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  1. How far have you taken the AB/DL lifestyle?

    Rhonda J lipscomb is the author of the study, I won't get into a debate about it being someone's opinion about it being a mental disability being ab or dl being a fetisheist. Just thought it was a decent read even though it does tend to jump off topic. Just thought I would share. Shawnie
  2. How far have you taken the AB/DL lifestyle?

    I been reading a study by the American academy of sexologist. It calls ab ppl with mental disability and diaper lovers ppl with sexual fetishes. I haven't gotten all the way thru it but not bad so far
  3. Visiting AB Universe location

    Welsh they had one in the Memphis area
  4. Unravelling the Past (Complete)

    Wow wonderful story elfy
  5. Changing table

    @Nia thanks for the pics, that is very nice of them to install that, they had one at my therapists office similar very sturdy
  6. Dante'S Infanzia

    Bumped still a good o one
  7. How to get put back into diapers

    I truely like the story hope you Will add some chapters pleaseeeee
  8. College Or Cribs?

    Wtf, leave him alone there is a nice way to ask for something you two obviously dont know how. Personalias posts here for our enjoyment. He is very good at writing . He doesn't have to do any of it. Try "hey personalias when could the next chapter be posted please ?
  9. Interview with the Baby

    Oh this is good, long time no see personalias can't wait until the next chapter

    Desperate for what a spanking :/ your kik user name doesn't work
  11. I love it can't wait until we see more yay !!
  12. Homecoming

    Hip hip hooray great story elf

    Dailydiapers is the chat group.name DD PLAYGROUND
  14. I Met Her For More Then This

    Treaty on my birthday love this story
  15. What would you do if...(baby version)

    I would to admit im a pants wetting baby that needs protection then begin to cry Wwyd if a nice lady told you forgot to zip your aka backpack diaper bag as strolled threw the mall and begin to look suspiciously at the diaper you dropped a 100 meters back