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  1. Training for bedwetting, looking for thoughts

    this is really a good book it is funny
  2. How do you deal with clothes?

    I wear them then wash them then wear again
  3. What Profession Are You In?

    I am 68 years old I am retired
  4. Training for bedwetting, looking for thoughts

    I been wetting now since 2013.I don't like it but I have too deal with it so I do.
  5. Diapered While Having a Test done at Hospital

    I am sure she has seen diapers on some one adults .you did tell her you have problums
  6. sleeping in a wet bed

    I just cant sleep in a wet bed.If the bed is wet I can no longer sleep.Diapers keep the bed dry so I can sleep
  7. is it still bed wetting

    If I did not have a diaper on my bed would be wet as hell. Disp diapers did not work eather I am a side sleeper
  8. is it still bed wetting

    I wet at night I wet my diaper bed is dry I been told that if the bed is dry I am not a bedwetter ever that my diaper is wet
  9. Stress + Diaper Dreams = Wet Sheets?

    I never wet as a kid past 4.I never even had A thought that I may wet my self untell I fell and hurt my Back in 2013.Since then I have wet the bed every night and I day wet too
  10. Diapers and girlfriend

    My wife did not run away.when she died I thought I be alone. I got lucky I meet Mary just A few weeks after my wife died she wets too.we were just friends untell my adult Daughters told me it was ok to date her its been fun
  11. bed wetting and bed wetters

    I dont tell every one I lost bladder control it is not some thing I talk a lot about.But on hear it is a lot easer to talk about.I fell out side on ice in jan 2013 I was out cold for a long time I was going to o watch my grandson he was sick.My daughter came looking for me. That is why I wet now
  12. bed wetting and bed wetters

    we have herd of bedwetters getting shamed for wetting in stores wiped with wet diapers. Haveing there face rubbed is wet sheets
  13. bed wetting and bed wetters

    My girl friend Has taught me this.That bedwetting cant be helped and no one needs be yelled at for it.
  14. How To Pee While Walking?

    It just runs out I cant hold it any more
  15. Potty training

    I was 4 when I stopped wetting.day and night.My girl friend says she was day time at 4 night at 14.we both wet now all the time