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  1. Did or has anyone been brave enough to wear/ use during the day while serving? Under your uniform?
  2. I found it very difficult to come to terms with my feelings when i was in. Partly as there was no internet, i had no idea that i was not alone and that these desires were ok. I was terribly fearful someone in the forces would find out. Although i didnt have any 'baby' items... room inspections and frequent visits from others. I had a large white bath towel, and with a locked singleman room i could guiltily try to satisfy myself while constantly beating myself up over it all. I couldnt even begin to try anything when i was in a 4 man or 16 man room... no privacy at all
  3. 1. Be respectful to other people's views always 2. Try and avoid inflamitory comments 3. Don't disclose sensitive information... you all signed the disclosure 4. If someone asks a question about something, please be respectful when answering, don't insult someone for not knowing something as well as you 5. Have fun, this is the most important part of this group 6. Inter services banter is expected and encouraged... just no harsh language man.
  4. For me its a week in snowdonia or the lakes.. fresh air... amazing views and memories
  5. I have started a veterans club in the club section folks
  6. Missed this post. 13 in the royal airforce, which included 4 years as a volunteer in the raf mountain rescue service, where i was trained as a medic.
  7. I was sexually assaulted when i was nine in my bedroom (not a family member). After that i started to emotionally regress back to a time when i was safe and loved. So it was a direct result. I was also bullied and beaten during my school years and the home situation wasnt exactly all sweetness and light, all of that probably contributed.
  8. Hi folks, I just wanted to pop on and wish everyone a very joyful xmas whatever your doing. X
  9. Nice to see this subject pop up again, it shows there is still discussion to be had. I totally agree that you can be a sissy without any negative conotation. You should be able to just be feminine without being degraded etc... I am a simple fella so i see a adult baby sissy girl as a cute lil fella who wants to embrace all things babygirl. There is still a trend to put boys in blue and girls in pink, so to feel more like a girl it could be something as simple as wearing of pink baby items for some ab sissies, right up to the whole frilly dresses. The whole subject is facinating
  10. Nice chapter again my friend. Plenty on the horizon.
  11. Abdl is perfect, anyone who is remotely interested in this lifestyle will know there are a lot of other facets to this lifestyle that still fit inside it or cross boarders with other lifestyles. As well as abdls we have carers of all sorts, furries, sissys, bedwetters, people with medical conditions, people with disabilities, big kids. To me all are included in the term abdl "community"
  12. I was 10 yrs old, it started by wetting and pooping my undies while sitting on the toilet. Then i got hold of some of my baby cousins nappies
  13. Totally agree, great chapter. Lots more to explore. I havent forgotten about his friend at the football match.
  14. Hi at first it was strange, but we have made a couple of break throughs, we have been concentrating on the first trauma when i was nine and i have recalled additional info for the first time