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  1. BabyJoseph

    My diaper experience

    I always was wanted diapers. I only wear to bed right now
  2. BabyJoseph

    Does this happen with you?

    I have done that too. When I wear a diaper I start to wet every 10 minuets
  3. BabyJoseph

    Fort Worth

    Looking for friends in Fort Worth
  4. BabyJoseph

    Little lonely

    I doing much better. Officially divorced and now can start dating
  5. BabyJoseph

    Feeling Alone

    Yep the song that was special to me and the ex I can’t stand anymore
  6. BabyJoseph

    Feeling Alone

    I know the feeling. I been dealing with anxiety and depression myself. I finally am divorced which helps with that But I am still lonely. I do love playing Pokémon go. Helps with stress because in my current situation I can wear my diapers like i want to. Hang in there and I will pray for you
  7. BabyJoseph

    Pampers in side cloth

    I thinking of wearing thin cloth diapers with a pampers size 7. I want the protection of security of it. But not use it. Just have the pamper in there just in case of an accident
  8. BabyJoseph

    Whos Your Favorite Worship Band/Artist?

    Rich Mullins
  9. BabyJoseph

    Pokémon Go!

    I sent my request
  10. BabyJoseph

    DFW little needs little friends

    I don’t drive to Dallas
  11. BabyJoseph

    Little lonely

    Thank you
  12. BabyJoseph


    Welcome the the site
  13. BabyJoseph

    *Makes Paper Nametag For Her Desk*

    Welcome to the site
  14. Just going through a tough time right now. I have my Pokémon go family. But no in real life diaper friends. It be nice to meet up and talk to someone about it
  15. BabyJoseph

    Pokémon go players

    I am team mystic too