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  1. JustinDB87

    Haunted Nursery Ward

    How suspenseful! Can't wait to see what happens next!
  2. JustinDB87

    Bad Seed (updated 11-10)

    Great addition. Can't wait for more
  3. JustinDB87

    Better Late Than Never

    Absolutely! It can be difficult at times sifting through stories and finding ones I know will be good. Any time I see your name as the author, I know it's gonna be a good one.
  4. JustinDB87

    The Struggle

    Superb writing once again. Can't wait for the next update!
  5. JustinDB87

    Better Late Than Never

    Another excellent addition as always
  6. So I finally got my own place, which means more privacy and more opportunities to do things I wouldn't have done when living with my parents. One thing I've always wanted was my own crib...obviously as many of you know, those aren't cheap and you can't hide them very well lol. So what I've been looking for are wooden crib bars that can somehow attach to your bed, but also be removed in case someone is over at my place. To say I've struggled finding anything would be an understatement. When you search for them, most of what u find are the 2 ft mesh or short wooden ones for toddler beds. Rarely can you find tall wooden crib rails to attach to your bed...then again it's not exactly something everyone is looking for so I expected my search to be difficult. The only one I found that looked remotely interesting was this....https://littleduckusa.com/collections/bed-rails/products/safetots-wooden-bed-rail-white Does anyone know of tall crib rails that can be bought separately online that maybe I couldn't find? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. JustinDB87

    The Struggle

    Another great start. Kinda getting some Long_Rifle vibes with this one. Can't wait for more
  8. JustinDB87

    Better Late Than Never

    Wow incredible addition. Excellent writing as always!
  9. JustinDB87

    Old Commercials & Little Space

    Everyone likes a bit of nostalgia here and there and for many of us here, old diaper commercials really strike a chord. I was born in the late 80's, so it's kinda neat to go look back at diaper commercials from that time period because I was wearing those same diapers at that time...that being said, I have no memories of that time period...once you start getting to the commercials from the mid to late 90's though, that's when the nostalgia hits big time because I can remember being a kid watching those exact commercials, secretly wishing I was the baby in the commercial or getting to wear the same diapers that the baby was wearing. There's a specific one that I came across awhile back that made all the memories come rushing back to me in an instant. It was as if I had just seen the commercial the day before when in reality, it had been 20 years or so. It was a Luvs commercial for when they first put Barney the dinosaur on the tape panel. Around this timeframe, I would've been about 8 or 9 years old. My grandma owned and ran a daycare that I would go to every day after school until my parents got off work....back then, Barney was the biggest thing since sliced bread, at least within the vicinity of that daycare center lol...for someone of my age back then, Barney was NOT cool and just a dumb show for little kids...but once I saw that commercial, I secretly longed to get to wear those diapers. My grandma had a private bathroom that she'd let me use in the daycare that also served as the changing room for the toddlers she watched. Seeing the stacks upon stacks of diapers in that room combined with the scents of it all was pure heaven...I'd always make sure to 'have to go' when I'd arrive after school. I can still remember the first time I saw the Barney adorned Luvs in that bathroom...never before had I wanted to swipe one so bad, but fear of getting caught always won out... In the years that followed and I got older, like others mentioned, I'd get paranoid when diaper commercials would come on...I'd always find myself unable to think straight when a diaper commercial would come on as my mind would go blank lol...I'd be telling myself "act normal, try to make conversation, etc."....but all that would result would be me second guessing myself as to whether I was giving myself away lol....to this day, I still get uncomfortable when a diaper commercial comes on and family is in the room
  10. JustinDB87

    Better Late Than Never

    Excellent story as always.
  11. JustinDB87

    Diaper Tapes

    I appreciate the link, but like I said in the original post, not all of the pics presented on the site are available in the download and many of the ones included are low resolution, not high as it stated. I was just curious if another site had similar options or better quality versions of the ones from pamperchu because I had yet to find them.
  12. JustinDB87

    Diaper Tapes

    Years ago there was a site called pamperchu.net that had many photos of vintage diaper tape landing zones that you could download, print out, and tape onto your adult diapers. The site itself still exists and there is a download option available. However not all of the pics presented are in the download and many of the ones you can get are low resolution. Personally I love the idea of taping an old Pampers/Luvs tape panel to my diaper as it gives it that vintage vibe that many companies couldn't sell themselves due to copyright issues. This was really the only site that I could find that had the ones I wanted. Does anyone know of other sites or people that have made these? I'd love to use many of the ones available at pamperchu, but in a higher quality, which I've yet to find.
  13. JustinDB87

    Subliminal Baby 3

    Another great addition. Can't wait for the next!
  14. JustinDB87


    Another excellent start. Any time I see one of your stories on here, I know I have to read it because it'll be great. Can't wait for more!
  15. JustinDB87

    Official "Looking for a Story..." Thread

    I posted this a few months ago, but didn't really see any replies (it's possible I've read all that exists out there lol) I'm not looking for a specific story in particular, but rather one that follows a specific subplot. I've read stories such as Daycare Disasters by thepaddedquill and Sunny Hills Daycare by Arf where the main character gets a job at a daycare center, but as time goes on, they begin to exhibit problems that you'd expect to see out of the toddlers being watched, such as wetting themselves, etc...to the point where the owners of the daycares start treating the main character like any of the other kids, such as putting them back in diapers. Both of the stories I mentioned included additional reasonings for the protagonists regression like a girlfriend's revenge and magic. However, stories like these where the protagonist is supposed to be the one in charge, yet slowly become equals in status to the toddlers they were initially watching have always been appealing stories to me. Does anyone have some suggestions of other stories that follow a similar pattern to these? Thanks!