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  1. herb330

    Considering telling my girlfriend

    Have you brought her into the diaper changing experience. If you do, post on how that goes
  2. At a early age I would have occasional accidents . My mother would notice after a while of a accident and quickly try and change me. It was because of the stench or the way I walked around. Later on in life I use my diapers but now my wife tries to change me right after a accident.
  3. herb330

    Anyone here was ever punished with diapers?

    As a kid I was put back into diapers after having accidents. I really did not want them and threw a fit when my mom decided t put me back into diapers. It was one day when after school my pants were wet and then afterwards I was given a bath and then escorted back into my room where there was diapers, lotion, powder and wipes and then I was changed into a diapers and kept in them for the evening and part of the next fay
  4. herb330

    Getting use to diapers

    at first wearing a diaper is funny and odd and but after a while it is very relaxing. Especially when not having to rush to find a restroom. Also when being cleaned up and powdered by a partner
  5. herb330

    Wearing Diapers = Less Stress & Anxiety (Anyone else?)

    Wearing a diaper defienitely takes allot of the stress awy. It feels more relaxing . Especially if it is applied with powder and lotion
  6. A key item is also to be not allowed to change your own diaper. It is only changed my your partner. If you try to change your diaper your partner gives you a spanking. Also a pacifier s a must and restrict drinking to baby bottles, cups are not llowed.
  7. herb330

    Timing on Diaper Changes

    My diaper changes are normally as long as how my wife wants it to be. It is normally special diaper changes. It also includes the normal items plus sometimes massages or shavings . It always includes a baby bottle or pacifier.
  8. herb330

    The shrinking or age regression fetish

    Initially 24/7 is a issue but after a while it is more comfortable and i is easier to relax . Makre sure to eat and drink allot.
  9. herb330

    AB Or DL - When You Get Changed

    My wife changes my diapers. I'm not allowed to change my own. She normally just smells something strange r randomly does a diaper check. if she needs to change my diaper. She tells me to go to my room and wait . Then I'm placed on the changing table for her to clean me up and change me into a new clean diaper
  10. For the past few years I have worn diapers to the doctors office. At first it was difficult to deal with but now. It has become a known issue. If I have a accident while at the doctors office my wife changes me on the changing table and then goes back to whatever happens next
  11. herb330

    How Clearly do You Remember Your Childhood?

    I remember my childhood. After having accidents during early childhood I was placed back into diapers. It was not a good time.It was even tough having my parents tell my teachers and then having me have time during the day to visit the nurses and have me changed. Also going to school and having either the baby lotion or baby powder smell was not helpful either.
  12. For the Holidays we went to friends and family who were 4 hours worth of driving away from our current residence. When we normally take fairly long drives I normally start the drive with a bottle. That seems to relax me for the ride. After finishing the bottle it is then time fro a pacifier and I doze off right to sleep and many a times I wake up at the point of which we arrive at our destination. But of course sometimes I try my best to stay fairly dry so that I do not need to be changed during the ride and wait until the destination. Adter we arrive at ur destination I 'm greeted by several friends and family and then quickly walk to a separate room with my wife and then setup my changing routine.
  13. herb330

    Do You Carry a Diaper Bag?

    when I 'm out with my wife she carries a bag. In it is a change of diapers, lotions, wipes and pwoder
  14. herb330

    Just found out BF has diaper fetish

    I'm 24/7 a abdl. It has been a non issue for the past few years with my wife. She insists on the changing and taking care of me part. I enjoy it.
  15. herb330

    Anyone here was ever punished with diapers?

    When I was a child I would have numerous accidents. It was just told to me at first to try and hold it until finding a restroom. But unfortunately many times I would have accidents. After a while I was placed in diapers. The first time happened while going to the store and my mother then stocked upon suppliers, diapers, powder, wipes, lotion. I was tehn told when arrving hiome to go to my room. I was then told to take off my clothes and my mother then cleaned me up and placed a new diaper on me with lots opwder. It was then I was palced into diapers for many years.