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  1. Naughtydiaperbaby

    The Spanking Room

    I knew someone that had one of these rooms. It had a dobbin in it. A dobbin was used in early reform schools and boarding schools. It is an interesting device. I finally got to spank my herbal medicine student for asking for something unethical. How to make Sleepiing Beauty potion. I told her family what she is asking is unethical. It took me 15 years to research it out.
  2. I wrote a story in which this scientist (as the spirit masters gods, and such) call him just a garbage heap of genetic material. These Gods and such send him back to a time when the Kansas Territory was opened up to settlers. The powers that be that sent him there said you are going to be changed by this time period. To get back to his own time he must learn several lessons. Among them is to trust these beings. This story does have the victorian slang and I explain what is being said throughout the story. One quote from Beth was, "Over here. There is a queer looking pile of clothes (It does not mean homosexual because that term is Mandrake. It means odd or strange) He does have his right mind as an adult, but he is a baby. Unknowing to him the people of this homestead are also synthetic lifeforms and humans. These beings are able to read thoughts. John is not an Angel. He does not have the capacity for emotions. As this family finds out
  3. Naughtydiaperbaby

    Would saying this get you a spanking?

    It is No. Been threatened many times.
  4. Naughtydiaperbaby


    I was once a tutor at Marshall University and I was a spanking tutor. One girl I tutored in literature started acting like a spoiled baby. I knew she did not study because I heard she was a party hound and stayed out all night partying. I loaded up a large cloth diaper. I wound up having to spank her and putting a diaper on her. Any girls need a spanking tutor
  5. Naughtydiaperbaby

    Got some valuable input about asking my quesion

    On many artworks the copyright must be renewed every thirty years. I found it on a copyright free site.
  6. Naughtydiaperbaby


    I had only just joined. Sorry
  7. Naughtydiaperbaby


    Baby stacy. Do you need a 'pankin. I live in Huntington
  8. Naughtydiaperbaby

    Looking for.....

    I live in Huntington
  9. Naughtydiaperbaby

    More ABDL spanking

    Spanking ABDL adults
  10. Naughtydiaperbaby


    They are nice.
  11. Naughtydiaperbaby

    Spanked with your diaper on or bare bottom?

    Never had been. I am a good boy
  12. Naughtydiaperbaby

    BAre hand spanking

    I knew that it would turn into an ad for a book
  13. Naughtydiaperbaby

    I Let My Friend Spank Me!

    Well, I have very few friends out in the real world, but plenty of them in the virtual world. Taught a few classes on herbal medicine.
  14. Naughtydiaperbaby

    Got some valuable input about asking my quesion

    It was one I had taken from a girl. She had been trying to have me spanked ever since