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  1. Everyone can pee while standing
  2. Who would you want to see on the show? Sue from The Middle maybe. Dixie chicks?
  3. Beating off in diapers is awesome. And practical. Don't use the feel n learn it's like using sand paper for that. Luvs/pampers are nice when wet. Slick
  4. Too bad there is not a diapered game show. Like have 3 women answer questions. Answer wrong you have to drink water. When your diaper leaks your out but how you handle that the choice of the contestants. Like lay down to pee or holding and squirming are ok. Or maybe you can spin the wheel for a diaper change or chance to take a 15 minute restroom break while the others must down a 32 oz drink.
  5. I remember Sue said she's a bed wetter in one episode. That would be awesome to see her diapered