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  1. Hey hotter! I see you dropped by.  Feel free to say hello any time.

  2. Thank you very much for following me little boy.

  3. hotter06

    Hi there

    hi there
  4. hotter06

    Playing Outside

    Wishing I still had a sandbox
  5. Are there any adult kids who like to roleplay with the use of suppositories or enemas to help them go potty?
  6. Yeah, I totally get it, I actually play the age of 3-4 years old and enjoy the humiliation aspect of potty training. I to do not care for the clean-up or the smell of defecating in my diapers..... Actually sometimes I like to wear undies during the day and be diapered in the evenings.
  7. hotter06

    Diapers And Toiletries

    It's been interesting hearing all the responses and how some of you have plastic pants
  8. hotter06

    Am I Alone?

    Welcome to the club bwakee!
  9. hotter06

    Am I Alone?

    Sure you can join us, so long as you don't wear onsies, suck pacifiers, or drink from a bottle
  10. hotter06

    Am I Alone?

    Hey Swampgreen , I'm in your same shoes as well though slightly younger.... 6-8 years old here.
  11. hotter06

    Diapers And Toiletries

    Cool. I keep my undies in one drawer in the dresser, my diapers in the closet along with wipes and powder. I store my creams and suppositories in the medicine cabinet.
  12. So, I'm curious, what do most of you kids have in your diaperstash besides diapers? Do any of you store your big kid underpants, creams, and or laxatives along with your diapering supplies?
  13. hotter06

    Tell Me Something New About You

    I love kidlike underwhere, I'm one of the few diaperlovers who isn't an adult baby but rather an adult kid. Walmart has a good selection of kidlike boxer briefs. As for diapers, I like the pure white simple old school diapers, preferably plastic backed.
  14. I preffer plain white plastic backed diapers..