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  1. Kari

    AB/DL Friends?

    I live in Indiana as well... Last I knew there was a "Munch" in Bloomington hosted by a person that goes by the name LilJennie . I only went once, but it was a good experience. I'd like to go again someday if they're still having them. Here's the link to the website... https://www.liljennie.com/ Go to HHC Munch in categories or email to see if they're still active. I also found a profile for LilJennie here... https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/profile/15136-liljennie/ Perhaps they will see this post and be able to respond directly.
  2. I'm having this same problem. Any solution? Help please... 😕
  3. In fact I did... Actually in my diaper, but that's beside the point. About mid morning today, I was relaxing and drinking coffee when some church people came knocking on my door. I live in a private community and it's well known that soliciting is not allowed anywhere on the property. When I finally got up to answer my door, this dude was in the process of dropping pamphlets at my doorstep. So, I told him those needed to be picked up and that they weren't allowed to solicit in around here without permission. He and his homies were like okay, but ignored anything I said by heading on over to my next door neighbor's house. I know, should've just shut my door and let someone else deal with them. Instead, I let my male ego take over the situation. I told them they needed to leave the neighborhood on their own or else the police could escort them off the premises. That's when some wannabe tough guy in the group decided to come back to my door and tell me how he didn't like my attitude. I let him run his mouth and when he was done I told him didn't care and he needed to leave. Not my rules, the community rules. So, he kept going on about my bad attitude with an attitude as he backed off. Well dude, what do you want to do about it? At that point the others in the group were guiding him away and I thought I'd better just shut my mouth as well as my door. We were both being jerks. I admit it on my behalf. I just had to come here and vent about it. I'll laugh about it one day, I guess.
  4. Hey y'all! Hopefully this is the correct section to post this in... NorthShore sent me a coupon code for free shipping. The code is WB369 and applied during checkout on the site. It's good for a week for free shipping on their products. I received it today 2/13/19 so use it before it expires.
  5. I've gotten away from printed diapers in recent years and switched to brands like North Shore basically just to save some money. However, I still keep a pack of ABU SDK diapers in my stash as my favorite ABDL diaper. They are identical to the last style of plastic backed Pampers from the late 90's. Guess I would've stocked up on the real Pampers size 6 if I knew they were discontinuing them.
  6. As a child, I was a chronic bed-wetter. Also had a couple humiliating accidents in grade school. I did feel a tremendous amount of shame and embarrassment during those early years. My Mother was not supportive of my problem either. So, I felt all alone as if I was the only one. I could go on and on about how it contributed to my low self esteem issues. But I no longer feel shame over something that was/is out of my control, at that age or now. Also, I wouldn't say I'm "proud" to be a DL. I've just leaned to accept it as a part of who I am. When I hit my mid 40's, I developed less control of my bladder. Especially when out in public. I've had one too many unintended accidents result from not making it home or to a restroom on time. So, wearing pull-up style briefs has made me a lot more confident to go out without needing to worry. Maybe even "happy" about now having a little control over a lifelong issue that use to be so out of control.
  7. Hello Group! I've been on a search lately to find and archive some vintage AB/DL pictures. Remember sites like ByteMine / Iluvdiapers2 from years ago? They were around from the early days of the internet and possibly before. In fact, I believe there are scanned images floating around from old magazines like Wet Set, etc. Just curious... So is anyone else into collecting vintage AB/DL stuff?
  8. I thought about starting an auction @ $100 for the case. And then let the market decide what they're worth. If I only got the minimum, it would still pay for both cases.
  9. I'd like to get some input from some members about selling diapers on Ebay. This month I've been successful selling certain brands of diapers I had stored away. I've looked at the going rates of similar products and priced them accordingly. What I have now is a 100 count case of Pampers Cruisers size 7. (photo below) I understand they changed the style &/or quality of them since they were introduced in 2008. The ones I have were discontinued after 2011. And the count per case went down as well. Not quite vintage, but I believe there's a market for them. And I'm ready to let them go. I don't want to be greedy. But at the same time, I'd like to get a fair price for them. A diaper collector/seller told me the 2011 size 7's were made the best in size and quality. I suppose that's true. And I have enjoyed all the Pampers from the case I opened and used. So, does anyone have some constructive input about these particular diapers? Thanks!
  10. Have you thought anymore of selling any individually? I'd love to have a couple. Just don't want a whole box. Please consider it... I think you'd have a lot of interest.
  11. For awhile now, I've been increasingly losing interest in wearing AB style diapers. I'm still a DL and will never stop being one. I'll probably wear diapers for the rest of my life. Guess I'm just distancing myself from being an AB. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. I'd rather wear diapers like they sell at NorthShore or other online incontinence suppliers. I think it has to do with age. It's like the taboo is gone and I've accepted this as a part of my life. Also, sometimes I need protection when I'm out for extended periods of time. It has gotten harder to "hold the flow". So, I just discreetly wear protection inside my underwear. Maybe it's just a phase I'm experiencing. Any others going or have gone through this?
  12. Just a follow up... I went out of town the other day wearing a belted diaper/undergarment. The urgency hit me right before my exit. It was all I could do to hold it in. The fear was, if I let a little go I was not going to be able to stop and leak. I was able to make it into Walmart and use the restroom. Then I went to the HBA section and bought some pull on style diapers. Think I'll try this idea next time... Maybe wear the belted style under a pull on. If I arrive at my destination (wet or dry), remove the belted diaper in the car. Discreet when removed. But secure in knowing it's okay to go. I was just lucky this time.
  13. Love Toddler Pampers from the 70's. They were probably the best Pampers ever made. Not sure if I wore this size since they were introduced in 1972. I would've been 4 going on 5. Must've worn the ones that required diaper pins before Pampers had the tape on fasteners. Still would love to have at least one of these. Do you think you will be selling any individually? If so, that would be awesome. The Pampers box alone without the diapers is a definite keeper. Please consider doing this at a affordable price. You'd probably have many interested buyers.
  14. Just a follow up to this thread. Thank you for all the input. Good ideas from everyone on what use when out and just can't hold it in. I did get some Depends belted undergarments on clearance just to try them out. They do alright for slow leaks. But a full uncontrolled release leaked all over the place. Luckily I was home and sitting on a waterproof pad when this happened. So, they are by no means a solution. Maybe just another option. We'll see...
  15. “Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.” ― Mark Twain ;)

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