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  1. Booster Seat for car?

    BabyGirl T,you can go into most any dept. store and find them a hell of alt cheaper then what was shown to you here.I am 160 pounds and 5-7 and I fit into ones at walmar.So check out Walmart.
  2. Buying adult cloth diapers

    Well just a little update,got my first two adult cloth diapers.One thing is for sure from now on I'm going to buy medeums .Large is just to big I know its going to cost me a heck of a lot of money but its gonna feel a lot more comfortable.Im going to buy a bunh more when I go back to work in November.Working for the Salvashion Army.Oh bought them from Baby pants off Amazon.And thanks so much for your advice.
  3. Using cloth this morning

    Well enjoy it Rusty
  4. Wetting In Public

    Will you or somone explain to me what you mean when you say;she could dotwhile walking,but still only standing.I cant understand what that means.Thanks
  5. Well I got tired of my cloth baby diapers being so out of shape that I trashe them all.I know its going to cost me a heck of a lot of money to buy the adult ones but right now I don't care.Going to start buying three a month until I go to work in November as a bell ringer for the sally gonna buy a nice big lot.I want them nice and thick. So I need some advise on a few places to check out.Thanks
  6. Disposables

    Heck I have been wearing both cloth and disposables for over 20 years.It would never enter my mind to pin a cloth diaper over a disposable.
  7. Big Tots Smiles

    Go to find out that ebay IS the only place Big Tots is
  8. Big Tots Smiles

    Thanks that's just what I wanted to know.
  9. Big Tots Smiles

    Was wondering if anyone has bought anything from them?Saw a neet shirt there.Just wish it was a onesie.
  10. Adult Onesie/Rompers

    I may get blasted for this but I wear the onesie from LittleForBig with just my shors over them.Course I have my diapers on underneath.Its the one with the bottls,pacis,rattles and teddy bears. By the way I like the new look of the forums.
  11. How does it work?

    I'm urinary incontinent.Unless you have no feeling down there you know your going pee.Cause you can feel it coming out.
  12. I have a kitty!

    I love them at tis age.My maggie is 19 and still runs arund like a kitten.
  13. does anyone else vape on here

    I smoked for 51 years.I stoped on july 16 of last year and have not ad a cigarette cince.It took me going into the hospital with pneumonia where I filled up 6 spit bowels with phgm and finding out that I had copd that made me finaly stop.I have allways told everyone I know that if they told me I had copd that I would quite in a heartbeat and I did.I wish you all the best of luck with staying moke free.
  14. Do You Carry a Diaper Bag?

    Well,you can put letters on the outside that says'this is my diaper bag'or just ;my diaper bag.
  15. Traveling to Los Angeles

    Well,of all the places you can go I say go to universall studio's,the walk of fame.Gromans theather and o corse Disneyland.There are so many,many places to see in LA.Ilived there for over 20 years.