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  1. Are you loyal?

    I stick to one kind of nighttime-thickness diaper and another kind of daytime-thickness diaper, but I often buy samples to try out other alternatives. Some samples I really liked but would never be able to get into on a regular basis: ABU Kiddo - pretty cute; Rearz Safari- way too much diaper and wasn't feeling like I was getting my money's worth (but SO THICK!). What I usually wear now: daytime-thickness: ABU Preschool; nighttime-thickness: ABU Super Dry Kids.
  2. I need Super Dry Kids!

    you'd probably get by with a Preschool for halloween
  3. I pooped my diaper sitting up in bed this morning. Wasn't sure I was going to do it, then finally the urge hit and out came the poop.
  4. Post when messy.

    Good morning! I just messed my nighttime diaper.
  5. littleforbig onesies

    I'm a guy and I have one and it fits and looks nice. I really like the print on it. I realize it's stressful trying to get it right. The key is to make sure you take accurate measurements before ordering - even use a tape measure if you don't have a cloth measuring tape. The fabric allows for some stretch. I would say that if you're very very worried about this you could order a size up, but only a size up. I got a few more onesies from Onesies Downunder after getting mine from Littleforbig and found that they have a little more give and another onesie snap (4 total).

    I'm trying to figure out what to order next, so I got a sample Kiddo, a new Cushie, and some others. I'm smack in the middle of the medium size range but I wear larges because the mediums don't come up far enough for me but I really like wearing the large diapers. I wore the Kiddo overnight and when you put it on, the waistband hugs your tummy. But after I woke up it really wasn't doing anything different than the non-elastic waistband of the Super Dry Kids and Cushie. I didn't get to wear it out of the house to see how it holds up in terms of where it sits but I felt that kind of illustrated it enough for me. The color pattern is very cute and it's a very soft, nice diaper but I didn't really see a difference with the elastic on the waistband. There's so much padding that it's not strong enough to really pull the thing to your body. Maybe if you're a size where the fit is more snug you'd benefit from the elastic.
  7. The Winceyette nightshirt

    I adore this story
  8. Introducing Bambino Magnifico Pull Up

    I normally order a size up from my waist measurement so the diapers I get rise to my belly button but because of the elastic I'm giving the "actual size" a try. Like, I can't be a 33 and get the size 40 Lg pull-ups. I do wonder if the mediums are gonna fit like mediums normally fit (kind of too tight and a low rise).

    My favorite thing about the SDKs is how they don't offer front elastic just like the old Pampers! That said I'm interested in the Kiddo as a possible daytime diaper given that I think it would fit more closely with the elastic waistband. I love love love how the non-elastic waistband tugs at my shirts and makes it harder to conceal my diaper when I'm wearing an SDK. Even wearing them around the neighborhood with just a t-shirt and pants is a challenge to not expose myself. I love the thrill.
  10. Today: I woke up and ran an errand in my overnight, which was wet but not too bad to change. Sometime after getting back and having things moving I just felt the urge and let it go and boy did it feel great. It took me about 40 minutes to naturally let everything out and I had to make my way around the house and make my mess. I waited till I was all the way done to change and finally got on my hands and knees to try to squeeze anything else out. I showered after taking my diaper off and wiped up a little bit so I could be clean enough to get into the tub. I have a chance to be diapered up this weekend and I'm back in a fresh one now. Probably won't get to do it again this weekend but it was great to make a mess!
  11. Tykable Jeans

    wow i want a pair of these
  12. Favorite diaper you keep going back to?

    Seconding the Super Dry Kids. Perfect size, scale and design for what I enjoy. (and feel)
  13. LittleForBig

    Thanks guys! Yeah I've bought t-shirts in other countries before only to discover firsthand the value of pre-shrinking. I just had the order of operations screwed up: get the size you want and let it shrink down. I've screwed this up before on measurements so wanted to be careful. 2 weeks isn't bad. I can suffer that long.
  14. LittleForBig

    *Whoa* I read that WAY wrong (bolding mine): PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO MEASURE FOR YOUR SIZE. The most critical measurement is the "Length" which is best measured with a cloth measuring tape while wearing a t-shirt and diapers. Start at the collar in back running down the back and through the legs over the diaper, up to the collar in front. Divide this measurement by two and compare to the listed length. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE DIMENSIONS OF THE ONEZIE WILL BE APPROXIMATELY 14% LARGER THAN THE MEASUREMENTS STATED ON THIS PRODUCT PAGE. After washing 2 or 3 times your onezie will shrink to the sizes listed here. They are a very soft high grade organic cotton and as such will exhibit significant shrinking. Guess that makes sense - sizing is based on the washed dimension
  15. LittleForBig

    Hey what are shipping times like? I would rather ship from them than from Amazon. Also I noticed there was a point when they had a note up that said "these onesies shrink about 14%" so I went out and tried to figure out what the sizing would be like after it shrunk, so I would get the right size after a few washes. Is it holding up in size after a few washes or are you relying on its stretchiness to fit?