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  1. I hvae been in 24/7 diapers for a while. I 'm forced to wear diapers all of the time.
  2. In addition the rules that were told to me were the following A lock on the bathroom door. That lock has a combination. Only my wife has the combination. The bathroom is only to be used for bathing In addition all of the cups have been removed I am to only use a baby bottle and sippy cup Also during the day I'm to be diaper checked every hour along with powdered.
  3. I normally during diaper changes have a pacifier or a baby bottle. It really helps me relax
  4. I'm also a 24/7 diaper wearer. It was diificualt at first but it really is great after a while.
  5. One of the enjoyable parts of being in diapers and posisbly being a abdl is taking a bath. What makes it great is having someone treat you and clean you during the bath time ritual. My routine is that my wife walk me over to the changing table and undresses me. She then walks me to the tub. After I get in I'm shampooed , cleaned and washed all over. Affter the bath I cleaned off and then placed back on the changing table. I'm given first a spanking for wetting and probably mis beahving during the day to my wife. Then given a botttle to have while being changed into a clean diaper
  6. Sometimes during times that I have disagreements and arguments with my partner she first spanks my behind and then diapers me and then places a baby bottle in my moth of which I need to finish completely. If I do not finish she does not allow me to rise from teh changing pad. Then she places a pacifier in my mouth for the rest of the evening.
  7. Baby powder is very important. It serves 2 purposes, it keep you smelling like a baby and also keeps you from getting a rash
  8. It was right after my bath time. My wife guided me into the bathroom and normally I would be cleaned up and changed into a night time diaper. This time was different. I was first palced on a changing mat. Then told to not said a word. I was first given a few smacks on my bottom because I continued to ask questions. I was then noticed my wife reaching for a baby bottle. I was told to finsih the entire one. After finishing that one I was given another and then another bottle. I was then told to open my moth and a pacifier was place in it. I was then massaged on my neck to my feet with lotion and oil. Then finally placed into a clean diaper.
  9. Normally I'm not asked to be checked. My wide just does it whenever she fels the urge. I cannot resist her or she gets angry at me.
  10. I have 3 other rules that maybe a good fit a spanking for times of which baby mis behaves also a baby bottle is given at nighttime Also daily naps are given
  11. Par of the process of being a ab/dl is wearing diapers. The most frustrating part is having a partner, g/f check your diaper w/o your knowledge and forcing you to get changed even while in the middle of doing something. How are others diaper checked by their partners.
  12. During diaper chnages I insist that alot of baby powder and lotion is usd. It is a important part of the process.
  13. Initially going 24/7 in diapers was difficult. After a while i have come more accustomed it to. It is sort of like a right of passage. I know that I need to be in diapers and my wife bathes, diapers and changes me when needed.
  14. It is also important that both of you enjoy the time and make it pleasurable. Especially during changing an bathing time
  15. Of course one of the items wearing diapers is the diaper change experience. I have the wonderful option of having my g/f take care of that experience. My thoughts are that isn't it great when we have a accident and then preparation is made by someone else. The prep for the gathering of lotion,wipes, powder, diaper. Then the ecstasy when one is changing and cleaned up and then freshly presented with a nice clean diaper with powder and lotioned.