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  1. sneaks in here and gives my friend tigger a big soft hugs from lilandy and my teddybear pandy  always thinking abouts my friends .

    1. diaperwearntigger



      I didn't see this until now!  Sorry it took me so long to reply back! 

      Hope you are doing well!



  2. The inhalers that I use are that small. Much easier to carry in your pocket!
  3. Most of the diaper changes happen on my changing table in my nursery. Sometimes I get changed on the floor on my changing pad, sometimes in my crib and sometimes on the big bed.
  4. I pretty much watched babyfirst TV all day Saturday
  5. I like Color Crew, but my favorite is Harry the Bunny
  6. Shame on you, Elfy! To the corner with you!
  7. I'm so sorry for your loss, Repaid.
  8. Hmmm, 2 weeks without eating? If you're that poor why aren't you on food stamps or going to food pantries to get food?
  9. Hello Tigger, * pulls Tigger's tail and watches the chaos* hope you are well :D * leaves M&M's and Mountain Dew out for you*

  10. I noticed that too with chat sometimes, but thought it was just on my end since it wasn't a consistent thing.
  11. I like to look at books or have a bottle or play with one if my toys that plays music and lights up.
  12. BOSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sorry, no empathy here, especially when I know so many people who work two jobs to make ends meet and to feed their kids. When there are so many single parents out there that work more than 1 job to out food on the table and many go w/out so their kids can have what they need. Sometimes you have to suck it up and do what you don't want to do, it's called life. No one ever said it would be easy or fair, but it's your kife, you choose how you want to live it, but don't expect people to give you empathy.
  14. In Vegas with my Glennie!

    1. AwakenEvil


      I wanna go to Vegas!

    2. Joey_AB_DL


      Vegas is a fun city, anything goes (within reason of course).  Have fun and stay safe!

    3. NaughtyBabyBoy22