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  1. Noat married here, masturbating in a poopy or wet diaper is a blast. Then wearing it for a while and maybe doing it a second time. I always wear thick cloth diapers and locking rubber pants and the noise of the rubber squeaky and the rattle of the chains is a real turn on.
  2. I just got out of the shower and diapered with thick cloth diaper and locking rubber pants for an evening at home in a pvcpleated micro mini. I like the rubber pants much better for I never have a leak and locked in a a real treat for me.
  3. The spanking would do a real good job on the mess and move it around all over and I tell you, you deserve that. WACK WACK WACK WACK SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH ooooooooooooooooooooo feels so gooc
  4. For three now I have been using extra virgin olive oil every morning, a table spoon from a 17 ounce bottle for around six dollars. By the third day it worked and the most wonderful bowl movements none hard all soft and good for sitting on. Not only that but it is good for avoiding heart attacks, do a search engine on it and see for yourself. You will not need anything else unless you want a real good enema which I think is a lot of fun. I have a enema but plug that inserts and you pump it up and nothing can come out, you can take a gallon and it will not come out until you release it, a good cleaning and wonder feeling.
  5. I bet that was more fun than a barrel of monkeys and I am very jealous. Aas I was reading I was wearing a new pvc leotard, short sleeves and short,, no lets and thought how wonderful it felt but went to put on a diaper, locking rubber pants and came back to read more. No room for anything under this leotard. Thanks for this wonderful story. I have loaded diapers with great jobs and pea and never had rubber pants leak.
  6. I have never pooped in a diaper on a bike but a lot of folks have and written here about it. You have told me exactly what I thought would happen, poop all over from being smashed on the seat, I think I will pass on this. It was veryh interesting and you did a great job tellling us. Now about the shaving I shave below my waist and keep all hair removed and even in my crack and this makes for an easier clean up and also for poop to come out quicker and cleaner.
  7. Way ttto much garbage in there. I use a gallon enema bottle and it takes a long time before one can hold that much waer, just plain water and nothing else and you will have a ball. I use an inflatable enema connection.l In goes the enema plug and inflate it and then the enema and you are full . Hold as long as possible and release the inflatable plug and out it comes, a wonder feeling and a lot of fun.
  8. I thought you were going to tell us ;how your rubber waders gep you dry outside and diapers wet inside. good fun you had.
  9. I like to wear running short shorts and on cleaning day a micro pvc maids outfit which is a real turn on. very seldom do I wear diapers and not something over them, like I never wear under wear around the house without shorts.
  10. Has anyone ever pooped and wet a diaper and cycled down the in a park or on a street? I have not for I am betting it would be a real squishy mess but if I did I would have a thick cloth diaper and rubber pants for I never had rubber leak, just think iof all that poop moving around in there.
  11. sTrying doing this in a diaper and yes locking plastic pants could help. Diapered and plastic pants and riding your indoor excerise cyle with a loaded diaper and see if it moves all around and feels real good, I am betting it will.
  12. Tomorrow will be a big day and not wanting to be running to the bathroom at all. In the morning I will shave and shower and get into a tightly pined cloth diaper and locking rubber pants, never had a leak with rubber. I will get ready for a rough ride on TV. It will be interesting to see what happen pay outss to obiden for his role in china pay outs. Watch and see. Have a great day and a wet one and very messy. lol
  13. I make cleaning house by wearing a short pvc french maid out fit over diapers and rubber pants and yes they show and makes fun out of cleaning house even knee hi rain boots, enjoy the cleaning and no bathroom breaks. .
  14. I showered and changed into a thick cloth diaper and locking rubber pants and short shorts, pvc with side split and I am not doing much today for it is a day of doing nothing according to wdrb news. I have already rode excerise cyle for one hour and will do it6 two more times and use the treadmill. Have a great day
  15. Wow it sounds like you have experience, been there done close to that. He will fun
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