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  1. I need Super Dry Kids!

    are you looking for pack or just a few diapers?
  2. Going out for dinner

    I wear 24/7 I don't like to change out side of my house. So i plan my trips with how long my diaper will hold up. If you find that the diaper is getting full cut it short find a reason to go home. There are time that i need to avoid drinking a lot. I wear a premium diaper that holds a lot. knowing how to wear a thick diaper and hide it, is not that hard.
  3. ebay sucks

    So I tried to list some diapers on eBay under Incontinence Aids, they kept flagging my auction and deleting it. So after calling ebay they told me it was do to ABDL in my listing and that was a fetish and need to be listed under the adult fetish i am like they are just diapers. they said if you remove the ABDL its good. so my work around AB/DL
  4. Dry 24/7 changing

    I am sure they are trying to cheeping them up if you look at shipping weight to other diapers.
  5. Looking for the old plastic backed molicares

    i have been looking for the ones that they tried that has the plastic center and cloth sides. i love them for summer but they quit making them to. I have one case of the old original molicare i have been holding on to.
  6. Be Careful What You Do Wearing Short Skirts!

    i have seen more girls going commando and bra less than ever be for. and its not just girls in there 20's i have seen it in girls in there 50's
  7. Wet Jeans

    that was me on fathers day. I took my motorcycle to lowes to get a small part, On the way started to rain, got the rain coat out. my top stayed dry but my pants was wet. The weird thing is my diaper was dry and kept my butt dry on inside the out side of my jean was soaked. good thing for plastic backing.
  8. Interesting Undergarment Study

    That is so funny about tranquility two weeks ago they called me and ask if i would do question air on a few products they sent me EliteCare Brief and another one slimier product they are looking to market. there was a 50 question thing on them both. Now the lady on the phone talk to me for 10 or so min asking about why i was incontinence and what products i use. to me that was kinda odd but i just said medical reason. I have done study questions for attends off and on for the last 10 years and the last time they have sent me pull ups for woman even knowing i am a man.
  9. Do you like to keep your dirty diapers?

    Diapers with just pee go in trash and trash goes out to dumpster quite often depending on smell and how full! diapers with #2 go to trash then right in dumpster. I have been in houses with stinky diapers laying around its nasty!!! Think of the febreze nose blind commercial, you get use to smell but not others.
  10. Onesies for men

    So I went to a New kids on the block show with the wife and she pointed out Donnie wahlberg had a romper on.
  11. https://uk.style.yahoo.com/topshops-clear-plastic-jeans-2-110157108.html I was thing plastic pants/ diaper cover no i got this plastic pants that looks like jeans that are clear. I like to hide my diaper under my jeans not show it off lol
  12. Bat or bird in chimney

    last month i had a black bird come out of my chimney. I thought it was a bat so i let it. when my boiler come on some time in the next morning the auto draft opened and out come the bird in my basement. some how the bird got passed the rain cap gap and fell in.
  13. New Diapers!.

    I have used Tranquility ATNs on and off for years. I had a local pharmacy that use to stock them and attends. Then the pharmacy got sold to Walgreens and closed down. I see now the ATNs have a new bag look.
  14. A customer of a Pine Hills Wal-Mart shot and killed a 19-year-old man suspected of stealing diapers and other items from the store Saturday morning, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-walmart-shooting-pine-hills-20170204-story.html
  15. Has any one tried the new Molicare Slip Briefs, Maxi that took over the molicare super plus. I went to order my normal case of molicare super plus just to find out they got replaced. I hope the new ones have the soft plastic like the old ones.