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  1. From the album crinklz

  2. absolutely love this story you are very talented elfy the only thing that could possibly make this story any better is if you narrated it.
  3. you know your old when you......oh crap I forgot.
  4. another way of looking at it is by using I in the first 4 numbers, V in the second 4 numbers and X in the last 4 creates radial symmetry, oh and nice room btw
  5. I would say you should go to understanding.infantilism.org for a good primer on this subject, that aside I think communication is key here, you need to be comfortable with certain aspects of it as well as your boyfriend being allowed to express himself, its something you need to work together to find what works, what doesn't and when it works or doesn't. I think you will find that if you can understand and if you can possibly involve yourself with the level you feel comfortable, you will find that his love and devotion to you will deepen, because he is allowing you into the deepest depths of himself, as far as the sexual side hopefully you can see past the diaper and focus on the inner person, good luck to you he is a very lucky young man to have such a wonderful gf.
  6. My wife was supportive and understanding before we were married. My wife discovered my bedwetting issue while we were dating, I had told her the reason I never spent the night was because I was so used to sleeping in my own bed, I was to scared to admit the truth to her. She discovered my wet sheets and a pile of urine stained sheets and underwear and shorts on the floor of my bedroom when she decided to clean my apartment as a birthday surprise for me. After work I went straight to her house as we had planned, when I got there something seemed off and she began to apologize to me and she started crying because she had felt she over stepped her bounds, and told me she didn't want to lose me. I finally got her calmed down and she told me what she had done and what she discovered, I was filled with horror now I was the one that was worried about losing her, but in that moment she told me that she loved me and could care less about my bedwetting, needless to say birthday plans were changed but the very next night I took her to our favorite restaurant and got the table next to the fireplace, after we sat down at the table I dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry me.
  7. I don't think volume wise it has changed anything but over the past 17 years my frequency increased, was it the diapers or just getting older, who knows.
  8. as usual woke up in a wet diaper
  9. my wife calls them diapers so its diapers to me
  10. my wife says mine is cloth
  11. Indiana's is a tad embarassing for this hoosier lol
  12. I wear to bed daily and other times when I can for fun
  13. depends on what type of diaper I am going to wear disposables I put it on like diaperedandspanked , cloth I lay out on the bed but when my wife diapers me its always laying on my back lol
  14. I started school late due to having trouble with getting potty trained, had wetting accidents all through school but they diminished as time passed. The last accident I had was my sophomore year in high school and was the most embarrassing since the nurses office was full and I had to sit in the office lobby till my mom brought me some underwear, pants and socks.
  15. I was held back a year from starting kindergarten due to still being in diapers, I still bedwet and had accidents through elementary school tho