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  1. Diaper doublers

    Well I wear cloth diapers and then two disposables over them.I take a steak knife and cut a slite slice in the middle of the first disposable and then put the outher one over it. This is my every day diaper wear.At 65 I am at a point in my life that I just don't care if I have a toddler bulge all the time.And I WILL NOT wear baggiy pants.
  2. Diaper Pins

    Rusty,I have 4 Walmart and two Targets around me and I can find baby diaper pins at ALL those stores.
  3. Forget being wet?

    Well I wear cloth diapers and when you wet you stay wet.And there is no way you cant tell your wet.
  4. Does anyone else get a “Pacifier Ring?”

    Areyou using a round ring paci or curved paci?Try using a nuk5 curved paci.From what my oommate says I REALY suck on it.I have a nuk5 curved paci.
  5. Onezies

    It floors me when I hear people call a sleeper a onesie.A onesie spaps at the crotch and a sleeper covers the whole body.
  6. Diaper Caddy, Tote or Stacker recommendations

    Well I said the heck with it and bought a changing table.I put the cloth on the top and the dissposables on the second and third shelf.
  7. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it
  8. Getting started with cloth

    I think that the 21x40 would seem small being 21 incs.Do yo put two side by side?
  9. Diapers: Sexual or Comfortable

    I have been wearing diapers for 52 years.Good GOD cant hardly beleave I have been wearing them that long.In all those years diapers have never been a sexual thing for me
  10. Pain,Pain,Pain

    Been a long time Redneck.We use to chat quite a bit back in te D.P.F. DAYS
  11. Something All Of Us Could Use

    I think Whos on first is the funniest thing that Abbot and Costello ever did
  12. Shocked!

    I know lg stands for little girl but what dose Dd stand for?
  13. Accepting my AB/DL side

    I think its great that you can accept your ab/dl side at your age.There are so many at more then twice your age that still have not accepted their ab/dl side.And those that took up until their 40;s to accept this side of them.
  14. Book Reports are Due!

    Well the books I have been reading are,Warriors.Its a kids book but I don't care.Its about Warrior cats who are in clans.Its written by Erin HunterThere are 75 books and I have bought ad read 45.Any ever hear of the books?. Seeing as I just did it, there is something I have been woundering about for a long time.When you end your sentence with ? mark do you put? a perid at the end?
  15. Controlled Involuntary Nighttime Wetting

    They say that 8 out of 10 people do not stay n one spot all night long.I know for myself I am a stumich sleeper.And my pillow is right by my side.