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  1. Deluth trading company pants

    I have several pairs of Duluth pants and love them. Chinos, firehose, lined jeans and regular jeans. My only complaint is the jean paint legs are boot cut. Yes, the ballroom crotch is real and comfortable. They are extremely comfortable to wear with diapers. In fact, when wearing diapers out, my Duluth jeans are my go-to britches. joey
  2. Shaving body hair

    I too prefer to be hairless in most areas. I use a multipurpose groomer, but have been thinking of getting a Philips body groomer designed for such tasks. I haven’t been brave enough to hit the sensitive areas with a close razor and shaving cream. Groin, buttocks, back, chest, belly, and armpits. I find that clean and near hairless areas make them more sensitive. Plus it makes clean up much easier. Joey
  3. Finally watching "Frozen" movie.  Sitting in front of the TV in a fresh diaper after a bath....

  4. My daughter came along when I was 25. I had already suppressed most of my DL feelings 3 years prior when my wife and I got married. However, I tended to avoid changing my daughter’s diaper and continued to suppress any DL feelings. I felt a little weird being obsessed with diapers while my daughter was in them. Surprisingly I never “stole” any of her diapers or indulged in any way. It wasn’t until several years later that I felt ok to indulge those desires.
  5. If Their Was A Cure, Would You Take It?

    Even at 45 y/o I am still trying to accept myself. I have gone through so many binge and purge cycles I lost count. I even set a New Year’s resolution this year to distance myself from the fetish, within 1 month I was dropping $100 on a diaper order. The urge was there, coupled with some additional stress in my life. My wife or family doesn’t know about the fetish and I am sure that is a factor in my own acceptance. I burden myself with a lot guilt and shame due to the unconventional nature of this fetish. I enjoy my little time, but the truth is i wish I could easily purge myself of the desires without changing my personality. ABDL is part of who I am and I am slowly coming to terms with that. Joey
  6. Printed nappies

    I started out as a DL and have slowly started to develop an AB / AK side. I wasn’t really intrigued by the printed diapers at first, but my little side loves them.
  7. When and how you discovered you're a diaper lover

    I assume this was a marketing gimmick. It is amazing what was done years ago for advertising. Pampers have always been what I think of when diapers come to mind. I still remember the box packaging now considered vintage. Nice memories.
  8. Think I got a diaper rash

    Try an epsom salt bath. I second the fresh air. If you have to wear clothing, slather on the desitin. joey
  9. Single tab/tape diapers or double tab/tape diapers?

    I’ve used both, and I prefer the double tape diapers. The single tape offerings are nice and very nostalgic, but the tapes often fail to hold properly in the long run, and it is challenging to get a comfortable fit for myself. Perhaps if the single tapes were a little larger in surface area and more adhesive I might feel different. just my $0.02. Your mileage may vary.... Joey
  10. 3 a.m. in Rearz Safari.....  what a wonderful night sleep.


  11. I am being a naughty little boy today.  Running around in my diaper secretly.  Yes it is a little wet.   Shhhh.... no one knows.  Hehehe

  12. Creams, ointments, and oils

  13. When and how you discovered you're a diaper lover

    I remember when I was 4 y/o I was obsessed with diapers. The neighbors had a baby and I stole a diaper. I don’t remember putting it on, but I remember hiding it under my sisters covers. I was found out. As The years passed, I was obsessed. Pampers were the focus of my attention. Whenever we were around a family with a baby, I would sneak a peak, try to touch and squeeze the diapers. This was the mid-late 70’s. My parents threatened to put me back in Pampers because I was lazy and soiled myself often. When I was a teenager (13-14), I was staying at another family’s house, they had a baby in diapers. I stole one and tried it on late in the night while everyone was asleep. I ended up creaming myself. This was my first sexual experience. Prior to this, diapers were just an obsession, now they were a sexual fixation. Joey
  14. Porn parody of Rugrats

    That is too funny.
  15. My Images