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  1. In need of a spanking

    I would be more than happy to spank you bottom if you lived in my area. I've given a few in my life
  2. Once when I was making items for a head shop. For those that does not know what the definition of one. A head shop sells things like bongs, pipes, stones for the sole purpose of smoking weed. Some of our items can be found as drug antiques because I learned that people were collecting the decorative pipes and using our stones as beads. Our group had just gotten paid and tend to sound like a mouse when I talk. I am very slender and had not gained any weight since high school. Our gang of guys had just been paid by the head shop owner and were leaving. This business was beside the public library. All of us had the same amount of money and we were just horsing around with each other. We used coarse language, but we did not know there were children, teenagers, and adults at the library. I knew that there were patrons at the library. I look sort of young for my age and I thought I could verbally take on anyone in a verbal argument. A mother and her two daughters came out and heard us. I was the one using the worst language of our group. This was the first time I had ever been confronted by someone quite younger than I was and all in the group. The mother was watching us as her cute little seven or eight year old daughter spoke to us in private. She said to all of us,"you guys thing you all are so cool. You think you all think you all are tough as a gang. You all are just a gang of big boys that needs to be taken to the fountain yonder" she pointed at the fountain in front of the library "all of you need to have your pants pulled down and your rear ends spanked until you all can not sit, but on a pillow." we were speechless comment, but we had a bus to catch. She told her mother what she had said and she commented, "how did yoyu know they weren't a group of street hooligans?" She said, "No one that goes to one of those places never carries anything like that."
  3. spanking

    You need one a little better than the one you were given. You should have your butt so you would need to sit on a pillow for comfort. I wouldn't have used a hairbrush though because they can damage the nerves. I use a little leather bun warmer called a Victorian Stinger. These were used on unruly children in Victorian times.
  4. spanking

    You will need to take the spanking if you expect to live under her roof
  5. I am going to ask the people

    One small detail. I have never been spanked in my life
  6. Who was spanked for bedwetting

    One must train their bladder. I was born with two kidneys and that can present a problem to the one with this condition. I found out about this problem when I took a swig of green dye indicator in a chemistry class. I knew it would come out of me black color. The clearance time was 1/2 hour. It was shorter if a diuretic (an agent that will make you pee) was taken.
  7. I am going to ask the people

    I understand it was a naughty thing to to and I would accept a spanking for it.
  8. I am going to ask the people

    I lady I know I took pictures from her discussion board on yahoo. She noticed them on my discussion board. I had since removed them, but she said I needed to be put over a lady or better yet a younger lady's lap and spanked. She also said what was done was childish and I ought to be diaper punished by having to wear a diaper. What is everyone's input on this situation.
  9. How do I handle this

    I've met someone that she is an ABDL mommy. I knew her from charleston WV. Lately I have been ignoring her emals and erasing them. Also the emails now are including paddling my "cute, baby-like butt" and keeping me diapered. I live in Huntington WV. I know she had been trying to find a mommy for in in Huntington. Should I keep ignoring her emails or should I tell her to get lost.
  10. Should I get a paddling or spanking for messing up someone's computer. By who? A stranger lady that wants to spank or paddle me? By my mommy? or by my daddy
  11. I am just a little curious

    Had anyone ever been threatened by a stranger for acting like a brat?
  12. Being Naughty?

    Yes, you ought to be blistered by this same girl or her friends. I'm sorry I believe in quick responses even if it was just an email.