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  1. suzuki2011

    story page

    oh that sucks
  2. suzuki2011

    story page

    any one else having problems with the story and art forum page on here? i was reading a story and then all of a sudden it turned in to one line it would say EX: chapter 7 and then just be blank. scroll some more and there would be "the next chapter" but it would be blank too ive noticed this with a 2 different stories is DD cleaning out the stories for sever space or something? noticed it on the story titled (college or cribs) and (melissa gets her bottom changed)
  3. suzuki2011

    Melissa Gets Her Bottom Changed

    i miss this story
  4. suzuki2011

    might be moving

    here it is about 3 years later and i havent moved to SC we want to but just havent been able to. we had an opportunity to move to tex-ass so we did a little over a year ago. we moved back to maine less than a year later and we are still trying to recuperate financially from that mess i will never go back to texas so maybe some day i wiull get to SC. we just got a rent here in maine so we are going to try and settle down weve moved way too much (around the state and out of state) in the past few years we want to plant our feet somewhere for a while
  5. suzuki2011

    My toy for the summer

    awesome i want a drone so bad
  6. suzuki2011

    anyone stream on twitch?

    so are there any abdl twitch streamers out there?
  7. suzuki2011

    Gun advise

    On 9/10/2017 at 9:40 PM, fuzzybunny said: Sorry it took me to long and thanks for the advice. But finally after long and hard for research. I came to buy a used one from a friend (who is in law enforcement) i went with a high point 380. Something small and easy to get use to until i can invest in something else.
  8. suzuki2011

    Netflicks Original TV Program

    whats the time stamp of the scene?
  9. suzuki2011

    Should I tell a friend?

    i told one friend that ive known for 17 years but he also has a "weird" kink. he is a fur so i we were talking about furs and i just decided to go with it and see what happend. he was cool with it. wasnt into it but was cool with it. he is the only person ive ever told and probably ever will
  10. suzuki2011

    Bambino Pull-Ups!

    hows the absorbency?
  11. suzuki2011

    does anyone else vape on here

    53 minutes ago, mundane said: Smoked for many many years, vaping on and off for the last 8. currently circulating 3 different mods, an Alien 220w, a dual 18650 mechanical mod, and a Kangertech Dripbox 160w, with more
  12. suzuki2011

    Greenville area

    thinking of moving to greenville how many abdl are there down that way? are there ant convention or meets that happen in that area>?
  13. suzuki2011

    does anyone else vape on here

    just got my alien 220 only taken about 10 puffs off it and can already tell the difference better flavor and BIGGER clouds (cloud size doesnt matter to me just an observation) and more nicotine flow. i had to adjust the strength on the hits from normal to soft
  14. suzuki2011

    does anyone else vape on here

    5 minutes ago, Bartman said: Stanley Clarke Snake Oil and Vampire Vapes Heisenberg What's yours?
  15. suzuki2011

    Gun advise

    15 hours ago, PoPoDiaperFetish said: For work I have a Glock 22 (full size .40 caliber) and never had issues with it in training (never used it outside training / practice.)