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  1. I sleep right through even if I flood my diaper and get the bed wet
  2. Whaaaaaat I thought all babies woke up wet every morning
  3. Diaper here
  4. griffith

    welcome aboard Zach there are lots of hoosiers here, just a heads up there is going to be another AB/DL open house in august at personal care medical supplies in Fort wayne its a great place to meet others.
  5. Or just sleeping in a wet bed
  6. I wish I had a magic wand I could wave it and make it all good unfortunately I don't, I hope you can find a solution to your dilemma, good luck in what ever choice you make.
  7. Baby Matt I saw you there and am sorry that I didn't make it a point to talk to you but next time I promise I will, am glad you came and hope you come to the next one
  8. I say live and let live its your life and your choices to make so just ignore the nay sayers and indulge to your hearts content.
  9. Was awesome only thing that would have made it better was more padding lol
  10. It was success number 2 made new friends and really enjoyed myself and I am motorcycle guy lol
  11. I sent Lora a text this morning thanking her for the party, it was another success as friendships are being forged she is a super lady
  12. awww shucks thanks friends
  13. crinklz are awesome
  14. Today is the big party day hope to see lots there.
  15. Excited as well I was really nervous at the last one but was at ease once I got there and starting meeting others it will be a great time so hope to meet you there