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  1. Everyday when I get home at 4pm, there is a evening ritual. The first thing that is done is that I'm given a bath. Most evenings that includes a shampoo as well. Once that is done I'm escorted into my bedroom. I'm placed on a towel and then usually lotioned from head to toe and then placed into a clean new diaper with plenty of powder. I'm then placed into my bed with a paci in my moth and told to take a nap until dinner time is ready. The nap is very relaxing and allows me to let go of all of the days issues and concerns.
  2. time for a change

    For further clarity. the baby food is only for meals that O'm at home only dinner or snacks. Lunch is a regular meal
  3. Dominent Men getting Their Diaper Changed

    Yes I only have my diaper changed by my wife. It is a must
  4. time for a change

    While I was outside for a bit my wife made some changes to our house. Gone were all of my clothes except a few suits, sneakers,shoes Gone were all of my underwear Gone was all of my hygiene products and replaced by baby products , baby powder, lotion, wipes, diapers, baby shampoo, baby soap and wash A lock was placed on the bathroom door All of the cups were gone replaced with sippy cups. Gone were all of my food from the refrigerator and replaced with baby food
  5. Many times during the summer friends and family go out for dinner either at other friends and family houses or at a restaurant. My question is when out for dinner and needing to take care of business, do you wait until you go back home or grab a diaper and change in the restroom or bathroom. I try to walk away with my wife nad then she changes me in a restroom or bathroom.
  6. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    I normally go to the doctor in a diaper. It has been a part of my overall attire for the past few years and could not be w/o it. Most of the doctors and nurses that I visit already know about it and treat as normal.
  7. Shaving For Guys

    Part of the experience of being a abdl is to be compeltely bare. It really makes the feeling that much better. It also helps for having my wife clean me up during changes. Most importantly do it often.
  8. public changing

    Public hcnages are totally dependent on my wife. She is in charge of when and where I get changed. I she needs to change me, we go to a semi private place to change.
  9. Soothers/pacifiers

    Hvaing a paci is part of my chnaging routine and also part of my routine during my nap time
  10. Bedtime Routine

    My bedtime routine is somewhat similar . The first thing is to have a bath with shampoo, . Then after washed off I'm placed into a towel and escorted to the changing mat on the bed. Then a clean diaper is slid underneath me. I'm then wiped, powdered and lotioned. After that I'm placed into a onesie and then have a paci placed into my mouth for the evening.
  11. t has now come to the point that very moment I need to want to have a diaper on. It is most apparent when I 'm given a bath either at night or in the morning. At the moment that it is taken off and cleaned up to the time I 'm placed back into a new diaper., I really feel the need to have one back on. The comfort level of having powder sprinkled on me and then placed into a clean diaper it appears to be longer then it is. At the same time having a paci placed into my mouth as well makes it a little more relaxing
  12. Over the past few months in addition to using baby wash and baby shampoo,, my wife during diaper changes makes sure that I'm powdered enough to insure that I smell clean and fresh and also massaged all over with baby lotion. She tells me that I need to smell like a true baby.
  13. Wetting during diaper changes

    Occasionally when I'm being changed, I have wet. It is probably because of anxiety or nerves.
  14. I hvae been in 24/7 diapers for a while. I 'm forced to wear diapers all of the time.
  15. Rules ideas?

    In addition the rules that were told to me were the following A lock on the bathroom door. That lock has a combination. Only my wife has the combination. The bathroom is only to be used for bathing In addition all of the cups have been removed I am to only use a baby bottle and sippy cup Also during the day I'm to be diaper checked every hour along with powdered.