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  1. Uhm...Yeah, messy right now. Gonna go shower.
  2. I pretty much only mess my diaper when I'm playing with one of my two plushies. I have a big bunny and a big bear and I'll either be laying on the bed hugging one of them or, uh, on my knees being naughty with one of them. Then I'll go in my diaper then when I'm done with that and the plushie, I immediately shower and clean up.
  3. I keep all my clothes in rubbermaid storage boxes so I keep my diapers in one of those as well. And, damn daddyeric91! I'd love to just roll around on top of that horde!
  4. No, never even thought about it. I usually only wet the bed from 1-7 times a month or so, well, accidently anyway. I mostly like it when I wet the bed so I've never even tried to stop it. What does kind of suck is when you just finished doing all the laundry and then you have to wash the sheets AGAIN.
  5. I wear diapers for fun mostly since I can stay dry while I'm awake so I don't even wet my diapers in public anymore. I used to wet in public then I started feeling a little weird about it. I prefer to only wet or mess when I'm alone now. I didn't even wet the last 3 times I wore a diaper to the movie theatre. If I ever go camping again though, all bets are off! ;D
  6. Well, I like everything to do with diapers so I like it when I put it on and it's all soft and dry and powdered. What I like to do is wait as long as I can to wet until I literally can't control it anymore, then I like to be in the wet diaper for as long as I can before I go #3, if you know what I mean. There's a slight money saving aspect to that as well as I can't always afford disposables and I get annoyed at always having to wash the cloth ones. Anytime I have a diaper on, wet or dry, or occasionally messy, I feel a bit happier than when I don't.
  7. I used to worry about the same thing when I was younger. I'd see a diaper commercial and get turned on but then there'd be a kid in it and it would bother me. Since I didn't want anything like that in my fantasy life, I just started focusing on the diapers and DL side of the fetish and reduced the association with childhood. I don't buy the AB diapers or use a pacifier or dress in baby clothes or use a crib, well, I guess I have a thing for plushies too. I just buy plain white diapers and focus on bedwetting and pants peeing. You can do those at any age!
  8. I pooped in my wet diaper this morning while I was playing with my plush bunny.
  9. I mentioned this in another thread, I keep a bucket in my shower and use the shower to fill it so there's always water in it. So whenever I wake up with a wet diaper I can just toss it in there. Then while I'm showering I can rinse it out and then dump out the water and refill it. It works really well and you can leave the diapers in there until you have time to wash them. Also it's a good way to keep them on the downlow if you have roomates, like I do. I don't use soap or bleach. Soap makes me itch and makes the diapers smell weird. Bleach destroys them over time. I do get some pee stains over time but I like them.
  10. I'm in Lincoln. I could easily drive to North Platte. Yeah, it's pretty sucky for other DL's here in Nebraska. I'm not even sure why I came back. Also I am 42 and male.
  11. I like them dry at first, then wet later!
  12. I used to worry that my love of diapers had something to do with children but I'm definatly not interested in children at all. I think I finally explained it to myself. Diapers are the first thing you wear after your born. I think it makes sense that they can stir up deep emotions from a time in our lives we can't even really remember. I think such a deep imprint lights up your brain in ways that almost can't happen any other way.
  13. I've generally only ever wet myself in public but I did mow the lawn in a diaper once when I was younger and took laxitives and really messed myself and filled that diaper up while I was doing it. I doubt anyone could tell though.
  14. Well, I always kinda liked the challenge of buying diapers. I buy diapers online now but all through the 90's and early 2000's I would go to walgreens and wait until the diaper aisle was clear and pick up some Depends. I usually got a basket and put them in there and then I was always a little embarrased if someone got in line behind me but whatever. If i'm traveling I like to look up medical supply stores and pick up diapers I've never tried before but I'm still a bit sheepish about it in person.
  15. I bought one of those gym tumbling matts to use as my mattress. It's like sleeping on a changing table.