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  1. technomonkey

    Has anyone tried ABU Cushies?

    for my self they are the best diaper to change in public, i love the one large tape tab on each side. I would say they work great for the day time on the go. I wish they had them in all white and cheaper price.
  2. technomonkey

    no potty on flight

    https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/american-airlines-flight-attendant-told-passenger-go-bag-planes-toilets-overflow-164335360.html American Airlines flight attendant told passenger to go in a bag after plane's toilets overflow this is why you wear a diaper when you fly.
  3. According to Lena Dunham, she “peaked at the age of six.” In an essay she wrote for InStyle’s September issue, the “Girls” star, 32, discussed the origins of her personal style and its evolution — or lack thereof — as she became increasingly famous. As a 6-year-old, Dunham wrote, “I was everything I’d ever wanted to be (formidably adorable), everywhere I ever wanted to go (my bedroom) and hanging with the hottest company in town (my parents). So, like the high school quarterback who can’t stop milling around the football field well into middle age, I have just continued to dress like a full-scale baby.” Whether it’s rompers, saggy-crotch harem pants, blouses with Peter Pan collars or loose baby-doll shifts, the “Not That Kind of Girl” author said, “I can’t buy enough. No matter how many times red-carpet blogs eviscerate my cutesy, well-meaning but ill-fitting outfits, I continue to draw from the same well.” “Being an adult is hard,” Dunham concluded. “Might as well go back to when your look soared as high as your youthful heart.” https://pagesix.com/2018/08/16/lena-dunham-loves-to-dress-like-a-full-scale-baby/
  4. technomonkey

    Doctor Visit

    my family doctor, pain doctor and urology doc all knows i wear diapers. i think they are more embarrassed to talk about diapers than me. they just call it DME products. this has gone on for the last 10 years or so
  5. technomonkey

    DL going AB

    i have thought about it, tried to get some print diaper samples, then the wife has a big fit / fight about it when she seen the printed diapers. they were ab universe super dry kids. I just told her i like the single tape and i do. so now i just hide my printed diapers but that is far as i have gone.
  6. yes today's doctors have no clue on diapers and types. If collage don't teach it or some sales person don't push it. Just like xyxy said they will push pills, surgery I have has two different doctors ask how i manage and they both say if its working stick with it. if not we will try something different.
  7. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-airplane-bathrooms-smaller-20180710-story.html?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark so yesterday i was at the wife's Solon and on the news they was telling about Airline bathrooms are getting smaller, and one client was like they get any smaller how am i going to fit in, she like what pee in the seat. with out missing a beat the wife is like i guess we could wear diapers. Now me thinking the wife hates diapers and wants nothing to do with them. the client come back how would that work. now me. I told her put one on in bathroom be for flight take it off at end. I really wanted to go in to more detail but i did not want to giveaway that i have done it. Some times i wonder if saying more would be good not as abdl but for wear diaper for convenience, but on the other hand you have the ones that look at it as gross.
  8. technomonkey

    6 years in diapers

    its been 10+ years wearing 24/7 some days its not bad other days i hate it. if i had my choice i would love to go back to wearing when ever or casual. but back injury doc say it could be life long wearing.
  9. technomonkey

    Back pain

    ya i know the feeling I was 27 and working full time when i got herniated disc minor at L4-L5 and major one at L5-S1 when that happen i has some bladder loss. had a fusion on L5-s1 that end up failing and had redone and now have bladder and bowel problems so i have to wear 24/7. now Ten year later i need to have my L4-L5 fussed. in my time i have seen 7 surgeons for my back. my wife has been at my side but she will not change #2 diapers she makes sure to help me to bathroom for that.
  10. technomonkey

    vintage attends let down

    i was hopping for being in an old dusty building that just the packaging was dirty. out of the pack 5 was total loss. i have a few questionable ones and others are just fine. Knowing the prices i have seen them go for i took my chances.
  11. technomonkey

    vintage attends let down

    So i was at this antique mall and of all places find a pack of vintage attends in the back of building with no price. I tracked down a worker and ask about them the worker told me i was the owners dads and she would be back in a few. I waited around and this older lady come up to me and ask why do you want some old diapers for? I came up with some bs story and she ask what i would give for them i said $10 she said OK handed her cash and left. The bad thing is when i got home and opened the bag i found where the diapers must have gotten wet and water got in the bag and then dried out. it looks like mold spots on half of the diapers.
  12. technomonkey

    Going out wearing only diapers tomorrow

    i wear almost 24/7 the difference for me is if i wear a thin diaper or pullup or wear a thick one like ConfiDry 24/7 they add a size up for the waist.
  13. Vanderpump Rules fans were surprised Monday night when one of the show’s stars revealed that she sometimes likes to drink warm milk from a baby bottle before bed. Lala Kent and her co-star Scheana Marie shared a hotel room during a trip to Mexico during the episode, and at bedtime Kent revealed her quirky habit. “What are you doing? You’re taking forever,” Marie asked Kent from her bed. “I’m making my baba,” Kent replied, before placing a baby bottle filled with milk and honey on her bedside table. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/reality-star-drinks-milk-baby-bottle-bed-203350244.html SO what i am wondering does she have a diaper stash? or wear a diaper with out any one knowing?
  14. technomonkey

    Do you time your orders?

    I wish i could time FedEx or FedEx could do better on time. Some time the driver starts on the north side of town i can get stuff be for 11 if the driver starts on the south side it will be 6. I like to get my stuff when wife is working and kid is in school. It seem like i get something they both want to open the box or ask what is in it.
  15. technomonkey

    Diapers at the doctors part 2

    I have been wearing diapers to my doc office since 2007, but mind is medical reason.