.”Okay now I want you to call in sick for tomorrow.”
    • https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8022647/Full-time-adult-baby-sleeps-crib-spends-300-month-DIAPERS.html Don't read the comments!
    • Chapter 15: Hanging Around Tuesday morning I woke up in my cage.  I was not as surprised this time, waking gently in the growing light.   I felt Jenn's hand on my back, and I realized that she had opened a hatch on top and was sleeping on her bed, her arm in my cage.  It felt nice. I mean, I'd prefer to be in bed with her, but if that wasn't possible, this wasn't half bad.   Jenn had taken my muzzle off when I was in the cage last night, which for some reason meant a lot to me.  I turned around a little, getting my head positioned under her arm, her fingers on my unobstructed face. They felt warm and soft, and they smelled of her.  I went back to sleep contentedly. ** I woke later and Jenn’s hand was gone.  I tried to see if she was on the bed but my view of the bed was blocked by a package of diapers sitting on top of my cage.   “Jenn?”  I whispered at first, listening for her to stir.  “Jenn?” A little louder. Still no response. “Jenn?  Where are you? Please?” Now I was almost yelling, getting worked up.  I heard the toilet flush in the hall bathroom, and paused. I heard footsteps, and then saw her come into the room.  I calmed down. “Are you OK?  Were you calling?”  She knelt down and opened my cage door - there was no padlock on it today.   I rushed out, nuzzling my face into her chest, smelling her wonderful smell.  “Sorry. I… I missed you, and when I didn’t know where you went I panicked a little.  But I’m better now.” She gave me a hug before spreading out the supplies for a diaper change.  I didn’t need to be told ‘Diaper Time’ twice, as wet as I was. This time, rather than the disposables I had gotten somewhat used to, she took the dog-bone diaper cover and laid a cloth diaper on top, securing it with snaps.  After cleaning me up she slid the assembly underneath me, pulled it up between my legs, and secured the velcro. She helped me roll over.  “How’s it feel?” I looked up at her.  “Why don’t you try it and see?”  I moved around a little. It was definitely more bulk than the daytime disposables I’d been using, but it did seem to fit a little better and I thought it looked a little more… well… dignified.  I told her that. She smiled.  "Well, between your nice new muzzle and your new diapers, you’re starting to look like a much more ‘together’ Pet.  Want to go to the park and show off your new duds?” We both laughed, and she hugged me again, my face pressing into her breasts.  It felt so good, being with her, knowing that she was caring for me.  We went downstairs together to scrounge up some breakfast. The rest of the morning and early afternoon were spent lounging around.  We did go to the Pet park for a while before lunch, and after we returned for lunch Jenn brought me out back and put me on the Pet run.   I complained when she left, but a few minutes later she re-appeared in a stunning bikini that left little to the imagination.  She pulled an umbrella over, and my desire went wild when she bent down to spread a towel on the ground within my range, next to a lounge chair.  I started to nuzzle her crotch, but she laughed and pushed me away, telling me with a grin that she'd be forced to put my muzzle on me if I couldn’t control myself.  Sighing, I lay on the towel in the shade and tried to rest while she read next to me, her hand resting on my shoulder. It was nice to have some quiet together-time with her, with no training and no pressure, just enjoying her company.  I soon dozed off. I was woken sometime later to the ringing of a cell phone.  Jenn had apparently fallen asleep as well, as she was groping around trying to find her phone.   “Hello? … Hi Beth!  How have you been? … … Yes, just got back this weekend.  … No … No, it turns out when I went to see Karen’t graduation, I bound to a Pet! … Yes, really.  So I’m back here for the summer while we get adjusted. … … It’s a he, actually… Yes, really! … Definitely. …. Ok… Sure, where? …. OK, see you then.  I can bring JayJay there, right? … My Pet. His name is JayJay. … Oh, cool. ... Right, OK, see you there, then.” After hanging up, she got up to pull the chair more under the umbrella.  “We’re going out tonight, JayJay! We get to meet some friends of mine.” She sat back down and closed her eyes, apparently not expecting a response from me.   Thirsty, I walked over to the water station that had been installed for me, jingling a little as I trailed the chain on the Pet run attached to my collar.  I took a drink, returning to the towel. I tried to sleep again, but my diaper was wet and uncomfortable, the ground was hard, and I had rested enough. I was hot, so I walked over towards the pool.  With the chain attached to my collar, if I pulled and swung around, maybe I could get a leg into the pool to cool off. I maneuvered to the closest point, and I found I could get one leg over the edge of the pool.  Pulling harder, I thought I must be close to the refreshment I was craving. Then things started to go dark, and I fell over. “JayJay!”  I heard Jenn yell.  She was pulling me, and I started to revive.  She unclipped the chain. She had a look of immense concern on her face, that was starting to morph into a look of anger.  “What were you doing?!?” “I was just… trying… to get my leg in the pool…” “Well, you almost managed to hang yourself!  And I almost let you do it. Dammit.” Now she was full on angry, but it wasn’t at me.  “I should have used the harness we got you yesterday but I was being lazy. Karen warned me that the collar wasn’t safe.  Argh.”   Her look turned back to one of concern.  “Are you OK?” She rubbed my neck, which was OK, but I played it up a little because the gentle feel of her hands was reassuring and nice.  “I know you want to get in the pool, but we can’t until we figure out a safe way, and your leather mitts won’t do well, so we’ll need to get some Pet swim gear at some point.”  She hugged me. “Let’s go back inside. It’s time to help with dinner anyway.” We both got up, as far as I could, anyway, and went inside. Dinner was an uneventful meal of PetChow on the floor as usual, for me.  After dinner, Jenn brought me upstairs, put me in my crate, and disappeared after re-assuring me that she'd be back when she was ready.  Hurry up and wait, indeed. It wasn't really that long before she returned.  She had changed into some loose summer clothes and I let my eyes admire her.  I was so happy that my Keeper looked so beautiful. I certainly did luck out. She added some jewelry and picked a pair of shoes from the closet before coming to my cage to open it. "Your turn now.  Diaper time." She held up a plain white diaper cover.  "I think we might be out for a while, so let's try doubling this up..."  She stuffed two cloth diapers inside, making a rather bulky diaper. As she pulled it up between my legs, I could tell it was much bulkier than the one she had just removed.  "I'm not sure I can walk with this..." "You'll manage, I'm sure.  I'll bring some disposables just in case as well.  Also I think we'll try some of these Pet clothes we got?"  She held up two options, one blue outfit and one green.  "Let's see how to get this on... get up..." I rolled onto all fours, and she figured out how to position it and fasten the velcro fasteners that held it in place.  It wrapped between my legs and covered my diaper, although the puffiness left nothing to the imagination about what I was wearing, as well as my back and upper arms.  I tried moving around and it moved with me. It felt pretty nice, really. I shrugged.  "Better than going naked, I guess.  Thanks." "Glad you like it.  OK, let's get going."  She gave me a pat on my diaper and clipped on my leash. She grabbed a few diapers and wipes, threw them in a bag, and we headed downstairs.  We were almost to the front door before Jenn realized she had forgotten something and ran back upstairs, returning a few seconds later.  "Can't forget this in public." I groaned as my new muzzle was fitted and locked to my head. Then we were ready to go. From the new Pet carrier I could see outside a little, but most importantly I could talk to the people in the front seats.  It made riding in the car much more pleasant than riding in the crate in the back, so I was eager to show that I appreciated it.  I shuffled up the ramp and got in by myself, waiting patiently for Jenn to raise the side to lock me in. I realized that sometimes just the improvement from a bad place to a not-so-bad place was worth being thankful for. Jeff's Story by JustForFun is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.  You can share it with attribution, but cannot change it or make money off it.