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  1. suzuki2011

    First time using enema

    just a disposable one
  2. suzuki2011

    First time using enema

    So I decided I wanted to try an enema for the first time. I wasnt constipated but I haven't really pooped in a bit so I went and bought one and padded up... Wow those things work fast wasn't expecting that
  3. suzuki2011

    Computer Nerds - What are you running?

    intel i7-6700K 4.0 ghtz 4 core 16gb ram with a nvidia gtx 960 4gb
  4. suzuki2011

    no money for diapers right now

    Oh I agree lol @horrorfan
  5. suzuki2011

    Who all is in sc?

    greenville here
  6. suzuki2011

    thnking of going back to school

    the school i looked at online offers BA MA PhD in physics @Diapered Jason
  7. suzuki2011

    thnking of going back to school

    @Diapered Jason I want my masters. But a PhD would be nice, but I thought you couldn't study for a PhD you had to be awarded it. Somthing to the affect of you do very well with your MA and then you write a thesis and get letters of recommendations from your professors and then a board considers you for your doctorat
  8. suzuki2011

    thnking of going back to school

    idk we shall see
  9. suzuki2011

    thnking of going back to school

    @bettypooh oh i know all about it my best friend went to engineering collage and his loans were crazy if he didnt say screw it and just pay them off they wouldnt have ben done until 2055 he would have been 65-66 i think you asked what feild. i want to go into physics
  10. suzuki2011

    thnking of going back to school

    so ive been thinking that since i cant find good work as i only have a highshool education i think im going to enroll into collage
  11. suzuki2011

    no money for diapers right now

    ha i was joking about the sending diapers but thank you. im actually thinking about going back to school @Bettypooh
  12. havcent been on here in a while. so i moved from maine to sc after splitting with my wife. just had divorce court about a week ago it was very quick and painless i wear diapers alot more often now. but im super lonley in it. im a fun loving person im a switch so a daddy and a little i just wish i could meet a female thats into this too. after being in a vanilla relationship for almost 8 years ive decided if i get into any other relationship it will be abdl or ddlg 

  13. suzuki2011

    no money for diapers right now

    so i had to quit my job becasue it was killing me physicly and i had a court date and i told my boss and he gave me so much attitude that i walk out so i have no job right now i wish i did im running low on diapers. anyone want to give me diapers for x-mas i wouldnt say no LOL. any way i hope everyone has a good holiday. i spent my birthday alone yesterday and probably gunna spend xmas alone too. i hate december lol
  14. suzuki2011

    open role play idea

    alright i want to start an open role play on here highschool senior (18) girl cara is about to graduate but doesnt want to be an adult so and wants to get back into diapers. so she finds a DD and becomes his lil girl. i want to be the daddy so i need some one to be the baby girl
  15. suzuki2011

    any one up for role play

    hey was thinking of starting a role play in the role play thread. looking for a baby girl i can be their daddy PM me