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  1. Well I finally received my chastity cage.. I also have a baby bottle and 2 pacifiers one that straps around the head I have Diapers including a pink cloth diaper that I will wear over my other plastic diapers.. since it's actually girly and all I have some onesies rose oil baby wipes etc. Everything girly and pink I just wish I had a Daddy or Mommy or both.. someone to lock my baby dicky and put me in Diapers like a baby should be.. I too widdles to doos it by mythelf
  2. I am a transgender woman pre-op m2f and hopefully wanting to stay as a baby girl permanently in Diapers... My name is Serenity. I am a disabled combat veteran iraq war and hopefully I will be able to find someone I may be able to settle with...and be adopted as the babygirli live in Elkhart Indiana old Farms apartment off Mishawaka Rd
  3. Hi Elkhart Indiana here but make it to fort Wayne every so often due to my hormones and my endocrinologist being that is the closest one I can go to see
  4. Can always be a friend I could use some myself but unfortunately I live in Elkhart
  5. Serenity Beaty


    Nope Elkhart unfortunately
  6. Nope Elkhart Indiana
  7. Serenity Beaty


    Nope unfortunately don't know where it is
  8. No however I was stationed in Clarksville, Tennessee..
  9. Don't even know where it is...
  10. Not in Fort Wayne but I do go.there for my hormone treatments and maybe even to do.my TBI screening.. find out a little bit why I have blackout dizzy spells... Sometimes losing my balance and causing me to like faceplant sometimes If I can't grab ahold of something for support fast enough
  11. I have no idea where these places are never been there before...