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  1. not a barrier here since we don't have sex while I am sleeping, lol.
  2. kimchikid


    I am south of you but periodically make my way up there
  3. kimchikid

    Hoosiers in Diapers

    From Peru here, I make it up that way from time to time
  4. kimchikid

    Personal Care Get Together

    would love to be there but have other obligations hopefully I can make the next hope you have fun
  5. kimchikid

    Gun advise

    My advice is to buy what feels good in your hand and to purchase a handgun that is reliable, it doesn't do you any good if it fails, what is your life worth, pay a little more and get a quality firearm. I am partial to Smith and Wesson its quality at a fair price. If you opt to buy a revolver I would say buy a 38 special with a hidden hammer. just my 2 cents.
  6. kimchikid


    I love pullups wear the goodnites during the day
  7. kimchikid

    When do you feel most like a toddler?

    when I am in my goodnites
  8. kimchikid


    I love goodnites
  9. kimchikid

    Dry 24/7 or Rearz Overnights

    I love the dry 24/7 works great for me
  10. kimchikid

    New and Looking For Friends

    welcome to the forums diapered brian join in the chat and enjoy yourself.
  11. kimchikid

    is it still bed wetting

    I wet my diaper generally and not the bed but my wife says its still bedwetting
  12. kimchikid

    Hubby Back in Diapers

    I think its awesome that you took the initiative to put him back in diapers, my wife took away the stress of my bedwetting by handling it too, sometimes its what a guy needs.
  13. kimchikid


  14. kimchikid

    Using cloth this morning

    Cloth diapers rock
  15. kimchikid

    All about me

    Hi welcome to the site always nice to have new people join in, enjoy yourself.