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  1. oldwetter66

    What do you add to your diapers?

    cloth pin on diapers thick and plastic pants
  2. oldwetter66

    camp or camping with friends

    As A kid did you ever go to camp. I did but I did not wet as A kid.I have been told there were bedwetters Camps in te 60s I did not know this
  3. oldwetter66

    How you know if it was a good wedding

    I dont for get a diaper at noght
  4. oldwetter66

    Would you tell someone you still wet the bed?

    My family knows.and A few friends and my girl friend
  5. oldwetter66

    liveing the life of s bed wetter

    Diapers leak yes it took A long time too find A diaper that worked most of the time no diaper works all the time.I wear cloth pin on diapers at night with pull on plastic pants
  6. oldwetter66

    Want to know what others suggest

    Can't you just pull diaper down.I can and do if I have too poop but I don't have time too pee I just wet
  7. oldwetter66

    What You Have To Deal With Wearing 24/7

    being in a diaper 24 7 is a real pain in the butt.Day time wetting can suck big time if you leak. Bed wetting Is eased to live with
  8. oldwetter66

    Which Do You Belive I S The Best To Poop In?

    the toilet is best for pooping
  9. oldwetter66

    Adult Bedwetter

    I sleep right thought it I wet my diaper don't wake up at all diaper is all ways wet in the morning some time my bed is too
  10. oldwetter66

    What do you do when you poop?

    if it is my my Diaper I change right a way
  11. oldwetter66

    Abdl friends

    Not AB friends but bedwetting friends have meet a few in real life
  12. oldwetter66

    how to start bed wetting

    this is true I know some like to wet but it is also a pain in the back side
  13. oldwetter66

    Becoming a Bedwetter

    When My wetting started my wife was upset.But got over it fast.she stopped yelling at me.
  14. oldwetter66

    A new aspect of my night wetting

    bed wetting takes hold of you it is hard or it was on me I did not want too wear diapers eather but I do not like wet sheets Diapers are better than wet sheets
  15. oldwetter66

    Children's television and movies

    I am A adult I love moves for all ages I do not have any bladder control but I am not A baby