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  1. footed pajamas info

    Sounds like diaper is a good idea. What if thezipper gets stuck when you need to pee badly
  2. Why diapers are better than toilets.

    Someone might be willing to pay to change your diaper. Lol. Good luck finding someone to fix the toilet for free
  3. Girl Touches Your Diaper

    I think that would be awesome to have a woman the wants to feel your diaper. It might be annoying if you were not allowed to touch the women. I want complete access (boob diaper area etc
  4. Foreign Exchange Girl's Troubles (open)

    Anyroom for more rp?
  5. Why diapers are better than toilets.

    I remember my teacher in elementary school would not let you go if she was mad at you. I heard one girl was made to wear luvs don't know if that was true. It is hard to aim for the toilet while hard. You could still use the diaper
  6. Diaper Game

    Especially pull-ups don't hold much. I think they should start off in panties then play games for pull-ups. And move on to games like checker/chess for better diapers. Rounds 1. tick tac toe - pull-up 2 checkers - diaper 3 chess - 1 diaper for every captured piece 4 monopoly must have drinks (type and quantity biased on landing on space) can change diapers as desired Losers eliminated as they leak and get their pants wet. The one in just undies would have almost no chance but would be fun to watch
  7. Diaper Game

    That might be a good side game for the game above. You play to win a diaper to use. As much as I have been going today I think you might win. Lol Hopefully some hot women would be contestants. I deffenatly see wet legs with this game
  8. Ripoff report

    Agreed. Should post name of store so we know what to avoid
  9. Roleplay anyone?

    Tickle her
  10. 2 Broke Girls 2/20/17

    I would like to diaper them.
  11. Why diapers are better than toilets.

    If you get stuck in traffic you can just use the diaper. I think if I had a diapered girl friend in my car I might be tempted to take the long way on purpose.
  12. Why diapers are better than toilets.

    Everyone can pee while standing
  13. Game show

    Who would you want to see on the show? Sue from The Middle maybe. Dixie chicks?
  14. masterbating in a diaper or maxi pad

    Beating off in diapers is awesome. And practical. Don't use the feel n learn it's like using sand paper for that. Luvs/pampers are nice when wet. Slick
  15. Game show

    Too bad there is not a diapered game show. Like have 3 women answer questions. Answer wrong you have to drink water. When your diaper leaks your out but how you handle that the choice of the contestants. Like lay down to pee or holding and squirming are ok. Or maybe you can spin the wheel for a diaper change or chance to take a 15 minute restroom break while the others must down a 32 oz drink.