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  1. Scariest: when we going over to one of my fiances friends house that she works with for dinner. We were there for about 3 hrs or so and I needed to be changed. My fiance friend showed us to her bedroom and I was changed there.
  2. I do not wear a diaper to work, or appointments. At home I just go around in a diaper and t-shirt, or I have on a onsie. We have a few close friends that know I wear diapers other than at night, and sometimes my diaper is exposed. If I need to be changed while there over I'm taken into the bedroom and changed.
  3. For me I need diapers at night due to an accident. I'm also an AB/DL, so I'm kepted in diapers When I'm not working. I wear training pants at work with plastic pants for minor dribbling. I started having to wear diapers at 49 yrs old, and I'm 55 yrs old.
  4. You will be happy and your wife as well when you start wearing a onsie. They really help out when your out in public to help conceal your diaper. Plus they help keep your diaper from sagging. I have plain ones, and also printed ones. My fiance always puts me in a plain onsie when we go out in public, but at home I wear the printed ones.
  5. I agree it is a very good diaper. I agree it is a very good diaper.
  6. The last month or so I have been exploring my baby side more. My mommy/fiance will fed me 2 jars of the stage 3 fruit baby food, and a bottle when I get up. Then I have my morning diaper change on the floor or in the bedroom. She then turns on the cartoon network, and puts some toys on the floor. She fixes a juice bottle and I have that while playing on the floor. I'm just in a t-shirt and diaper while I'm playing.
  7. We use to use booster pads, but now We use pampers or huggies size 6 in my night diaper with plastic pants. This has helped me so I don't leak at night.
  8. I agree, same here. The front was soaked and the back was still dry.
  9. I'm straight but I have had fantasies of getting together with another guy, and have him pee down the front of my diaper.
  10. I wore cloth diapers, and I was potty trained around the age of 3 yrs old.
  11. We get our onsies from baby-pants.com and its the t-shirt style. And there around 30.00, and they have the printed or plain style. At home I usually wear the printed, and when we go out in public I wear the plain style. The onsies do hold up the diaper very well, and prevents sagging. They do make diaper changes a lot easier. We live in Michigan and the weather is not so good. In the winter I have on jeans when we go out with a onsie, and it does make diaper changes hard at times, plus I wear the footed sleepers at night. During the summer months I wear shorts and a onsie while out, and diaper changes are a lot better and easier for her.
  12. I also wear plastic pants over my diaper, and we have a matress protector. We also use the goodnite bedmats on the bed.