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  1. Hi Julie

    Thanks for your message.  I now have read some of your posts and see you have a problem wearing plastic pants. If you haven't read my posts I would like to recommend you try wearing polyurethane plastic pants sold by Fetware.  I used to wear vinyl pants and always had a problem with the elastics causing chafing and being uncomfortable.  The poly pants are super soft and extremely comfortable.  I can wear them all the time with no discomfort.  They also come with enclosed elastics which is what I am wearing and have very  few leaks.  The diapers leak occasionally but the pants contain the moisture and don't leak.  I have been wearing the same four pairs for over a year and switch off every other day so I can wash them.  They are still in the same soft condition as when I bought them.  I purchased a dozen pair as I felt I would have to replace them over time but as of right now it appears they will last me for years.  They also sell PUL pants which are also very comfortable but don't give me the feeling I get in wearing an actual plastic pant.

    1. Julie_J


      i'll try, thanks!


    2. Julie_J


      Hey, those Euroflex pants really work great.  Thanks tsaboy.


    3. tsaaboy


      I'm glad I could help.  I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I do as they are extremely comfortable while giving me the feeling of actually wearing a plastic pant.

  2. It is nice that you are here.
  3. I have an abstract reasoning disorder and short term memory damage from an accident. We are not perfect. Never seen a perfect human in my life

    1. Julie_J


      true, that!


    2. Naughtydiaperbaby


      A perfect human can be found in a cemetery

  4. Very best of luck and good rtimes to you julie


    Tilou 2

  5. I was born with cerebral palsy and this makes mobility difficult for me.  I also have never gained complete control of my bladder so you can probably guess how I manage that.

    I am a DL, believe it or not!

  6. 15th September 2016

    Hi Julie J,

    Greetings from the UK. My name is Christopher, I also have cerebral palsy from birth. I am also

    1. Julie_J


      are you Margaret or Christopher?  can you decide?


    2. Margaret


      19th December 2017


      Hi Julie_J

      Christmas greetings to you. On this web sight I use my real name of Christopher But as my wife died this year I  have her name as a password.


      Now I live on my own but have not found anyone here in Essex.

      As I have Cerebral Palsy I have to use nappies and plastic pants. I am also a wheelchair user.

      I am located in Colchester.

      Good to hear from you.


      Take Care,


      Christopher Mattison.

  7. I am disabled and I did ride horseback for therapy when I was younger.
  8. as usual, I was wet this morning.
  9. it can happen if I get aroused in the process...
  10. I am incontinent (bladder only for me) due to cerebral palsy from birth.
  11. don't see the point, not in my culture or social circle of friends. no desire, no need, no cravings..... real life and my inco challenges & rewards being a DL give me the diversity and relaxation and fun that I want.