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  1. Joey_AB_DL

    My Images

  2. Joey_AB_DL


    I have several of ABU's onsies and really enjoy them. They are comfortable and feel like high quality materials. Joey
  3. Joey_AB_DL

    Miley Cyrus SNL

    It’s me... and I am also Lorde.... “Feeling good on a Tuesday...
  4. Joey_AB_DL

    Time management

    Not a lot of info here. Are you in management or a lead position where delegation or coaching is an option? What business or disapline is your role or position? Often time management issues can be attributed to distractions or detractors (I.e. personal agendas, social media, poor performing team members, etc). Finally, what makes you think you need to improve your time management skills? Joey
  5. Enjoying my last evening here in Orlando.  It has been a fun week, even if the visit was mostly work.  I am ending it feeling a little under the weather though, I think I am coming down with a sore throat and I have a rumbly in my tumbly.... 

  6. Traveling / flying diapered is the best thing, why did I do it the other way for so long.   So comfy and no hassles with the nasty airport bathrooms or cramped lavatories.

  7. Joey_AB_DL

    I really wish to visit North Korea eventually

    IF that goes anywhere, it will be just like the reunification of Germany in the 90's. The West Germans hated the reunification. There was a reunification tax to pay for the infrastructure, increased burden on the social system and other projects that occurred as a result. The roads were flooded with broken east German cars as they made a mad-dash to the west (for fear of a reversal of policy and to get their piece of the pie). The pain of the reunification was felt through Germany for nearly a decade. Ten years after the reunification, there were entire sections of major roads that were sill impassable due to the condition of the east's infrastructure. I really hope that Bowl Cut Jr. has / had an epiphany but I am skeptical of his agenda. Perhaps China's leadership is behind their sudden shift in policy. I hope for the sake of the North Korean people and the sake of peace in the region, that this is all legitimate and all sides work to see this through. FYI - my wife and I are BIG fans of Korean food. I will skip the bait (squid), but I love me some bibimbap, kimchi, spicy pork and bulgogi. Joey
  8. Joey_AB_DL

    What if diapers were popular?

    The social media, web advertising and related industries would crash financially. Production at work would increase by 10 fold....... People would have no excuse to sit on the toilet and play with their phones..... On the other hand, air fresheners would sell like crazy. Joey
  9. Day one of a 4 day weekend.... and I am starting it diapered up.  so much fun

  10. Joey_AB_DL

    Picture 25

    I always liked the European Pampers packages. They were slightly different, at least in the 90's when I was in Europe.
  11. Joey_AB_DL

    Hey New Here

    Welcome to the Forum, nice to see another from the PA/MD area. If you haven't found it yet, there is a MD/DC area littles group and a Lancaster Littles group on Fetlife that get together monthly. Joey
  12. Joey_AB_DL

    Potty License.png

    This is too cute. I like the restrictions. However, at 6’ 0”, she is one big 5 y/o...lol
  13. Heading to Orlando in 2 weeks.  Will spend the week diapered (except while at work).  Hoping to attend an ABDL Meet-up at Dave & Busters the first night there.  It will be my first meet up.  I am so excited I am already packing!

    1. Wannatripbaby


      That's awesome! Good luck and let us know how it turns out. :)

  14. Joey_AB_DL

    Poll: Toys

    Legos go with every mood and genre of play. They can be anything you want. Plus, it was my go-to you growing up. Even as an adult I openly buy technik kits. For a while I was building a collection of “models”, but ran out of space. As an added bonus, Legos accompany other toys well (cars/trucks, playmobile, and even erector sets). joey
  15. Joey_AB_DL

    Mini Bitcoin Farm

    I never understood the whole “bit coin mining” thing. I understand digital currency, but not the prospect of mining it.