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  1. I am 69.I been wetting since jan 2013 after A fall on ice
  2. I am not A ab or dl I need! I don't hide my diapers in my bedroom at all they are in the open
  3. How was your wife at 1st my wife was upset at 1st but got over it fast.
  4. I really think that if you are wetting the bed when you reach puberty you will like it a lot more than a person who starts late in life. most of the wetters on hear wet as teens I never did
  5. Yes I am cloth pin on and pull on plastic pants keep bed dry day time a pull up with a cloth diaper inside
  6. how long were you dry at night? I was dry from 4 too 62
  7. I no longer fell the need too pee it just starts
  8. It started out slow but bedwetting was every night with in a few weeks. Day time was like 90 days I do thing diapers did keep it there I wish I did not need too wear but I do
  9. my diaper don't leak a lot. works most of the time
  10. I find that cloth pin on is best keeps my bed dry
  11. It is hard being A adult that wets the bed. I try too like it but I just don't 68 been wetting since late in 2015
  12. With cloth diapers I leak some time. Not A lot but maybe a few times A year
  13. If A diaper is not thick enuff it will leak