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  1. littletracywish

    when do you get ready for bed put diapers on

    usually i'll change to my jammies shortly after dinner....there were lots of times when my ex was still here, she'd get me in my jammies as soon as I got home after class or work... if I've got no plans on going anywhere, i'm in my jammies all day.....
  2. littletracywish

    Baby Nicknames?

    my ex used to call be "babygirl" alot....thing is, before we met, i never really liked that term....but now, it'll melt me in a heartbeat and pretty much send me to littlespace (if i'm not already mostly there)
  3. littletracywish

    Incontinence and Sex

    when my ex was here and she wanted to have some playtime...it would start with her changing me out of my wet diaper....after that, i'm usually fine for as long as a couple hours before she'd have to worry about getting me back into a clean one...
  4. littletracywish

    Wiccan Littles

    was raised jewish.....but have a number of friends who are pagans.....if you ever want to chat some, just PM me!
  5. littletracywish

    losing control?

    after my ex got me wearing full time...it was only about 6 weeks before I started noticing I was having times where I suddenly found myself wetting without any real warning....by the end of 8-10 weeks, it was happening fairly regularly.. (but I was already waking up wet every morning - been a bedwetter since i was 9...it's been like years since i woke up dry....)
  6. littletracywish

    How does being a bedwetter make you feel?

    never really thought much about it growing up...was just something that happened a lot.....once my ex got me wearing diapers though, waking up with a wet diaper (which is nearly always) does kinda drop me to Littlespace pretty much right away...
  7. littletracywish

    Do you wake up needing to pee or not

    I pretty much always wake up wet, so I don't really need to go when i first wake up...
  8. littletracywish

    Hair, Down 'there'

    little girls in diapers shouldn't have any hair there.....I suppose the same applies to all littles really....
  9. littletracywish

    Do You Sleep Better In Diapers

    definateyl sleep better wearing mine....but I got used to being in one years ago...even the times i've been sleepy during the day and if I wasn't in one, would have tooo much anxiety to be able to sleep at all.....
  10. littletracywish

    Babble = Chat

    can we expect some other replacement since Babble seems to have been taken off as well??
  11. littletracywish

    New and Nervous

    for some Littles, sexuality gets sorta pushed aside.....many of them i've heard say become pretty much 'asexual" when they're in little space... there are some who use it as a form of sex-play, though I don't know enough to even try to guess at how many might..... and then there are those like me where it kinda gets mashed in together with it..... I suggest talking with your little and see what he wants.....and put some serious thought to what YOU want out of it.....
  12. littletracywish

    In need of advice/suggestions

    being a Little is easy.....just have to kinda learn to live in the Now a little bit... as for being "flirty"....give him a glimpse of your diaper from time to time...
  13. littletracywish

    Stuffed animals~!

    too many to count.....my dad refers to my room at home as "the Plushie Wildlife Refuge"....they're literally everywhere in the room.
  14. littletracywish


    the pink ones look like one of the ones I have....
  15. littletracywish

    LG's Taking Dolly(ies) to Bed

    i've had plushie animals on my bed for as long as I remember.....I typically have one i carry around most of the time (which one, trades out day to day, so they each get turns)....there's always 3 or 4 on my bed at bedtime with me...i've never actually owned a "doll"...just plushies....