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  1. woke up to a wet diaper and dry bed
  2. not sure if you want the ones I use but check out little keeper sleeper they make awesome sleepers
  3. I absolutely love mine has saved my thumb nail but then I was a closet thumbsucker
  4. I plan on attending
  5. close by Wabash as well here
  6. Hi sounds like you hit the jackpot lol
  7. my wife is 100 percent supportive and accomodating
  8. hi hollyblu and bigglesworth
  9. summer just my cloth diapers and plastic pants, spring and fall a onesie and a footed sleeper for winter
  10. AWWW you was on 11 minutes ago.......:(

  11. I wouldn't say I am happy to tell that I still bedwet, however I no longer am ashamed of something I have no control over and I don't hide the fact that I wear a diaper to bed, and when it is a necessity I will be open and honest about my situation.
  12. About all I can say is what my wife tells me about my wet morning diapers, its a sign that I slept to good lol
  13. my wife just buys the cheap vinyl mattress covers from Walmart for my bed they do what they are designed to do.
  14. not a barrier here since we don't have sex while I am sleeping, lol.
  15. I am south of you but periodically make my way up there