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  1. New and Looking For Friends

    welcome to the forums diapered brian join in the chat and enjoy yourself.
  2. is it still bed wetting

    I wet my diaper generally and not the bed but my wife says its still bedwetting
  3. Hubby Back in Diapers

    I think its awesome that you took the initiative to put him back in diapers, my wife took away the stress of my bedwetting by handling it too, sometimes its what a guy needs.
  4. Goodnites

  5. Using cloth this morning

    Cloth diapers rock
  6. All about me

    Hi welcome to the site always nice to have new people join in, enjoy yourself.
  7. Going To Bed At Night: Wet Or Dry?

    Dry, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way
  8. Hello

    welcome to the boards enjoy your time here
  9. do you hide your wetting at home

    I try to be discreet but I don't hide the fact I bedwet
  10. Bedtime items

    I recommend a pacifier
  11. I have achieved bedwetter status

    from one bedwetter to another enjoy it and see what the future brings lol
  12. Plastic Undies or Bed Pads?

    A good plastic mattress cover should do the trick
  13. Disposables Vs. Cloth Diapers

    cloth diapers and plastic pants find it works the best at keeping my bed dry
  14. Messing at night?

    Only when I got the flu squirts lol
  15. crinklz

    my first crinklz diaper