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  1. LilFozzyJ5


    I was sexually assaulted when i was nine in my bedroom (not a family member). After that i started to emotionally regress back to a time when i was safe and loved. So it was a direct result. I was also bullied and beaten during my school years and the home situation wasnt exactly all sweetness and light, all of that probably contributed.
  2. LilFozzyJ5

    Seasonal greetings

    Hi folks, I just wanted to pop on and wish everyone a very joyful xmas whatever your doing. X
  3. LilFozzyJ5

    what does it mean to be sissy?

    Nice to see this subject pop up again, it shows there is still discussion to be had. I totally agree that you can be a sissy without any negative conotation. You should be able to just be feminine without being degraded etc... I am a simple fella so i see a adult baby sissy girl as a cute lil fella who wants to embrace all things babygirl. There is still a trend to put boys in blue and girls in pink, so to feel more like a girl it could be something as simple as wearing of pink baby items for some ab sissies, right up to the whole frilly dresses. The whole subject is facinating
  4. LilFozzyJ5

    Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Nice chapter again my friend. Plenty on the horizon.
  5. Abdl is perfect, anyone who is remotely interested in this lifestyle will know there are a lot of other facets to this lifestyle that still fit inside it or cross boarders with other lifestyles. As well as abdls we have carers of all sorts, furries, sissys, bedwetters, people with medical conditions, people with disabilities, big kids. To me all are included in the term abdl "community"
  6. LilFozzyJ5

    How old were you?

    I was 10 yrs old, it started by wetting and pooping my undies while sitting on the toilet. Then i got hold of some of my baby cousins nappies
  7. LilFozzyJ5

    Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Totally agree, great chapter. Lots more to explore. I havent forgotten about his friend at the football match.
  8. LilFozzyJ5

    PTSD and me

    Hi at first it was strange, but we have made a couple of break throughs, we have been concentrating on the first trauma when i was nine and i have recalled additional info for the first time
  9. LilFozzyJ5

    How open are you about ABDL?

    A regretful 3. Told my wife, brother, two cousins and two friends. None of them have worked out well. Never going to tell anyone else
  10. LilFozzyJ5

    Would you sacrifice your kink for love? 

    A very interesting debate. I am going to have a different opinion to must who have already posted here. I have been supressing my 'kink' my whole life, i have been married 21 years, and after two of them, i finally worked out what i was and that it was ok (thank you internet and dpf). You young uns who have always had the internet will never know what is like to be truely isolated with this abdl feeling. For many years i thought i was a sick twisted freak and if anyone ever found out i would be in trouble. I had no idea anyone else did this until i was 27. By then i had been married for three years. So knowing what i thought of this previously, i had not told my wife. Once i know it was ok and what it was called, i told her immediately. To say it was taken badly is an understatement. I am able to indulge my desires, but when i am alone. Mostly this manifests its self in online sites and stories. I love my wife and cant imagine life without her, we came to a mutual understanding, and it is rarely mentioned any more. So be careful to state never! Never say never, who knows whats round the corner tomorrow, next week, next year... love is a strange feeling and can make people do wierd things.
  11. Hi, Its been a while since i posted here, still having problems. Its difficult to explain how this affects me. I have had several bouts of CBT with limited success. I did get a diagnosis in the end and the doctors letter recommended further treatment and meds, my GP practice just filed the letter away for information without reading it, four years later thinking i am on a very long NHS waiting list i found out the truth. Now i have to try more options before seeing a shrink (which is a level 2 service) and i have to apparently exhaust all level 1 options first.. hence the meds and i am now starting EMDR. Feel like i am in a computer game and stuck on level 1
  12. I have complex PTSD and some disassociasion issues. Current just starting a round of EMDR. First time with this treatment... but had several bouts of CBT. On sertriline too which i have always resisted. But its got to a point where i will try anything to stop the flashbacks, or at least lesson them
  13. LilFozzyJ5

    Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Blimey, thats some position, great addition
  14. LilFozzyJ5

    Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Nice update. Such a good story. I look forward to each update
  15. LilFozzyJ5

    Any abdl near skegness

    All the way up the county near scunthorpe here