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  1. suzuki2011

    open role play idea

    alright i want to start an open role play on here highschool senior (18) girl cara is about to graduate but doesnt want to be an adult so and wants to get back into diapers. so she finds a DD and becomes his lil girl. i want to be the daddy so i need some one to be the baby girl
  2. suzuki2011

    any one up for role play

    hey was thinking of starting a role play in the role play thread. looking for a baby girl i can be their daddy PM me
  3. i updated my really poor about me finally

  4. suzuki2011

    Real chance to visit a AB/DL store

    i have not visted that one but i jsut visted one in Georgia it was really fun. they dint have a lot of stuff but had all the abdl diapers and ssome onsies the girl was super nice. i say give it a shot if they are abdl aware then the should be chill about it i would think
  5. suzuki2011

    diaper depot in GA

    guys i went to this store today. i was expecting to see a store that sell incontance items and just have abdl in the corner as a niche but i was wrong. the woman who runs is is very aware of the AB/DL comunity and is ver knowlabe to the products she sell. i went in there thinking i was going to buy a pack and just leave. i was in there for over an hour talking with the woman like she was my best friend and she was showing me ALL the diapers she had in stock and onsies she had in stock. she fitted me into a onsie to make sure it fit befor i left this place is amazing if you ever in the atlanta area go to the diaper depot. i asked how she got into selling abdl diapers and she said the store has bee ther for 15 some years and the last two years shes had people asking to get them. she had no idea what the abdl comunity was so she researched it and found the diapers. she reached out to the companies and is able to sell them. i asked if she was an ab/dl she said thatshe trd it and it wasnt for her but she understands the appeal in it. this place is amazing like i said if your in or near Georgia its worth the vist
  6. suzuki2011

    i am moving to greenvill

    yeah dude
  7. suzuki2011

    any munches around

    are there any AB/DL munches happening soon
  8. suzuki2011


    welcome @BabySteps this is a good place to meet friends and people that like the same things
  9. suzuki2011

    diaper depot in GA

    any one been to the diaper depot in georgia its a brick and mortor store and they sell ab/dl diapers. was wondering if anyone has gone. its only like a 2 and half hour drive was thinking of going down somtime soon
  10. 29/male DL in greenville sc looking for friends
  11. Hey 29/male DL I just moved to Greenville south Carolina and looking for some ab/dl friends hit me up
  12. suzuki2011

    Won't be on for a bit

    I like thunderstorms so no biggie. I'm actually having a good time. I met some of my roommates friends today and hung out with them. So it's been pretty good. I need to start looking for work in. A few days but I'm just kinda taking it easy right now
  13. suzuki2011

    i am moving to greenvill

    I made it to Greenville
  14. suzuki2011

    Won't be on for a bit

    I did use the family room in nc thanks for the tip I made it to the apartment in south Carolina
  15. suzuki2011

    Greenville area

    Will be living there tomorrow