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  1. waynecook52

    How Clearly do You Remember Your Childhood?

    My first memorie is at two years old.And it was a spanking.Me and my cousin who is a month older then me went down to the sea wall where we told NEVER to go.My cousens mom came up behind us and grabed us off the wall.As we walked back to my house she would spank him then me all the way home.And that was with a switch by the way.Now that is a hell of a first memorie in life.
  2. waynecook52

    VA and cloth diapers

    Th V.A.does NOT give cloth diapers.No matter what kinds of receits you give them.I have been getting getting diapers from them for ten years.I know of no one here at D.D.who has gotten cloth diapers from them.There have been a few posts about getting diapers from the V.A. but I do not remember whitch forums they where in.I am sure someone else can tell you whitch ones. But good luck anyway.
  3. waynecook52

    The Moment You Knew

    For me it was a few weeks after my mom put me back in diapers for pants wetting.My mom was busy one time so my older sister said she would change me.Well I realy enjoyed er changing me.And she point blank asked me if I was enjoying wearing diapers?I told her I was.She said I have something you might enjoy.That is when she went and got my baby sisters bottle and put milk in it and fed it to me.So that is where my ab/dl started.Lord I look back on it now and think' they could never get away with doing that today.But things where so different back in 1964.
  4. waynecook52

    Unable to poop

    Betty,if you are still confussed, carefully reread the last 5 words of her post.
  5. Christine the V.A. pays for them.So I am NOT wasting some else's money.
  6. waynecook52

    Double diapered

    Kitten,if you want to wet into the second diaper take a steak knife and make some slices right where you pee.That way as you pee in the first diaper it will leak into the uther one.
  7. waynecook52

    diaper check

    I did that and almost wound up in the hospital.Dr. said that if my sodium had been one point lower he would have put me in.
  8. Christine,I am inclined to disagree with you as far as the disposables being so thin.There are a lot of disposables that are thick.Even some of the store ones.I wear walgreens certainty brand.The reason I don't wear vinyl or rubber is I have very deep stretch marks on my thighs right in my crotch.And what the heck I don't pay for the disposables anyway so what the heck I might as well wear them.Wearing the disposables don't iratate my thighs.
  9. Gueess I did not clearifie it right You where right what said'wearing a cloth diaper and then a disposable over it and no rubber or plastic pants'.As YOU know im not good sometimes in explaning myself.
  10. Well I have not seen any posts on this subject alone.As I have said in outher posts I wear both.I tried all kinds of different vynol and rubber pants.A few years ago I saw a post on here about double diapering.Only they where wearing dissposables.They told how they put holes all over the first one so it would leak into the second one.I took a steak knife and made two slices in the crotch.And that is how I wear them today.They are nice and thick and bulkie.I know they show that im wearing diapers but at 65 years old I could care less.So my ? is do any of you wearthem like this?Hope I did not ramble on to much.
  11. waynecook52

    Double diapered

    The way I double diaper is I wear a cloth diaper then I put on two dissposables over the cloth.I put two slices in the first disposable so it goes into the scond one.By the time I take them off all three are soaked.And I wear 24/7 so I change Three times a day.
  12. waynecook52

    Big store brand diapers suck

    There is a heck of a big difference between store brand diapers.They are NOT just rebranded.Take cvs brand vs.walgreens certainty.cvs brand are crap.Certainty are good as store diapers go.
  13. waynecook52

    Do you have a memorable diaper change or fantasy?

    Well my most memorable diaper change happened in the hospital.I had a real bad bladder infec.They where going to admit me.I asked for a diaper so I could change mine, as it was soaked.The nurses aide came in with a diaper and saw the abu diaper.She said' now that is the cutest diaper I have ever seen.She asked if I needed help changing my diaper.And of corse I said yes.I took a chance and asked her if she could change me like you would change a baby.And she did.Sure wouldhave been nice if I could have had her when they admitted me.But in the four days I spent in there had to roll on my side to have them changed.Oh well.
  14. waynecook52

    Favorite Disposable Diaper?

    Hi,I have seen so many say that walgreens cerenity overnight are no good.Well on all the time I have been wearing hem I have NEVER leaked one time.I do not allways wear my cloth under them.And now I like them.
  15. waynecook52

    OK so how is everybody coping in the heat

    Funny,no matter how hot it gets I'm NEVER bothered by the heat and wearing diapers.And I wear them thick.I wear a cloth diaper.Then I wear two disposables.And still it don't bother me.