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  1. Joey_AB_DL

    Hospital urology yearly checkup

    I am not sure a bag is a better option than diapers. Of course everyone here is partial to diapers. That said, is there a support group or previous patients of the surgery you could interview about their experience? It might help and probably confirm any thoughts on the subject. i don’t like the idea of surgery, as you stated it has already proven risky and that is something no one can argue with you. I was offered surgery to correct a broken vertebrae and back pain. The risk: possible paralysis and other things. I’ll deal with the minor inconvenience of occasional back pain. Joey
  2. Joey_AB_DL

    Filling a diaper

    Drink water, and more water....and oh yea, water! I drink a lot of water, even when not in a diaper, but intentionally drink additional glasses when I know I want to indulge or wear a diaper for fun. Sports drinks will also help. Caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee can also encourage urination, but they can also dehydrate you. Going a little at a time, and gradually filling the diaper is what all this water does for me. Joey
  3. Would it be possible to add a calendar or meetup area to the forum? Hopefully it could be a secure or members only area. I don’t know if this has been requested before or if anyone else would want one. thoughts? Joey
  4. I did. When we lived in Italy, I was about 6. There was a Navy family living in the villa next to us and they had a boy also named Joey, who was the same age We had some towels and were playing baby or diapering each other. A visiting relative caught us and my parents berated me over it. We only did it once, but I remember it because my parents made a big deal of it. Also the same parents who threatened me with Pampers when I would poop my pants. The same family also had a toddler son in diapers which fed my obsession too. Joey
  5. I’m going to treat myself for Christmas, I have found Rearz offers PJ’s, changing pad and other items in their Safari print which I find adorable. I love Rearz Safari diapers so I am looking forward to carrying the theme a little further. 


  6. Joey_AB_DL

    My Images

  7. Joey_AB_DL


    love the top of the diaper sticking out of your bottoms.
  8. Joey_AB_DL


    Very adorable.
  9. Joey_AB_DL


    You look so relaxed. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Heading back to Orlando, flying diapered of course... why go any other way?  I just wish I could fly in PJ’s like so many others....

  11. The weather is cooling off.  It is officially diapers and PJ weather.  Who doesn’t luv a crinkly butt in warm soft fleece pajamas?

  12. Joey_AB_DL

    Got a furbaby under tragic circumstances

    Thank you for taking him in. My wife and I are big animal lovers and we have taken in 5 stray cats. We love them all and wish we could take more. The poor guy may be suffering some stress after losing his owner and the related events. You are a good person opening your home to him. So many animals are put down under these circumstances, I find is so sad. They experience loss like we do and then to find yourself homeless or worse can be a fitting end for such loving creatures. thank you Joey
  13. I came home yesterday and the wife was watching a Hulu show, a series we had not watched before. Episode from 2014 I think. It was called "Baby". From what I saw, there was a service offered by two guys that made people dress and act like a baby to "reset" your life. It may have been posted before. Joey
  14. Joey_AB_DL

    Diapers for haunted houses...

    Yup, seems logical. Hehe.