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  1. this is vary good I would love Jackson strapped in baby bounce
  2. sorry this later post it doesn't bother me if people see my diapers when I have normally done in the past I have stand up in queues when using them but this time as I'll need a wheelchair so it won't be as easy to go when I need What what sort of tips is there you can recommend to help me I can only do this when I am on my trip as I do it in private when on holiday on my own
  3. is there a place were I can buy a ski/ snow suit in the link for adults https://www.trespass.com/wiper-kids-unisex-ski-suit
  4. please keep this going as I look forward to see what happens next
  5. I am going away in few weeks time I would use diapers as I am a adult baby I was just if any one had ideas to make easer for me to use them as need hire a wheelchair as I cant walk far with feet hurting
  6. please can you keep going with this
  7. please keep going with this as this Is getting vary good
  8. are there any good websit were I can get Adult Pacifier / Dummy in the pic Measures 7.5cm Across or bigger Teat is 2.5cm in Width and 3.5cm in Length or bigger