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  1. Heehee yeah Not exactly.. i went to the original, and i am now back up north
  2. Not exactly away for long, but i am down in bristol this weekend. I
  3. Hi and well done for finally taking the plunge, so many of us are shy and reserved.. i guess our choices dictate that we are mostly secretive and cautious to show anyone this side of us.
  4. Welcome lil one... i am a bear cub. I hope you enjoy it here Hugs
  5. Hi there and welcome to the site. Uk here also... there is a lot of us lurking
  6. I have no idea
  7. Hi tarheel, Welcome to DD, im glad you finally have somewhere, this can be a terribly lonely 'hobby' and very isolating. I am genuinely happy everytime a new ab, parent or carer makes it to DD. Hugs Fozzy
  8. Hi Donna, welcome to DD as an account holder, a lot of us lurk for a bit. It was nice to talk to you in the chat room the other night, i hope you make a great many friends on here. DD has a lot to offer and the forum is jam packed full of stuff. Hope to see you around. Hugs fozzy
  9. Hi peelover, I have no recall before the age of nine, so i have no memories regarding accidents.
  10. Very nice update, they are really settling into their new relationship and lots of hints of more fun to come.
  11. Hiya, i have enjoyed this story... i love the fact that this is a fantasy story on line about an abdl, who reads fantasy stories online and his life is not going the way he has learned from others online, instead it is turning out just like an abdl online fantasy. Its like looking in a mirror at yourself looking in a mirror.. etc... Glad u managed to do some more. Looming forward to the next installment
  12. Nice update... an interesting to read while remembering the previous story... great writing
  13. Great job, very interesting developments. The changes in lil nicks life just keep coming
  14. If someone in our community wishes to use the word "dysphoria" to describe how uneasy and disatisfied they are with their life and where they fit in this world.... let them, its their bloomin right to feel that way and try to express it to others within this wonderful, caring community of people without fear of some very agressive vocal patrons leaping down their necks and 'demanding' they stop using a phrase that they actually feel explains how they feel right now. instead of instantly taking offense because this group suffered more or that group, or the other group had it worse.... look at what the person is actually trying to express... they are unhappy and hoped they would find some help, kind words and maybe even a sympathetic ear... insteady they have had SIX pages of unplesentness and demands to change their point of view. for shame people.... content in threads like this one make me very sad, and makes me embaressed that i am part of this community
  15. Beautifully said Ungulate, good luck on getting people here to get off their individual soap boxes though. On such 'touchy subjects' i often hold back because of the venomous comments of some people on here, when even the hint of a slight towards their belief system or sphere of understanding is offered. Heaven forbid you have a different opinion/ point of view to theirs. There are words to discribe people like that, who are so set in their own opinions and beliefs that they cannot even consider for even a moment that someone else is entitled to their opinion. Very brave of you to even start a thread such as this, i know exactly what you mean, after over thirty years of binging into this.lifestyle, self loathing, rejection from all i love and constant struggle to come to terms with this side of me, i get what you mean. Big hugs to you, with my paci held high, those of us about to wet salute you!