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  1. Story Girl

    Babies of Madison High

    SOOO Good please continue....
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    How long...

    How long do you stay in a poopy Diaper/Nappy
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    Oh dear you have wet your pants. It’s a very big wet too
  5. Story Girl

    The Hidden Away Nursery

  6. Story Girl

    The Family Cookout/Hookup

    Is it true? great story!
  7. Story Girl

    The Hidden Away Nursery

    Great Please continue
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    Haunted Nursery Ward

    Wow this is great
  9. Story Girl

    Collection on short stories : Year One at school

    Story 3 - Night night! This story happens the very night after the pooping accident. I’m at home and ready for bed. “Right then Freya, night night. See you tomorrow” my mum says while tucking me into bed. “Night Mum” I reply. I start to think ‘why have I been wetting myself? I just don’t understand.’ Not long later I fall asleep. My mum wakes me up next morning and says “Freya you have wet the bed. Are you ok?” I simply reply “have I. It’s not fair, it’s not fair. I’m not going to school today” My Mum the next just helps me out of bed and out of my wet clothes not saying a word. She then grabs some clean school clothes and hands them to me. “Pop your school clothes on please Freya.” She tells me before walking out of my bedroom. I put the clothes on (they were a school t-shirt, skirt, tights and panties) and walk down the stairs for breakfast.
  10. Story Girl

    Collection on short stories : Year One at school

    She then helped me off the bed and handed me the pile of clothes and a pull-up. The she grasped my soiled clothes and walked out the room with them. She returned a few minutes later, by this time I was changed and ready to return to the playground. She told me “I will wash my clothes and that I would come and get them at the end of the day”. I replied “ok and left”. The End Extra info - I returned at the end of the day to collect my clothes. When my parents found out they told me that this is the final time that that will ever happen or I will be grounded.
  11. Story Girl

    Collection on short stories : Year One at school

    Story 2 - Not Again but Worse. This story happened 2 days after the first. It was the Thursday after my first accident and I was still scared from my first accident at school. It is lunch time and I’ve finished eating my lunch and now I’m outside playing with my friend Tim. We’re playing who can run the fastest with a few other people from my class. I’m the fastest by a mile. So I’m told to start the races instead. I’m starting the girls race when I realise I need a poop. So I talk to Sam and say “ can you start the next race because I need the toilet.” He replies “of cause” I race of towards the toilets but the door to the insider school is locked so I begin to run to the other one. I run inside and down the corridor but I’m stopped by a dinner lady. She yells at me for running down the corridor so I say “sorry, I won’t do it again” and I walk off towards the toilets. It’s a long way to the toilets because I don’t to use the other door. And in my mind I didn’t think I’d make it. I kept walking towards the toilets but each step was harder and harder. The pain was getting worse and worse. Untill... It all just came pouring out. Poop and pee all at once. I was a mess. For the second time in 3 days I started to walk to the nurses office! When I arrived the lady took my straight to that same side room and started to talk to me. “Are you ok Freya? It’s happened ‘again but worse’ I better clean you up.” Like last time she returned with the same pile of things but this time she had dent helped me out if my clothes. I was in them. She took my to a different side room with a bed in it and told me to lie on it. She then pulled down my messy tights and ruined undies and took off my skirt. The she pulled out some wipes and cleaned up my priverts and my bum.
  12. Story Girl

    Collection on short stories : Year One at school

    Once she had helped me out of my wet clothes she disappeared out of the room to fetch me something to wear. She returned with a pile of things. First of all she placed the pile down and took the plastic bag of the top and placed all of my wet clothes in it. She then tied it up and placed it at the side of the room. Next she handed my the rest of the pile and told me to put them on. In the pile was a skirt, a pair of tights and a pull-up. I immediately told her “I’m not wearing a diaper there for babies and I’m not a baby.” She sturnly replied “I’m sorry but you have to because that’s what the rules say.” I quitly put it on and the rest of the clothes. After this she hands be the bag of wet clothes and a note for my teacher. Then tells me “ your free to return to your class”. I walk slowly back to my class and walk into the classroom right when Miss was about to open the door anyway. I gave her the note and the bag and walked to my maths seat and continued my work. The End Extra info - the day continued without any more accidents and I went home wearing the pull up. I gave the clothes back the next day and the pull up went in the bin. My parents just said to be more careful.
  13. Story 1 - My first accident The first story begins on the 2nd Tuesday of my 2nd Year at school. It is break time and I’m playing with my best friend Tim. We’re playing Pirates and I’m the capitan. We’re running round like we’re on the wild seas sailing across the globe. Suddenly the end of Break bell rings and we walk to our class line ready for the teacher to pick us up. While we are waiting I wisper to Tim “I need to toilet”. He replies with “ I think you’ll need to wait for a bit”. We walk into class following the teacher and we all go and sit on the floor in front of her. She begins to talk about what we’re doing next, she says “we will be doing maths now so please go and sit on your maths tables and can Fred and Jess please had out the books”. I go to my maths table and sit down next to Tim, I tell him “I still need the toilet” he has tells me “well ask Miss Hanley to go then.” So I reply “I will when she comes to our table.” So I sit there holding it in waiting for Miss Hanley. Miss Hanley comes over to our table a few minutes later and starts to explain what we are doing in maths today, she gives us each a work sheet and then turns to go to another table but I stop her and say “ Miss Hanley I need the toilet”. “She replies “okay off you go then”. So I stand up and walk to the door to leave class. I open the door walk out and close it behind me, before starting to walk down the corridor. With every step the urge to use the toilet get harder to hold. When I’m about half way there my bladder can hold it no longer and I just let go. I’m drenched from all the pee so I start to walk in the direction of the nurses office leaving the puddle of pee behind. When I arrive at the nurses offfice I knock on the door and go in. The nurse sees me in my state and immediately takes me to the side room and helps me get changed out of my wet clothes.