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  1. A customer of a Pine Hills Wal-Mart shot and killed a 19-year-old man suspected of stealing diapers and other items from the store Saturday morning, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-walmart-shooting-pine-hills-20170204-story.html
  2. Has any one tried the new Molicare Slip Briefs, Maxi that took over the molicare super plus. I went to order my normal case of molicare super plus just to find out they got replaced. I hope the new ones have the soft plastic like the old ones.
  3. my diapers correspond with weather the colder it is the thicker. The warmer the thinner. I guess in the winter it easier to hide a thick diaper to.
  4. so it makes me wonder if the us patent if for the name or what. or if they even have a patent.
  5. I think i found where abuniverse gets there diapers from. I wish i did not have to order a truck load. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Whole-Day-use-All-Over-Printed_60163467125.html
  6. Omg that was me today lucky no smell or mess out the sides My tranquility ATN got it. I never had that problem till after back surgery (spinal cord damage).
  7. I wish i would have know about this place when i was out in Vegas for a week in Oct.
  8. I was in Vegas for 3 day a few moths ago. i had to go threw the x ray never had a prob with diapers. my bitch was the hotel maids that clean my room when i told them not to. I think they went threw my bags but lucky for me i had my money hidden in a folded bambino diaper. I keep the diaper at the bottom of the bags in case TSA whats to look, or in my case the maids.
  9. I wear in public all the time and in the last 20 years never once had a person look at me funny even back in the day of the super loud crinkly attends.
  10. That is not much that is only like 7 or so cases. sounds like you need bigger closet. lol
  11. I would say 90% of the diaper out are have the 4 tape tabs. Getting them all in the right place some days can be a pain. I can change faster with the two large tape tabs. but the price point needs to come down.
  12. I am not in to the AB But i like the new Cushies V2 They have the single Tape and they hold a lot.
  13. yes in mich if your low income and u can get medicaid then u can get cheep diapers if your doctor writes a prescription for diapers.
  14. you can get them off line. lots of places off line lots of place ship in plain box. Don't worry I think every one has gone threw that the scared to buy bit. It no different then buying baby diapers, pad or tampons. if you get them local just find a time or place your friends don't hang out at.