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  1. Dating

    It's great to have someone that will accept and assist with an issue like this. It's very hard to find and very comforting when going through a diagnosis like incontinence. Having to wear 24/7 can be a huge stab in the back. I hope that you continue to get the support and assistance you need!
  2. Depression and DNA

    As one that deals with depression daily I understand and I am thankful your helping!
  3. Depression and DNA

    Those DNA related things scare me. I might just be paranoid, but if you think about it you are giving the very thing that could convict you of a crime or worse, out to a group that can do anything with it. Its very simple to grow cells from your DNA. And then they could sell those cells to anyone and they could place them at a crime scene, on a murder weapon, etc. And bingo guess what, Hey judge we found this persons DNA at the crime scene and on the murder weapon. I apologize if my thoughts offend anyone, but this day in time you can never be to careful.
  4. Greetings Fellow DD peeps

    Welcome! Glad you joined us. Always glad to see another Texan here!
  5. Newbie to the forums want to try the lifestyle

    Welcome! Glad you decided to join us. DD has a broad range of AB and DL's that are happy to share their experiences or offer there advise. Please feel free to ask anything. I was a strong feelings DL with AB tendencies as well till about 10 years ago. Then I became a fulltime AB. Please feel free to ask anything you want.
  6. Hi I'm new!

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here. There are many babies or diaper wearers here that can help you out with anything.
  7. I have achieved bedwetter status

    Unless you don't have the choice (like me a car accident took my control away so I didn't get a choice) making the decision to be a fulltime diaper wearer or an every night diaper wearer is a huge step. I was a DL for my whole life before the accident. All I ever wanted was to be required to wear diapers fulltime. If its what you know you want then go for it 100%.
  8. ABDL pet peeves

    I will join you on one of those....baby powder under the finger nails drives me nuts. It doesn't happen anymore as I'm not allowed to change myself, but just the thought of it makes me crazy(ier).
  9. The Secret Cabin (Completed)

    This part you posted is great. I look forward to reading the rest.
  10. Made it to wedding day!

    Congratulations! Finding someone to take care of you is an amazing move. Wish y'all happiness and lots of diaper changes in the future.
  11. Gotta Love Summer

    Well summer is in full effect here in Texas. It was 98 today but we had 78% humidity. So it was miserable outside. almost have to use a full bottle of baby powder during diaper changes to keep from filling them with sweat only.
  12. kinda new here

    Welcome to both of you! Glad you joined us and hope we can help you in any way we can. I'm an adult baby and my wife takes care of me fulltime. Feel free to contact me by message or PM in chat. I will be glad to share and/or be glad to hear from y'all as well.
  13. How do you put on your diapers?

    I just lay back and let my wife diaper me however she see's fit. She has been diapering me for almost 10 years. But no matter what I am always very thickly diapered.
  14. hi

    Glad you joined us. I saw your other post and I wear 24/7 and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
  15. East Texas

    I'm north of I-30 on Hwy 271. About 1.5 hour drive from Tyler.