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  1. I fell asleep last night in an already very wet diaper then I wet again while I was asleep and totally soaked my bed and blanket. Since this isn't an unusual occurance my mattress is always waterproofed and I just have this big moving van blanket over the top that I can pull off and throw in the washer when I wet the bed. It's in the dryer as I type.
  2. Just wet yourself whenever possible. It gets easier and easier.
  3. Well, I haven't tried every diaper out there so maybe there's one like what I'm thinking of. I'd like disposable diapers that went way more up in the front, like up over my belly button and stomach. When I wet the bed it so often just leaks out the top and I wake up in a cold, wet, bed. Which I don't find that bad, but sheesh. Cloth ones are a little better since I can pin them on tighter than possible for a disposable.
  4. Both. I'm pretty turned on by wetting and so diapers are a natural part of that. I can get pretty turned on by anything diaper related but also wear a diaper for convience and relaxation all night without wetting it or anything.
  5. I keep a bucket in my shower, fill it with water, and use it to rinse out my wet diapers before I wash them. I have a roomate that I hide my diapers from so it's a good system if you don't want to do laundry that day, you can just leave the diapers soaking in the water and they won't smell.
  6. Any amount of drinking might cause me to wet the bed. I remember when I wet after falling asleep after having only a single beer.
  7. I think the pull on cloth diapers, at least the good ones, are great for bedwetting. Especially when I'm tired and think I might wet and don't want to go through the whole pinning on the diaper process.
  8. hi friend how's things in Lincoln today?i was born in Omaha an lived in nebr. till i was 12 yrs old. i miss sleding in the pastures of broken bow whenit snowed,lol.i live in ga. now wonder will i ever go back there.

  9. There's pretty much no way now. I'm 43 and I've been diapering up since I was 14. I've got cloth if I can't afford disposables. Keeps the bed dry.
  10. I'm in Lincoln.
  11. I dunno...I read an article by a doctor, I wish I could remember it well enough to find right now, but the article said bedwetting is WAY more common than most people think. Maybe AB's are just so comfortable with it that they don't see any reason to cover it up. (Heck, I think many of us are proud.)
  12. My current plan is to buy a goldwing this year and move to Colorado around July/August of 2015 if everything works out.
  13. I'm in Lincoln, NE, wouldn't say no to talking to folks.