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  1. herb330

    Do you REALLY Want to become Diaper dependent?

    Being 24/7 is not that hard to get used to . It really allows a diaper dependent person the fortitude of not having to worry about a bathroom stp unless a severe accident. Also wearing diapers are more comfortable than other protection. It is also made better if a diaper dependent person has someone to change them like my wife.
  2. herb330

    sleeping with a bottle

    Right at bedtime I'm given a bottle with milk and a pacifier.
  3. I definitely agree, pacifiers are very relaxing. I have it during a diaper change and during my naps.
  4. I wear diapers all of the time.
  5. I'm given no choice in front of my wife but to wear just diapers and occasionally a onsie. But in front of others. at home I wear diapers with snap up pants.
  6. herb330

    Rules / Agreements married ones

    My wife also has a few more rules. A spanking before each diaper change. In addition my wife gives me a baby bottle during changes. Also I'm not allowed t use the toilet. I'm also not allowed to take showers. My wife is to give me a bath with baby shampoo and baby wash
  7. herb330

    Does anyone ever get sore from wet diapers?

    I recommend having diaper rash cream put on both and after every diaper change.
  8. herb330

    Different alternative to baby food

    I 'm occasionally given baby food. It is not so bad. It has a different taste. It is also great to have a warm milk baby bottle
  9. herb330

    Babys' bed time

    I have acactually found it quite relaxing. Not having to worry about getting up. Also a comfortable feeling against my body
  10. Sometimes when I'm groggy in the morning and do not have the energy to get changed into a new diaper and dressed. I keep on my onsie. It normally only happens when I'm in the car in teh back with my wife driving. Has anyone else worn a onsie outside
  11. herb330


    For the past few days I have been wearing diaper during playing pick up games of either football or basketball. I have done so while trying to limit my intake of fluids during playing time . Of course my wife has accompanied me during this time with full change of accessories just in case of a accident. The pick up games sometimes become very competitive and could be aggressive. My wife and others seem to not like that side of me. It does not bring on fights but could be rough. After the last game my wife as quite angry with me as she told me that it was just a game and not to p,ay so aggressive. She told me that I would be punished when we got home. We got home and I was told to go straight to our room and wait their by the changing table. The first thing that happened was that my wife came in the room with a enema bag. It was first lubed up and then inserted into my behind. At the same time I was given a pacifier while this was in my but. After the bag was finished, I was placed on the changing table. My behind and privates were heavily powdered and lotioned and then a diaper was placed on my bottom for the next 1 hour.
  12. herb330


    Many a times I was punished for wetting or messing. I would be be placed into diapers or spanked during this time
  13. It has been a struggle at first being in diapers full time. But after a while it is more and more relaxing . Not having to worry about having to stop and worry about about issues. My wife changes me and takes care of the majority of my diaper issues. She does not mind it. I'm given a baby bottle with either milk or water during changes and then a pacifer.
  14. herb330


    For the past few weeks my wife has added a additional item to my bedtime ritual. It is a recordings of hypnosis relating to abdl. It involves, wetting, pacifier usage, diaper dependence and others. It has really relaxed me during my bedtime . It has made me put into the zone during my bedtime. Other use hypnosis as well
  15. herb330

    A relaxing time

    For the past few months a new part of my evening regimen has taken place and it has really relaxed me and helped me with my wind down process. During the dinner time, I'm given a baby bottle. The bottle has warm milk in in. After dinner time is over. It is bath time and change into a new diaper. Then maybe a few moments of play time and then another bottle. After finishing I'm given a pacifier and then tucked into bed for the evening. I strongly recommend this