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  1. Well,you can put letters on the outside that says'this is my diaper bag'or just ;my diaper bag.
  2. Well,of all the places you can go I say go to universall studio's,the walk of fame.Gromans theather and o corse Disneyland.There are so many,many places to see in LA.Ilived there for over 20 years.
  4. I am SO glade you put this post up.We have not been bothered by the grammar police in allmost 3 years.Why cant they just except the way people wright as long as we can all understand what is being said.
  5. Three hours that's all?I wear cloth to and change three times a day.
  6. I just cant understand why people are so scared that people can hear the sound of the diapers under our cloths.With all the sounds that are around us we are the only ones that can hear them.
  7. I have stated in a few of my posts if you had read them that I have almost no control.I take it that you do not ride the bus's.Well here where I live it dose not matter what time you take the bus it is croweded.And it is over 5 miles to where I live.And I almost NEVER go out with out a change of diapers.I am not in the best of health so there is no way I could have walked home.So knock me for not saying it right but till you walk in my shoes don't knock me for what happened.
  8. I'm sorry I did not say it right.I have almost no control over my bowels. I am not good at pharsing things.And I was just leaving the Drs office.I do NOT mess for the thrill of it.I hate having to mess in public.I had three bus's to catch so I had no choice.I have not paraded my lifestyle as you call it in well over 35 years.I wear bth cloth and disposables,soa lot of times it is hard to take a change of diapers with me. Why is it far fetched to believe?It takes me well over an hour to go from my Drs to my home.
  9. Well,on Friday I had sa Drs.appointment.Iwas sitting outside waiting for the bus and man I had to go #2.So I said the heck with it and went seeing as I had no change with me.Well I got on the bus.After we had gone a ways someone said''I ought to get off the bus''.Then outher people started to complain.They told the bus driver he should stop and make me get off.He did stop but befor he could kick off this young woman in a wheelchair spoke up' She said''I am paralyzed from the waist down and have no control over my bladder or bowels.if it whear me would you kick me off?Then she told the young people to shut their mouths.Of course I did not get kicked off the bus.First time anyone has ever stuck up for me to that extent
  10. I also collect records.My tastes go back as far as pre.ww1.The two singers of that time where,Eddie Cantor and Al Jolson.Thn it goes to the big band time.If I count all my 45s,78s,and lps it comes to over 2,000.An I still aint done collecting.
  11. I got to say one thing about you Elfy,you sure know how to say the right things in a post, for your age that is
  12. The first time I was potty trained my mom told me I was 14 months.Then at 15 months I came down with spinal meningitis.Took me until I was 4 the second time.Bythat time my mom had three of us in diapers.She said that out of the seven of us kids I was the earlest one ptty-trained
  13. Where did you come up with the idear that a smelly and stained mattress would attract bugs?my bed has been smelly and stained for years.Sorry for coming down on ou but I could not let this pass ith out saying something.Getting rid of bugs is something I did for a living.
  14. Got to say that I laugh each time I read a post about people worrying about the crinkle of the diapers.With all the outher sounds going on around you People can not hear the crinkle.You yourself can hear it but unless there is someone right on your hip they cant hear it. I have been wearing both cloth and disposables cince 1983.
  15. Well walmart does have afew good quality protectors.I have one sippered one that I have had for years.