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  1. Cyber Monday

    I got an email on this offer and my purchase arrived this morning. Right now, I'm fitting comfortably in a NorthShore brand Pull-Up. I have to say it's the thickest Pull-Up I've ever worn. Also, I purchased a package of NorthShore Supreme Briefs. They are big and thick as well. They are rated up with Abena's My whole purchase came to just over $40 for 31 diapers. I like the AB/DL brands like ABU and Bambino very much. But this time, I wanted to be more practical with my purchase. They also sent plenty of samples of 4 other diapers and wipes. So, I really received 35 diapers for about a dollar per diaper.
  2. Didn't see this on any other part of the forum, so I'll share the news here. Valerie Hunter Gordon, who invented the disposable nappy has died at her home near Inverness aged 94. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-37706756
  3. Thanks mamabug! You're about half my age, but wise beyond your years. I've seen the same thing about more males than females into AB/DL lifestyle. And the early days of the internet wasn't very kind to those females that shared our feelings. I think it's got a lot better, but some guys saw it as an opportunity to "hook up". And tended to send away some by doing that. When there were primarily chat rooms in the "dial up" days, I'd sometimes pose as a female to see what it was like. Immediately I'd get ASL (age, sex, location) from about 10+ people in the room. Luckily most people are more respectful here. I think many women when they are younger want to be taken care of, and it just seems natural to regress and age/role play. Also, there's many guys wanting a "mommy" so they get married. LOL J/K And there's nothing wrong with 2 consenting adults doing what they want as a short term phase or a long term lifestyle. I never loose interest in the AB/DL community. Just sometimes taking a break from wearing makes a good balance for me personally. Just wish I knew that at your age. Could've saved a lot of diapers from the binge purge cycles a lot of us go through. Also could've accumulated a good vintage stash of Pampers as well.
  4. I need some advise please

    Before I read any other comments, I wanted to say quickly stay true to your wife and avoid doing anything to betray her trust. With that "easier said than done" comment, I can relate to what you're dealing with as well. In fact, my advice is to visit a counselor. Tell them everything you've said here and more. See what a professional thinks. I have an obsessive compulsive personality and your story parallels mine to an extent. Find out what's really going on. It's not a judgment whatsoever ether. So please don't feel offended if it sounds that way. Just a "it takes one to know one" observation. I hope it works out for you. You may just be going through a phase and feeling young and restless. Good Luck!
  5. I've noticed in the last couple years the AB/DL community as a whole has grown by leaps and bounds. Until recently, we had just a few options for AB/DL specific diapers. I remember first Bambino, ABU brands if we wanted something besides adult cloth or disposable diapers. Now it seems there's so many new AB/DL brands available with really cute prints and colors. i cannot seem to keep up with them all. I see the AB/DL community broken down like this... Old timers (like me) that have loved diapers since childhood. I remember when the internet only had Diaper Pail Friends and a few smaller groups & sites. Before that, I though I was the only "weirdo" in the world to have diaper desires. I'm still weird BTW, just not in a bad way. The newer generation of AB/DL's that became adults near or after the new millennium. Most were raised on Luvs, Huggies or Pampers and some more wore Pull-Ups. I would've loved to worn Pull-Ups as a kid. Then there's new discoverers, who may not have thought of wearing diapers until they became older and found a site like this one. There's a whole new genre that primarily consist of couples who age/role play. They call themselves DD/lg (link) or "littles". They'll regress to an age where they feel comfortable and secure like most AB/DL's do. Many wear diapers, but some don't. I just wonder if the last group will still last and thrive 10 years from now. Will they get "burned out" on their roles? Or will there be a new generation for them as well? This is just my own observation and is open for each persons own view or interpretation. I think of the DD/lg lifestyle as part of AB/DL. Just newer to some and maybe a bit more mainstream. And many more female participants now. I've had past relationships where I confessed my DL side. Looking back, I wish I would've waited a little longer to share my all my secrets. At first they'd be accepting of it. And some desire to participate. Only later to react in disgust and rejection. That always made me feel better about myself. It was kind of like what many of us have done, (at least me) especially when I was younger. I'd buy diapers and later feel shame and throw them out. Now that I'm older, If I get out of the mood or loose interest, I'll just take a break from wearing and store them away. Besides, diapers ain't cheap, ya know. I just think we've hit a peak in the AB/DL community. Not all, but some will loose interest, leave and be replaced by others. Does anyone else see it this way?
  6. I've done a similar thing using Tranquility ATN's It's kind of tedious, but here's what I do... On the top, carefully open up where the plastic and fluff is at. With your hand, spread apart and separate the plastic from the fluff. An extra step I take is to use rubbing alcohol to remove all the print on the plastic. Then you have a plain white plastic diaper that doesn't look "medical". You can use baby diapers or Pull-Ups as a stuffer. Use the same steps mentioned above for taking them apart to just the diaper core. I like pink girl Pull-ups because the colors show through the plastic well. And then you have a pink stuffer that brightens up a plain white diaper. I really need to take pictures or a video of these projects.
  7. You were wearing pajama pants in Target? That may be acceptable at Wal-Mart. But Target requires at least sweat pants. I'm just teasing... But you're right. The AB/DL style diapers are much better. Baby diapers are kind of cheap overall. Especially when they went to cloth backed diapers. I was looking at all the "Littles" on Tumblr the other day. So many of them wearing Pampers, Huggies, Pull-Ups & Goodnites. Wonder if the diaper companies realize how many adults wear their products?
  8. I was thinking about doing a photo or even video tutorial when I get a little time. Hope this idea works for you.
  9. I mentioned this in another thread and have wanted to share this with the group. As most here know, adult diapers are not cheap. Most AB/DL style diapers average $3 each. If you don't already do this, I wanted to share what I do to make my diapers last longer. Here's what you'll need to do it the best way. You may want to improvise to save more. Your favorite brand of adult diaper opened and lying flat. A package of any brand &/or size of baby diapers. I prefer Pampers size 7 for maximum absorbency. A can of Scotch Super 77 multi-purpose adhesive spray. Another adhesive, even glue will work. But this dries fast and easy. A box cutter with a sharp blade. Otherwise a pair of scissors &/or sharp knife. After you have all these things or something similar, have them close by and ready. That way you won't apply the adhesive, then have to go looking for your diaper. Most cloth backed baby diapers are made the same way, so this should work with most brands. Take the baby diaper and unfold it with the inside facing you. Look for where the elastic gathers are joined with the baby diaper. Start to slowly peel away the elastic along with the tabs from the center core of the diaper. Do this on both sides. It may take a few times to get the hang of it. Take your time... Then turn the diaper around and try to find where the cloth cover attaches. You should be able to peel this off in one big piece. Once removed, save it and use it for the next part. You should now have the baby diaper with a plastic back and no tabs or elastic on it. Lay it flat with the plastic side facing up on the cloth cover you removed. This keeps the padding clean and dry. Next take your knife or cutter and carefully slice down the center of the plastic cover. This shouldn't require much pressure with a sharp instrument. If using scissors carefully make small cuts all over. Some of the inside crystal gel beads may come loose. It is safe and just messy if you move around the diaper. So keeping your adult diaper on another surface or some distance from the prep area is a good idea. Next you
  10. Why Do Adults Want To Baby Diapers?

    Although baby diapers aren't as absorbent for most. Some wear for other reasons, I think. There's the cuteness if a person's size allows them to fit into them and wear them securely. While AB/DL diapers gives both cute designs and better absorbency. They're much more expensive. I use to fit into Pampers 7 with some adjustments to extend the Velcro tabs. So I don't know if that counts towards fitting into baby diapers. But it worked for me at one time. Now that I'm bigger, I can't wear Pampers (even with modifications) so well anymore. They just have limits. If the tabs don't come undone first, I usually end up with a diaper wedgie. But I learned a trick for using all those baby diapers as an adult diaper insert. It's a cheap and fairly easy method for those willing to do a few extra steps. So, I can go a lot longer between changes and don't need to use as many adult diapers. I might make a picture or video tutorial of the method I use if anyone's interested. For now I've made a written one about doing this. Here's the link...
  11. Accidents At School

    When I read these stories it reminds me of how harsh school was to some of us growing up. I had 2 school accidents (pee) and some other close calls because of fear of asking or denied using the restroom. My biggest problems were at night while sleeping. If I could of woke up to go, I would have. At home, I think the embarrassment of wearing Pampers at bedtime would have been better than always wetting the bed. For those with chronic day problems; looking back, would you had rather worn a diaper or risk having accidents at school?
  12. Does anyone have any input on a reliable seller of adult training pants? There's a lot of sellers online and on Ebay. But trying to be careful of who I deal with. I would pay a little more for a good product. Something like Gerber cloth pants that are sold for toddlers. Not just plastic pants, but the reusable cloth style panties that were used before Pull-Ups. Figuring that the group could tell me who's reputable as well as who to avoid. Thanks for any and all input.
  13. Do You Sit Down To Potty

    Something I do make a point to do is if I'm taking a road trip, I "pad up" with a good thirsty diaper and always keeping spares within reach in my vehicle. There's a certain satisfaction having that protection if in case I get slowed down by traffic or a construction zone. Everybody else is frustrated holding it in. I just sit there and let it flow. And that warm feeling just makes it all the better in cold weather. I can't understand why non AB/DL's don't diaper up or at least keep one of their kids baby diapers handy just in case. I was stuffing one down my pants in stopped traffic one time and another driver saw what I was doing. I didn't care. I wasn't going to be straining to hold it in until the next exit.
  14. I wanted to ask all you big boys who don't wear protection 24/7 like me what you do when your at home. And maybe there's some adventurous girls who might like to share something as well. Some girls prefer to stand, so I've heard. When I'm at home, I rarely stand to potty. And no worrying about missing my aim. I also often sit on the potty when wearing a diapers. I don't know why. I think it feels a little like potty training. Some times I like to regress like a preschooler who still wets his pants. If I'm not wearing protection at bedtime, (I know, WHY NOT?) It's also a lot more relaxing to sit on the potty when half asleep. Also, I usually "potty it all out" when I sit down. Because it seems, thanks to age and an enlarging prostate having to go after going. And getting back up to finish going a short time later is just frustrating. Might as well just wet the bed. Another excuse to wear diapers. The exception for me is if I'm in a real hurry or I'm out in public. Who likes to sit on a public toilet unless it's absolutely necessary? So I'll use a urinal if there's a restroom available, Personally I'm just not comfortable wearing a soaking wet diaper while out in public. Of course, there's always that involuntary leakage when zipping up. It never fails to leave a wet spot if not wearing something absorbent. I've bought baby diapers out of the restroom dispenser to use as a stuffer. Nobody seems to notice unless it's a thick bulky thing. So, does anyone else who isn't a 24/7 diaper wearer do something simular this? I'm cuirious to know just how wierd I am. THANKS!
  15. I so wish I had a box of Toddler Pampers when I was 8 years old.