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  1. technomonkey

    Married diaper lovers

    I have been with my wife for 18 years but only married 8. she moved in with me when she was 18 did not even know about adult diapers till she met me. even then she thought i just bought and sold them and i did just kept a few for my self (DL in me). Back when you only had depends and attends now called vintage attends to people. i could not wear around her because she did not want to date a baby or old man as she put it. It took me 11 year to put her in her first adult diaper and she was so embarrassed she cried and took it off. only lasted 5 min. At this point if i had one on in public and she could hear it she would not be around me. so i mostly had them on when she was not around. It was not till i hurt my back and my first spinal surgeon caused nerve damage and now forced to wear 24/7 the wife fully excepts me and diapers. I can't have baby print diapers. but she like the new NorthShore Supreme Lite Tab-Style Briefs sold colors. She told me she would wear the purple one if i give her $300 i told her she would have to wear out to dinner or shopping she said she wants $400. and that was just last week. she knows i will not just give her money i don't have. maybe some day i can get her back in a diaper.
  2. technomonkey

    Reactions of your doctors

    when you see a new doctor for medical evaluation/ second opinion and the nurse ask you to get down to your underwear and you tell her i don't wear underwear, I have diaper on, her face turned red.. priceless then she said hold on i have to go ask the doc. Just to say i kept my pants on they did not want to see my diaper, It was a clean new Tena slip Maxi During my evaluation i told my doctor i wear a Tena diaper. In His dam report he put patient wears Depends.
  3. None got to pay in. Wife owns a Solon the business taxes are done once a year vs quarterly. but my doc give me scripts for my diapers so i can write them off as medical.
  4. technomonkey

    If you was given the chance to stop would you ?

    When its a medical issue and your forced to wear, it becomes boring and a pain in the ass some days and costly. I would like to go back to the days when i could wear when ever or just for fun. i have never done the binge purge cycle.
  5. technomonkey

    new little girl

    I hope your able to wear your diapers to school.
  6. I found a company that's getting rid of old stock. They are McKesson Lite the diapers are plastic backed paper thin so good for day time. the case sells for $26.00 with free shipping. https://www.mvsdiscountsales.com/Mckesson-Incontinent-Briefs-Medium-p/72273100.htm https://www.mvsdiscountsales.com/Mckesson-Incontinent-Briefs-Large-p/72773100.htm
  7. technomonkey

    Diapers in Times Square

    so Jenny McCarthy follows my wife on twitter and every once in a while they chat. I wanted my wife to ask jenny about the diaper thing when she was chatting with some people live on tv. The wife told me she would not do it, i tried to beg her but no.
  8. technomonkey

    Diapers in Times Square

    so i was watching the news and these three girls admit to wearing diapers. the video was to big for this site so i had to post it to YouTube https://youtu.be/3igOtgMX16U
  9. technomonkey

    rearz and shipping

    Is there a rearz in usa? shipping Canada Post (Expedited Parcel USA) shipping is the the price of a pack of diapers. i was looking at DiaperLife Inspire Select - 12. I like single tap tab diapers like abuniverse Super Dry Kids but i need with out print on them. when wearing 24/7 it gets to pricey and i am sure my doctors would give me a weird look if i had printed diaper on.
  10. so every week i make my thrift shop rounds looking for diapers that are plastic backed. this week i came across some dignity briefs but they was way to big for me they was XXL. I got burnt last week i found tranquility atn the package was all taped looked nice on the out side. but.. all the diapers inside got wet at some time and molded. I found cloth backed all the time. how many other are regular thrift shoppers?
  11. technomonkey


    A lot of people i have talk to think its mocking the millennials that don't want to grow up
  12. technomonkey

    Inexpensive diapers

    I got some McKesson Lite Adult Briefs, Poly Backed. they must have made some upgrades to them. they use to be paper thin and only hold a few OZ. the new ones hold a lot more and have soft plastic. I have not tried the cloth ones. Now the Covidien briefs they suck paper thin don't hold much at all. I have found both at goodwill or salvation army. The covidien ones i will pass up. I do see the cheep attends cloth back at thrift stores. I just go to thrift store to find the plastic back diapers and to see if i can find any vintage ones like i use to wear back in the day lol.
  13. technomonkey

    Peejamas for kids

    Peejamas' Patent Pending design uses the highest quality fabrics that absorb, capture, and contain fluid to keep your sheets from getting wet, your mattress from getting stained, and your night of rest uninterrupted. Our super-absorbent fabrics will hold over 15x their weight in liquid! https://www.peejamas.com/ You know it will not be long and some one will make them for adults. instead of diaper free for kids they need to make them work with diapers lol.
  14. technomonkey

    A close call with my girlfriend

    Hate to say it but when your 18 or so. GF's girls look at ABDl way different. unless she is really open minded and kinky. I dated this one girl for 6 months all going good till one day she went looking threw my closet and found attends diapers she ask why i had them back them i just told her some BS that did not work, then had to admit to wearing that is when she called me every name under the sun and she left blocked me at every try. After knowing that. my next new GF i come up with a hole new story. and now 18 years later married and family she still hates diapers does not put up with any part of AB but can with stand the DL, some times. I just treat diapers like underwear, you know people wear them.
  15. technomonkey

    what is the name of this diaper

    thanks every one i am a fan of the single large tape tab and i thought ab universe was the only ones with single tabs