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  1. Hey, Babygeebee! 😄

  2. This is crazy and funny! I am back! 


    1. Babygeebee


      Hey Rue Rue. Glad to see you're back. How are you doing? 

  3. Well, something big happened. My Great Aunt who wanted to be home with my mother and I died at the hospital. I am dealing with it well. I had a great dream of her last night where she went to heaven. I just wish I could ask her questions and maybe have another deep conversation about any topic on her mind. We conversed so well and over any topic! 🥲 🙂 It is safe to say I honestly miss her. 

    1. Rue Rue

      Rue Rue

      She died a few days ago. 

    2. Babygeebee


      I am deeply sorry to hear about your loss. You have my deepest sympathy. 

      Hugs Geebee

    3. Rue Rue
  4. I'm wet an whiny. 5am and its time to be bratty already. I am shocked that my pullup actually absorbed everything. It feels like a balloon! I did have a lot of water last night though, and diapers always work better when you're hydrated. 🤪 Gotta make a sticky before changing this one. I am all puffed up!

  5. Compressed L5 to S1 as last time. Degenerative disk disease.. Hence my profile and banner. Still bedwetting, but I have hope. We discussed cortorizing(?) The nerves so I don't have pain. I'd need a neurosurgeon. I am considering it it it will stop my urinary voiding urgency. Sometimes I really can't make it and I am tired of wet diapers sometimes.

    1. DailyDi


      I have this too in my lower back. Not sure which discs. He just said two of them. 

    2. Rue Rue

      Rue Rue

      It is wild. Like, I have never ever spoken to someone who has an injury like mine. My doctor told me is it probably genetic why that disc is so small. 

  6. So you are a cerebral thinker, too! I love videos like what you shared with me. 😜

  7. Everyone, ring babygeebee's doorbell this Halloween for candy once he comes back from trick or treating. Share your candy with him as a kind gesture! 😀 Trick and a treat!

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    2. Rue Rue

      Rue Rue

      I am gonna do this but because I always have a 5 alarm going off when I come dressed as 🔥!

    3. Rue Rue
    4. Rue Rue

      Rue Rue

      That funky guitar!!! (I am a guitarist).

  8. That truck is an American Trucker game nightmare!

  9. Pest control. Great control! 


  10. The eyes you have in your DP remind me of this bird even though you are a racoon... 


    1. Apache Raccoon

      Apache Raccoon

      I see what you mean lol

      Thanks for sending

    2. Rue Rue
  11. I hope you are doing well, Little Spider. ❤❤

  12. Waddle Webswinging. 🤪

  13. I wish I was there! This seems super cool, like HVAC supercool! Hey, I am sorry but I am very sleepy. I am falling asleep. Yawning. Sorry.
  14. Beeebeegee beeeeeeee! 🤪

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    2. Rue Rue
    3. Rue Rue

      Rue Rue

      Bad ath me withilising my 'S"es. I was actually called out about my gap that is growing bigger (probably from using a binky) and was just becoming self conscious. Yoj know I do t always whistle my s. But I am now like maybe that is because of binky usage and thumb suckimg at bed??? 🛌 

    4. Rue Rue

      Rue Rue

      Loths uh quethtion'ds.

  15. Its time for me to frisk a little. Just frisk. 

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