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  1. so i moved back to maine... not sure how i feel about this now that ive been here for a few days my anxiety is up for some reason

  2. Hey I live about 45-60 from Ellsworth where abouts are you
  3. I'm in the Ellsworth area I'm 30
  4. So I'm from Maine originaly I've lived here for 20 years but in oct I left and moved to South Carolina. But now I'm back for good so how are my other mainahs
  5. So as some of you.may remember I moved from mine to South Carolina at the end of October. But I'm in maine again for good. I won't be .oving out of state any more every time. I do I end up back in Maine lol.
  6. Any one know any decent abdl stories in the Kindle store there are lots of stories on there but non of then are rated or they are rated 1-2 stars. Look for something new and fun to read. Never read abdl stories on Kindle
  7. So my new mommy wabts me in dipers all the time so I've been 24/7 for 10 days now I really.like it. It really puts me in the head space and makes me feel kinda naughty when I'm out and about
  8. Oh I'm sorry Thanks I'll look
  9. Does anyone use a diaper pail and if so which one do you use and what is the capacity. I'm getting a new apartment soon and I want a nursery and I want a adult diaper pail...even if I don't make a nursery any suggestions would be awesome and please provide links of possible Thanks
  10. So I decided I wanted to try an enema for the first time. I wasnt constipated but I haven't really pooped in a bit so I went and bought one and padded up... Wow those things work fast wasn't expecting that
  11. intel i7-6700K 4.0 ghtz 4 core 16gb ram with a nvidia gtx 960 4gb