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  1. Well think I am going to Toys R Us and get me two diaper pails.I am so tired of using trash barrols as pails.One will be for cloth and one for disposables.I have seen diaper genies for cloth there so I'm going to pick one up.Heck I rinse out my cloth diapers in the shower anyway so might as well put it next to the shower.It beets hanging them over the shower rod.Once I get some film for my camra I will Put some pics on here.If I can figure it out.
  2. Its pink,never heard of a paci with flavors.I bought it from LitteForBig.
  3. Well I finaly broke down and bought a nuk-5.Heck I should have bought these years ago when I first saw them.Cant beleave how much bigger it is in my mouth.Befor only once in awile I could fall asleep sucking on it.Have had it for five days now and have fallen asleep all those five days sucking on it.
  4. I have a ? to ask all you 20 somethings.Have any of you played pick up sticks? Opps, heck don't even know if they still sell them.How many even know what they are?
  5. Well it said it was made out of 100% cotton,Each dosen came in a clear plastic bag.Did not say where they came from.More then likely did come from china.All I have ever bought where 2727.I just take two and put them together until they are 36 incs.long.Then I take a soaker and put it down the middle then put the outher two on top.and pin them on.Over that I put my dispossables.Well out of the 30 changes I have I have put 20 together.Going to Walmart today and get the outher prefolded to use as soakers.Then comes the fun part,sewing them together.
  6. Christine,I knew they would shrink but did not think they would as much as they did.Or get so miss shapen.None of the outhers that I have bought over the years have ever gotten so out of shape.They don't match at the ends when I put them together but,it will do the trick.Thats all that counts.Besides no one but me is going to see them anyway.
  7. If you had read the first post I did I bought 10 dosen 2727.Well I did get 16 changes so far.Just kept smoothing them out till they came together.I did use some of my old diapers as soakers.But I will buy 3 dosen more prefolded to go with the 2 dosen I all ready have.Then its gonna kill me to sew them all together.30 Changes,oh boy.Then after I get them sewed together it will more then likely take forever to dry them.
  8. Well got my cloth diapers two days early.Washed them today and man did they srink.I have a?if I wash them againin cold water will they be the same size?Or am I going to have to iron them?
  9. That's what these new ones are,birdseye cotton diapers.Heck the only reason they have not lasted me like my last batch is I just did not take as good as I should have of them.Heck in the almost 50 years I have been wearing diapers I have allways been in cloth diapers.Cince adult dispossables first came out I have pretty much in both.And I do love wearing both.Cause both make them so much thicker.
  10. Well Christine some of the ones I have now I have had for over 7 years.Think with the poop stains its about time I got some new ones.Course no one but me sees the stains anyway.
  11. Well been looking at the cost of adult cloth diapers and boy cant get over how much money they want for one diaper.Most cost 18 bucks and up.If I buy a dosen 2727 I can get 3 changes out of a dosen.Just ordered 10 dosen from ebay yesterday and I'm going to get 30 changes out of them. I am going to use my old ones as soakers.Between the soakers and the 2 dispossables will be nice and thick.Gives me a nice toddler buldge(hope I can use toddler buldge).Going to be here saterday.Cant wait till they get here.
  12. Well I finealy bought my first onesie.Bought it from LittleForBig.One is perpule the outher is a nursery print.I love this print.It has bears,bottles,blocks,paci;s,and rattles.Sure wish I could find nursery print matearal like this.Would love to make myself a short set out of it. I would love to wear it around here seeing as all know I am a big baby.
  13. I don't understand why when a story like this comes out the people on this site jump up and start crying that this is going to make us all look bad.Heck most people dont even know about us.
  14. I was just woundering just how long D.D.was around when I joined on November 5 05?And how many have been here as long as I have.
  15. I have ofen thought about this many times over the years cince I first found out about baby furs.What woud I be.For me there is onley one and that is a cat.Woud love to have an outfit like in the play cats.So are there any cats here at dd?