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  1. Diaper/Pee

    You got too add 1 more I need don't like that I need but I do wear too keep the out side and my bed dry
  2. Bedwetter in Training

    Ok I fell on ice in 2013 that was how I lost my bladder control. I was married my wife was upset at 1st but got over it .but she passed away in jan 2016
  3. Bedwetter in Training

    think about it befor you get started
  4. If Their Was A Cure, Would You Take It?

    I do not fell the need too pee any more I just wet my self I wear a diaper 24 7 if there was a way too fix it I think i would
  5. Anyone fake bedwetting as a kid?

    I never wet at all as A kid Past 4.I have 2 older sisters if I did I know they would have teased the shit out of me
  6. What's your favorite weather?

    summer hot I can turn AC on if it gets too hot but i love sumer and there is no pain in my body like there is in winter
  7. Dream wetting

    I don't dream about wetting or I don't think I do I just wet.In the day time I do not fell the need too go any more I just wet with no felling
  8. Stained absorbing pad

    I have wet at night since jan 2013 I got a sleep number bed about A year after i started too wet and I use 2 water proff pads under my bed sheets I wash it 1 time a mouth my Diaper dose keep bed dry most off the time but U do leak a few times. both pads are staned too
  9. leaking diapers at night

    Only time I really leak at night with the cloth diapers is if I drink a lot I may not get the plastic pants on right. I really dont know. But in hotels I wear diap diapers they are just not Made for A side sleeper.But north shore diapers do work with the side panels.But they cost A lot
  10. The Big Debate: Cloth VS. Disposable

    I am A side sleeper cloth will keep my bed dry most of the time.So I wear cloth pin on at night disp in the day and in hotels.I do not bring cloth with me on the road.
  11. Waterproof Sheet

    yes I do I dont leak at night a lot but I do at times and I really hate it if my mattress got really wet
  12. I did not lose Bladder control untell I was 63 so 2013 now I wear 24 7
  13. Who woke up wet this morning?

    I wet most of the time in the past few years that I wet since 2013 I have like 2 3 dry nights.dry diaper.But most off the time I am wet diaper by morning wet diaper dry bed but I have leaked like 12 times a year
  14. leaking diapers at night

    At night when your diapers leak wear do they leak? ME out the top most off the time I am A side sleeper and if I wear disp diapers out the top and side
  15. Punishment

    No I never wet after 4 My wetting did not start again untell I was 64 after a fall on ice