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  1. I know that diapers keep my bed dry most of the time and my pants in the day.my wife was up set at 1st but got over it fast. She died in jan 2016 I meet Mary in March 2016 she wets too and a lot longer than I have. She has made wetting fun but I am still ashamed of it
  2. The hospital hear knows I wet and need 24 7
  3. No never I did not wet the bed or my pants past 4.I had 2 older sisters.they would have teased me a lot
  4. In 2013 I fell out side on ice in winter hurt my back I no longer fell the need too pee been in diapers day and night since.
  5. Nothing at all I need to wear too keep bed dry and my pants in the day time
  6. Cloth works best but Northshore do too
  7. med work well for me but I wear cloth at night with pull up plastic pants
  8. I need I have to wear them
  9. I take A pill for my lungs it makes me have the runs I do take pills for that bit I still shit my self a few times lucky I do wear diapers
  10. I allways bring A diaper with when I stay some place other than home.
  11. wetting nothing I do wet but it is not some thing I like