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  1. My response would be I do not mind the diaper checks It feel that it is done lovingly. My issue is the frequency.
  2. I consider myself , a little of both. I have a need for 24/7 diaper but also enjoy the ab side as well.
  3. I do not mind the initial point of a wet or messy diaper. But after a few minutes I will ask my wife to change me.
  4. I 'm also 24/7 in diapers so use them for their intended use. Of course if I have a accident I'm changed.
  5. In addition sometime my diaper has leaked. This has caused accidents. Also she wants to make sure that the odor or smell does not persist. She does not mind the checks. She comes over to a rest stop and checks the back of my diaper and if I need to be changed then change me if not she will sprinkle some powder to stay nice and dry
  6. I usually get a paci and bottle during diaper changes
  7. Thanks for the advice. It normally happens every 2 hours. or sometimes less. It is usually done in private. So that noone can see it at all. I have compalined at times but I will get a spanking or time out if I complain.
  8. The most annoying time is when my wife requires to stop the car at rest stops to have a diaper check. It normally happens during long car rides. She opens up the back of my diaper to check and feels the front. If it is not wet she will at least sprinkle a bir of powder in the back to keep the smell. She will also from time to time give me a baby bottle to relax during the car ride. It is usually filled with milk but sometimes just water or juice.
  9. As soon as I have a combination of a pee and need to mess. I tell mt wife and I get changed as soon as possible. My wife uses diaper cream and lotion before each diaper change to keep the skin clean and smoothe along with well groomed , no hair at all
  10. herb330


    AS a kid I was punished . It would happen when having accidents. It would normally start with a threat and then putting me back into diapers day and night. It also was a change in my bedtime as well. The only thing that I did not mind was having to rush to the bathroom.
  11. As a toddler going through potty training. It was difficult. I had many accidents and my parents were hard on me and really wanted to potty train me. They even allowed me to continue to use a pacifier to relax me. Thinking that relaxing me may force me to want to use the potty instead of the diaper. But I was continued to be diapered until age 7 or 8.
  12. A few years ago I disposed of all of my underwear. I have been 24/7 diaper wearer. I enjoy the comfort and the frrdom of not having to underwear. Easpecially the changing time from my wife.
  13. In my diaper bag is a diaper, wipes, powder and lotion
  14. After being put back in diapers, My mother would say that to me. It would happen each morning. Of course I would be wet and need to be changed