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  1. if you are a female brat from the tristate area of KY/WV/OH and feel like you need a good spanking then I would give you one
  2. I live in the tristate area of Ky/WV/Ohio where all three states meet.
  3. If anyone lives near me I would give them a good spanking
  4. Remember you cannot please everyone. Just please yourself and you will be fine.
  5. I agree with the mother. I was taught as a small child that it was wrong to steal. I tried it and my dad made me take the item back and give it to the man that owned the store. I remained good friends with this man, that is one way to handle that situation. That was humiliating. Spanking never worked on me. My mother told me that when I was a baby. I do not remember it. Said she warmed my bottom, but I would go back into the same situation. I've truned my curiosity into an avantage instead of a handicap. Different strokes for different folks.
  6. If you need a spanking for being naughty and lived near Huntington WV I could give you one
  7. He accidentally got sent back to the 1840s as a baby because of a curse he laid on the Masters or Gods. The family he is staying with are refugees from his time. John was told by the powers that be that, "you must endure corporal punishment given by this family to unblock the portal back to to his time." Most of the basic emotions of people puzzle him. I am to the part in which he had gotten to this place.
  8. Had there ever been anyone that was spanked for being verbally naughty and using naughty words? There was a lady that wrote me an email and I learned her job was to receive orders. She threatened me by email if she ever caught me she was going to give me a spanking. No questions asked.
  9. In the 1960s and early 1970s we lived in a small neighborhood and we knew everyone in it including the Nazi principal that lived beside of my third grade teacher. Once when the teachers was passing me on because of my cuteness she asked me to come to her classroom. I acted like the boy in the "Sixth Sense" finally she coaxed me into her room. She said, "Please sit." I was getting ready to run and she cut me off at the pass. She said, "Next time you will be over the table." I wound up over her table and with my butt bared. She gave me several swats with her paddle. She told me to sit. She handed me a primer with had the following poem in it. "I see the moon, the moon sees me, god bless the moon and god bless me." I kept that book before I gave it to a dear friend of mine. I told her four of the saddest words ever to come out of a child's or adult's mouth, "I can't read it." She handed me a handwriting tablet and said, "Write." I wrote in block style. She said, "Not that. Write." Out of my mouth came, "I can't." She told me if I put as much getting out of learning it into learning it then you would be a good student. I was promoted to her third grade class and I was only in the second grade. The following year I was the runner up spelling champ. I came in second place. My mother and her taught me phonics and many other skills I would need when the Nazi Principal tried to have me killed. I lived through something that should've killed me. Knocked 163 feet by an automobile going 60 miles per hour. I wound up with a learning disability called an abstract reasoning disorder and short term memory damage. To learn anything new I had to repeat, repeat and repeat until it was transferred into my long term memory. Say the least I wasn't the same person afterwards. If you read some of my poetry at that time period before and after one would see a stark difference. One of the poets that graduated with me found a notebook of this ppoetry. He asked, "What is a garden of stone where many flowers grow." I replied a Cemetery.
  10. I have been accused of stealing pictures. This charge is not true. I inherited pictures from a person that collected this artwork. This person said I ought to allow someone to spank me for stealing thee pictures. One cannot spank a corpse because the person that took them originally had died. I did not know that the pictures were stolen. Some were taken from clip art.
  11. No, actually the freedom was that if I was in someone's home I had to obey their rules. I remember one friend that lived in the apartments (you would know his name if I mentioned him). His mother had a victorian stinger or a leather paddle. We left a prussian blue stain on the porch. His mother had us bend over across the porch and she spanked us. This was before computers and the other electronic toys that isolate children from others. They are stupid enough to believe the profiles on a computer are actually the way we are. This friend could always feel if I was in the area. We went to Carter Caves and he was there. He asked me once if I wanted my jacket back (am ugly green thing). What happened his mother collared us both and I shucked out of the jacket. I had permission to go to the playground, but he sneaked off. Children and parents had built an electronic prison that they mistake for freedom. It is actually a prison of their own making. They are actually a slave to a machine, but they think they are free. This is the whole story of this guy. He thought his prison was freedom and freedom in his world was actually a prison. The parents are trying to live through their children. This is my hope that there is a thermonuclear war so it would take technology back a hundred years or so. It may people back their humanity. My character mistakes hurt with harm. A beating with punishment which both of these terms are related, but not the same.
  12. Like my character John Theodore Mason Merloch the time traveler. He tries to commit suicide at a Boarding School. The headmaster is from his time and he tells his wife (she looks like a 14 year old child and another child from the traveler's time Molly Howe to get him in serious trouble) They got him on multiple charges in which he is sent to an Elementary school that has a dobbin. The secretary Mrs. Andersen said, "Don't tell them unless they ask and tell the whole story or you will be hugging the black oak tree or put on dobbin." He is punihsed often because he does not know the customs nor the history. The despotic computer called the Master had sanitized all the books like the history books in Russia and the history they are erasing in modern times. We are headed for the same mistakes as Russia and England before 1066. The French had studied English history and gave it back to them. The short story that I am now working on is John is in the skin of a baby. He does not know that the family are from his time and can mentally communicate. He deliberately pees in their faces and he has control over his other functions and he pukes on these girls, boys and lady and gentleman. They find out he is an adult in a baby's skin and they literally skin him alive along with the hose thta beats him with his tail. He spat out a curse similar to the captain of the Flying Duchman. Death told him there was nothing to take. You spirit is a rotting corpse. Another one is he is shanghied at a military school and he returns home the hard way. He is time sick for months. It is terrible that I am a scientist stuck in the wrong era. Flowing water on mars was discovered in the victorian era.
  13. You have got it. I found the term in a Victorian Literature book. By the way I never use Google because they do not have everything and Big Brother uses google.
  14. A dobbin resembles a hobby horse, but it was used in early elementary schools. A child was put across it and spanked. They look similar to a birching pony, but how th person is positioned on it is different. One of my ghostly friends threatened to put me on a dobbin.