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  1. herb330

    How Does Pooping Feel To You

    Most of the time I have urine accidents in my diaper but occasionally my wife is uable to change my diaper before I have a poop accident. Normally right before I start to mess my wife changes me into a new diaper
  2. herb330

    Bringing Out The Baby In One

    it usually happens when my wife diaper checks me and tells me that bbay has had a accident and needs changing. I'm then given a pacifire and then lead to the changing table
  3. Yes I have. It comes natural as being in diapers 24/7
  4. herb330

    How do you put a diaper on?

    since I have been in diapers 24/7 . My wife does the changes. I 'm placed on a changing table and then cleaned up and changed.
  5. herb330

    I'm Doing a Brave Thing

    for years My wife has taken part in the changing diapers . She does not mind it.
  6. herb330

    Sleep time

    Over the past few weeks my wife has added a little more to sleep time. About once a week after bathtime, I'm shaved on my chest and back and around my groin and around my anus area. During this time my wife will play either abdl sleep hypnosis or abdl diaper hypnosis. This has made the relaxation easier.
  7. herb330


    Bath time is very relaxing. Right after my diaper is removed by my wife sh walks me over to the bath. All of my toys are int he bath. She then washes me with J&J baby wahs. She then washes my hair is J&J baby shampoo not to have the suds into my eyes. After fully clean. She then walks me over to the changing table. She first massages me with some baby oil and then some lotion. She then palces a new diaper with lots of powder on me and my diaper and then places a pacifier into my moth for me to take a nap
  8. herb330

    losing control?

    After first being put into diapers it was a little while until I lost bladder control. It was bothersome at first. After a while I did not mind it. I knew that it meant that I would be changed by my wife after I hada accident.
  9. herb330

    What do you like to wear during the day?

    diapers 24/7
  10. herb330

    diaper check

    Thanks for all of the replies. Just to state again it was 6 bottles over a 20 hour period.
  11. herb330

    diaper check

    For the past few weeks it has been rather ho. I have continued to drink a more drinks from my baby bottle during the day. I have finished about 6 bottles during one day. Sometimes finishing 2 at a time before going outside. The last time going out I must have had too much fluids in my system. My wife felt my diaper and I was soaking wet. She was quite mad at me for not telling her to be changed earlier. She took me home and then gave me a spanking on my bottom and a pacifier to keep me quiet and then poured more powder then norma; in my diaper.
  12. herb330

    6 years in diapers

    Going 24/7 is more comfortable. Not to worry about the local bathroom and staying baby fresh all day
  13. herb330

    Do you regularly wear diapers out of the house?

    I wear diapers 24/7. It is much more comfortable
  14. Over the past few weeks it has started to get quite warm and sticky and it is not good after having a accident. Last night after my wife gave me a complete wash and washed my hair. I was then dried off and placed on the changing pad. By the changing pad were the usual items, baby bottle, pacifier, diaper, wash , powder and lotion. My wife first placed the bottle into my mouth it had some cool milk in it so it felt good and relaxing. I was then told to keep calm and quiet. My wife then reached for the a warm towel to wipe me down with Then came the cream and then the razor started. It started from teh armpits all the way down the legs and around the groin. I was completely hairless other then my head and eyebrows. I was then turned over and the same thing happened. I was shaved around the butt hold and back. After that I was then placed into a clean diaper with lots of powder. By that time the bottle was finished and I pacifier was paled into my mouth and I was told it was nap time . Escorted to the bed I laid their for the next 1 1/2 hours .