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  1. I came home yesterday and the wife was watching a Hulu show, a series we had not watched before. Episode from 2014 I think. It was called "Baby". From what I saw, there was a service offered by two guys that made people dress and act like a baby to "reset" your life. It may have been posted before. Joey
  2. Joey_AB_DL

    Diapers for haunted houses...

    Yup, seems logical. Hehe.
  3. Joey_AB_DL

    Diapers for haunted houses...

    The wife and I are headed to Orlando at the end of October. In addition to our Disney experience, we are going to try Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. When reading reviews I came across several recommendations for diapers due to the possibility of being so scared your wet yourself. I have heard that some people do wet, mess, pass out or even vomit when extremely scared or startled. https://blog.universalorlando.com/visiting-us/tips-for-hhn-first-timers/ Sounds like a legitimate reason! Lol Joey
  4. Joey_AB_DL

    I'm Doing a Brave Thing

    I am in the same scenario. I am “closet” and my wife of 23 years does not know. Or so I think. I have worn in secret around her and she has never said a word or indicated she noticed. I indulge when away or when she is at work and know I have some time to my self. Sometimes I get the urge to tell her, but then I don’t want to change the great relationship we have. I’ve tried to give up my ABDL side several times and always come back. I say I would give it up before I lose her, but it would be tough. Also, I think some of the lure is the taboo nature and secrecy behind my indulgence. I am not sure that would be there if she knew and even condoned my wearing of diapers. Joey
  5. Joey_AB_DL

    Disneyworld - Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party

    Thanks for the reply. We hadn’t planned on anything adult themed or the like. I can’t imaging riding park rides or similar activities in a full costume or anything taboo/adult themed. So my idea to go as Winnie the Pooh, in a Red shirt, pant less is out of the question..LOL. Thanks for the info
  6. Has anyone attended this event this year or in the past? My wife and I are headed to Orlando in October and going to spend 3 days plus 1 evening at the Halloween special event. I am curious what we can expect. The web site invites patrons to wear costumes or character inspired attire. Thanks Joey
  7. Well, we have our Disney tickets and even tickets for Mickeys Not so scary Halloween party.  Guests are encouraged to dress in mild costumes or character inspired dress.  If the wife goes as Tigger, I wonder if I can go as Pooh in a red shirt and pant less?

    going to be fun

  8. Joey_AB_DL

    Making jury duty fun!

    I am not an attorney or involved with the law in any related field. Also, I’ve never even experienced jury duty. Hence the reason for my asking. I don’t even watch many cop/law TV shows. The closet thing I get from exposure is “Better call Saul”, a TV show on AMC. Thanks for the feedback, Joey
  9. Joey_AB_DL

    Making jury duty fun!

    Why reject other attorneys? One would think that an attorney would benefit you in many scenarios? I can see situations where someone with a commanding knowledge of the law could undermine an attorneys argument if it were questionable, but if your approach is ethical I would expect it to further "the truth". Unless that hurts your position. Just curious.
  10. Joey_AB_DL

    So, I bought a Trailer, Only one problem...

    What he said
  11. I’ve got a day off tomorrow, looking forward to some lounging around in a diaper and t-shirt. I can’t think of a better way to clear stress. What movie or kid’s tv show should I binge watch to get into little space?

  12. Joey_AB_DL


    I am going to miss visiting Toys R Us and Babies R Us. They were so much fun.
  13. Joey_AB_DL


    ...and soggy of course.
  14. Joey_AB_DL


    ...and saggy...
  15. Joey_AB_DL


    My Diapee is a little swollen...