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  1. "Well, not stinky yet. You shouldn't hold it in Maddie, it's bad for your tummy," Rachel gently chided. "Oh well, let's get you dressed, I'll just have to bring some extra diapers for my little girl, won't I?" Rachel carried Maddie in her arms to the nursery and placed her gently on the changing table. Like most of the room's furniture it was white wood like pink and rose gold accents. It was very simple but nice, and despite the smell emanating from the diaper pail, air fresheners provided a clean smell to the room. Natural light from a high window (too high to be easily accessible by a little of course) lit up the dust particles that hung in the air and lit up the room even with the lights out. Changing her babies diaper wasn't the most pleasant thing about having a little, but it was hardly a chore for her. As a pediatrician, she cleaned up dozens if not hundreds of littles but it was different with Maddie. She gave a quick tickle of one of Maddie's feet to try and coax out any last squirts but if the little girl was trying to hold onto her potty training like she thought, then Rachel didn't expect her to leak out anymore. She quickly untaped Maddie's diaper and set to work, the old diaper was fairly pungent after being on Maddie for so long but it didn't phase Rachel. After wiping her and placing a new diaper beneath Maddie's bottom, she balled up the old one and tossed it in the pail, before bring the new one snug up between Maddie's thighs and securing it around her little hips. "OK princess, all clean. Now, about those clothes." Rachel lifted Maddie from the table and placed her on the floor, taking the little girls hand and led her over to the closet. She found the shortalls from earlier. "Here we go, now off with this onesie hear. Oh no! Were's Maddie?" she teased as the onesie went over her girls face, "there she is!" The tee shirt went over her head next, "arms up like a superhero! Good girl! Now step in, please." She held out the shortalls for Maddie to step into before fastening the straps. "All done! Hold on, just one more thing." Rachel found a jewelry box on a shelf in the closet and fished out a cute little flower hairclip. Maddie must have been partial to short hair so sometimes when they were out people confused her for a boy. Rachel couldn't imagine how hard that had to be for the girl. Even littles develop a concept of gender identity fairly young she'd learned so being mistaken for a boy had to just make a hard adjustment worse. "There we go, one absolutely beautiful babygirl if I do say so myself." "So princess, do you want to play in the living room and maybe watch some TV or play games before we go to the park, or do you want to go now and you can take your nap there?"
  2. "18 huh? Now, that's grown up over in your dimension right? Or at least what they think grown up is." she corrected herself, she didn't know how much she wanted to humor Maddie with the idea of being an adult because she wasn't one. Still, her little was talking and that made her happy. Maybe she was seeing some progress after all. "So no playing at all huh? That must have been boring. can put some games on my phone but I'd rather keep your screen time to a minimum. Even educational stuff made for little brains has a lot of messages in it. I think we both want you bring and happy and not all zoned out to a screen. You should try it again now that you're here." Rachel got a thought, she wasn't sure if it was responsible to discuss something so high concept with a little, but maybe it would help Maddie relax and learn to enjoy herself in her new home. "You know, when I went to college we had a theory on why some people from your world are littles. Our best idea is if someone is a little here, they've always been a little, even in the other world. Just something about your dimension keeps it from showing through. Neat huh? Its just a theory but I sort of like it. It makes things make a lot more sense that just being totally random. Do you think you were a little back home? I've never asked a little that who still had their big kid smarts." Rachel finished up her breakfast, talking to Maddie and leaving room for any responses as she went. Once everything was finished and it looked like Maddie wasn't going to eat anymore she washed up. She looked at her phone still on the table before going to the sink. She thought about maybe pulling up her music app and finding a playlist for littles. Nothing too regressive, but more calming than anything, just to make Maddie pliable enough to go with the flow and enjoy her day out. She thought better of it. No, if Maddie was going to be talkative on her own she was going to respect that. She wanted Maddie to adapt more to being her little girl before having to go back to work, but there were still a few weeks to go until that happened. Once everything was rinsed and put away, she walked back over to Maddie. "OK sweetie, time to get dressed all cute." Rachel unsnapped the onesie between her girls legs and checked her, "now lets see, is Maddie still just wet or has she went ahead and done a poppy for mommy?"
  3. "Oh, I might be wrong but I think I just saw a cute little girl smile at me!" Rachel chimed as she finished up ticking her little. "Ok then, we'll get you dressed all pretty when we finish breakfast. We'll go to the park until it's naptime then and you can play with all the other littles and amazon kids too." Rachel carried her baby girl down stairs and sat her into the white highchair that had found a permanent place beside the kitchen table where she took her meals. Maybe one day she'd pay to have a high chair installed but for now, this would do. Rachel fastened the tray in place and made sure her little was snug before turning back to the refrigerator and getting cereal for herself and Maddie. It was a simple oat cereal shaped into ring shapes. Not her favorite but it was healthy enough and it was finger food for littles so she supposed it would do for the both of them. A small bowel was placed on the tray of the chair along with a small sippy cup of apple juice. "Maddie, are you feeling like sort of a big girl today?" she asked, and followed up without leaving the little with a chance to respond, "go ahead and show me what a big little I have by eating up all your cereal so we can go?" She finished up her bowl and added milk before sitting in one of the real chairs at the table, keeping a close eye on her little girl. "So baby, are you excited to get out and go play?" Predictably, there was no response. "Come on, hun. I wanted a verbal little for a reason. Talk to me, what do you want to do when we go out? What did you like to play back when you lived in the other dimension?"
  4. "OK sweetheart. Lets get you a bottle and some breakfast then. They we can get you dressed. I was thinking of a mommy-daughter day? Maybe go somewhere and have some fun?" Rachel smiles as she asks but at the lack of response, she pauses. She places a hand against Maddie's forehead. She frowns. "Well, no fever. Do you not feel well baby?" Rachel slips the bottle into her girls mouth and sits down in the rocking chair beside the crib. "I know it can be scary, going out for the first time after being adopted. You still think like a big girl and I understand that. Where your from they thought you were one and treated you like one. I know you're scared, but you need to see that it's a wonderful thing to be a little, baby girl." Rachel muses quietly as Maddie rhythmically drinks down the bottle. It's a sweet sound to her ears. Rachel did a second diaper check but found it much the way she had previously. The only change was that the urine in the seat of Maddie's diaper was cooler than before. That disappointed Rachel a bit. Maddie was still clinging to her potty training, she knew that, but was hoping that the girl may have had a wet night. Of course there were hypnosis tapes she was hoping to avoid them. The best way to not harm a little was to ease them in, make them want regression. Some amazons still held onto the authoritarian discipline and forced regression their parents had drilled into them, but more often than not, that's what led to unhappy, rebellious littles. Pushing them to hard is why littles tried to escape and got themselves lost or hurt. Still, compared to the lack progress her authoritative style and simple regression choices had produced, she wondered if against all data there might be something to that. In the more immediate sense, she was disappointed that the diaper was still only just wet. Poor little thing was too proud or shy to go poopy and would just need another change later because of it. Oh well, littles... "I wish you'd tell me what the matter was princess." Rachel said, out loud but still mostly to herself, as the small girl finished up with her bottle. A burp cloth went over her shoulder before Rachel brought her baby there too. "Ooh goodness, that was LOUD!", she said playfully and quickly ticked Maddie's tummy through her onesie. "OK precious girl, lets get some solids in that tummy too, huh? Maybe we can both get some cereal? Then change that yucky diaper and go to the park? We don't have to go for long, but I think you'll have fun with the other littles there. Now, before we go, do you want to help me pick out your clothes for the day?" Rachel goes to the closet and rummages around until finding two outfits, a blue playdress with yellow, pink, and white heart clusters and and a lilac shortall set over a white tee shirt? "What does my princess think looks cutest for today?"
  5. Waking up to with the late morning sun on her face as opposed to the trill of an alarm clock was something Rachel was going to miss. Ever since adopting her little Maddie she'd been able to take advantage of parental leave from her job at the New Start littles Center. She stretched in bed and kicked off the covers. She heard no sound coming from the new baby monitor beside her bed. Rachel smiled gently, she finally had a little of her own. Just thinking how less than a month ago she was still on her own was in a way amusing. She'd wanted a little for the longest time but it was never the right time to get one. After laying eyes on Maddie though after she was brought back to the center, she was in love. Sure, Maddie was a problem little, but that didn't matter. If anyone could reach a problem little it was her. Still, she was troubled a bit by Maddie. Rachel had looked over her file and found that the little girl had been in a few homes already but hadn't taken to any of them. Of course most of them were off the street abductions, nothing too uncommon, but a few were adoptions from the center to promising parents and still reports were the same. A sullen, passive little. Hypnosis had even been attempted before but Maddie's sheer passivity and resignation seemed to keep it from taking. One of the things she'd learned about little care back in medical school was hypnosis worked well for maintaining a little's mental age, but regression was another story. The little had to be accepting or resisting for the attempts to find purchase, but from all accounts, Maddie's indifference may be the reason she still had her big girl brain. That was fine with Rachel though, at least to a degree. A little was a little to be sure, but they were still little people and she always said when she had one of her own she wouldn't be another mindless little pooping machine fixated on a Naomi and Oliver screen. She shuddered. Limiting screen time was one of the few things the other dimension may have gotten right on childcare. Rachel took the monitor from the bedside table and went downstairs to the kitchen, stopping slightly just outside her little girls bedroom door. Just some rustling and silence, little girl might be just waking up or still deep in dreamland. Either way, she had enough time to brew a nice cup of morning coffee and scroll through her phone, checking news and social media. Becoming a mommy had led to treasure these moments in a way she hadn't since she got a house of her own. It was sort of like having a roommate again, albeit this time a tiny one. She smiled at the idea, utterly content with her life in her nice house with a job as a pediatrician waiting for her once her leave was up. Content with her little. As she scrolled, she saw photos of friends with their littles. Such happy families, she wished she had photos of her and Maddie. Perhaps they'd do something together today. The park maybe if the weather held up. Anything to get a photo of her little girl with a smile. She rinsed the cup out when finished and left it setting in the sink while making up a bottle of formula for her baby. When she was confident it was the right temperature, she made her way back upstairs , stepping over the five foot tall baby gate in front of the door to the sanctuary of pink that was her little ladies bed room. She smiled at the sight of her kiddo, even if Maddie wasn't enjoying her life here yet, it was only a matter of time, and besides today was a new day. 'Every Day a New Start' she thought happily, recalling the motto of her workplace. "Good morning princesses, did you have a sweet dreams?" She fished a hand into the gap between her daughters thigh and onesie, two fingers pressing into the padding of her diaper. "Oh my, you are so soaked. No wonder you've got such a pouty face on. Come on, lets get you fresh and clean and we can dress up for the day. Do you want your bottle first or a diaper change and get dressed all pretty first?"
  6. I think I was around 12 or 13 because my little sister had to have been around 4 or 5. Now, to preface, I had a weird attraction to diapers and baby stuff going into this. My older half brother was a bedwetter but he bullied me too. I think that disconnect caused something to misfire in my lovemap that diapers weren't for babies, in fact they were for people bigger and stronger than myself, because I remember being curious as young as 4 or 5, but never acted on it due to a perceived inherent wrongness. Anyway, when I was 12 my mom deemed me old enough to stay home alone, but not babysit my sister. So she would leave me home alone and either take my sister with her to work or to our grandparents during the summer of '02. Well, being left alone and knowing when I'd be able to expect mom home because she had her schedule on the fridge, curiosity led to bravery. I sneaked into my sisters bedroom and tried on her pull-ups and sort of fell in love. I also discovered that I was a girl around that time and began cross dressing. Typical trans kid stories, you know, steal clothes from your parent and act dumb when they mention how they can't find certain things. So that summer I got to spend a few hours most days as either a little girl playing with my sisters toys in her room and filching pull-ups along the way or being a big girl during the day and just doing what my adolescent brain imagined girl stuff was. It's funny, because I watched so much bad TV so dutifully because this is what girls watch, lol. I forget if I started wearing them before wearing to bed, or if I reasoned myself into that first and started playing baby after. I definitely remember that if I ever got caught I would lie and tell my mom I'd started wetting the bed during the divorce from my at the time step dad but didn't want to tell her because she'd asked me to step up with a lot of adult responsibilities. It was pretty emotionally manipulative looking back, but kids are jerks. Anyway, it continued from there even if normal wearing declined once my sister stopped bedwetting the interest never did. Pretty sure I bought a pack of girls 4t pull ups with the first paycheck from my first job and it's been part of my life since.
  7. Well my husband and our roommates, my best friend and her girlfriend who is also a little but not into the diaper thing. So that's family, I had plenty of friends in the kink lifestyle when I lived back in TN that knew and I ran the munch there for abdls and littles. As far as family one might not want to know...I'm pretty certain my mom does. I know she caught me a few times as a kid but didn't say anything but the clench is I have a kink board on pintrest. It's got quite a bit of divergent stuff on there, but it's a plurality if not a majority little and ab/dl stuff and I didn't know it was public for the longest time. I found out about two weeks after getting a message from my mom asking if I wanted my toys she found from when I was a kid and I explained I didn't, not enough space, can't resell, being reminded of being a boy is triggering, etc., and she responded with 'that's not why I was asking but ok'. Two or three weeks later I found out my board was public. But, you know, uncomfortable and awkward but not really an issue since I live 36 hours away from her.
  8. Hey, I might be interested. I prefer the kind of RP that you seem to be looking for. My DMs are open for you and I'm totally down with you being a tboy. I'm down especially for concurrent RPs, that and transpositivity are my biggest selling points.
  9. Hello, I'm Lya and I'm hoping to get back into RPing. I had some health issues last year and stepped away from everything, but now that I'm feeling better I really would enjoy getting back into RPing. All the more so since I just moved to Seattle, and thus no longer have my IRL play partners. I personally enjoy RPs with response that are longer than 1-2 sentences and see RP more as collaborative story telling. I have some ideas and I would love to discuss them with any potential partner. I did respond to a few messages from people who I had RPed with previously or who had expressed interest while I was sick, but really, that was nearly half a year ago so as much as I hope those might continue, I want to reach out to new partners as well. I enjoy being the regressed party, be that emotional, physical, or even slightly mentally. I always play a girl, kid age up through twenties. I can do NPCs that arise as well. I have experience as a TTRPG DM so NPCs aren't a challenge for me. I keep relatively odd hours since we just moved and I haven't found a job in Seattle yet. Of course, I'm on Pacific time (-8 GMT). I'm excited for any responses that may come. Lya ❤️
  10. Just writing on here that I plan on returning to the online community and to the RP channel. Update on my health, I'm going to be fine it looks like. I had been on Lithium for some time and it damaged my liver to the point it was starting to fail. I got off of lithium, quit drinking, and started living a healthier lifestyle altogether. My enzymes are high but I'm stable and able to look forward to a long life where as several months ago, I didn't think I'd see 2020. I'm confident enough in my health that I'm ready to rejoin the world so to speak.

    My husband, our friend, her girlfriend, and I also all moved to Seattle, so I lost my local kink scene. So now that all of my kinky friends are 36 hours away, I hope to make some new ones here. I'll be responding to PMs though out the day. I look forward to being back.


    1. Elfy


      I don't think we've spoken before but I'm glad to hear you are through some hard times and looking forwards :)

  11. "Um..yeah, I think some tea would be great." Emily said, the words hung is quiet space between the two for a bit, "Hey, you know I love you right? Just..just thanks for dealing with me. I know I haven't been the easiest person to be around lately."
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to make a return writing fiction but I have some health issues that are causing me a bit more trouble than when I wrote as JenAndTonic. Anyway, just wanted to toss this bit out, just wanting to test the waters for a story before I commit since my health is sort of at a premium at the moment. So yeah, wanting to give everyone a prologue and hoping it takes off so I can write the rest. The Best Ever Daycore Band Out of DeSoto “WE ARE ROCKERBYE AND WE'RE HERE TO PLAY MUSIC, MAKE YOU DANCE AND STUFF!” Zoe belted onto the mic in front of a crowd she could hardly see do to the house lighting at the Pageant. “ONE, TWO, THREE, OI!” She belted into the ether and the crowd came alive as she tore into her guitar, her new bassist and drummer Beth didn't take long to kick in. The music was raw and loud, totally untrained or unconstrained. Despite the hours Zoe and Beth spent in band class, they still preserved an atonal punk vibe that refused to be restricted to one style, let alone one key. “Hush little baby don't say a word,” Zoe roared into the mic, “ Momma's gonna buy you a mockingbird, and if that mockingbird won't sing, till we can marry here's a promise ring.” Zoe shouted her lyrics into the mic but across the Pagent her eyes made contact with her. Charli was a tiny girl of Mexican-Ameridnian background and she stood there locking eyes briefly with her former bandmate. Charli was wearing a pretty, pink pinafore dress that would be out of place for any show at the venue beside a Kindycore one. Zoe stood on stage singing her heart out, in a Disney Princess shirt with a prohibitively short skirt showing off the Pull-Up underneath that thanks to the heat to the flood lights, no longer had all of it's stars. Zoe blew a kiss and didn't know if Charli caught it, she was in the moment. This was Rockerbye's moment. The chance to make history, to rewrite Kindycore along our own lines. *Insert ad for Blue Apron* Hi, I'm Zoe Galloway. Ten years ago I was this kid. I strummed thatt guitar like no tomorrow, and like for so many others, getting a girl was part of it. The Midwest in the late 00's was a hotpot of varrying punk scenes and Kindycore was among the strangest and yet the most enduring. In fact, the recent output of singers like Melanie Martinez and Miley Cyrus seem to cement the impact of Kindycore even if if it was short lived. Kindycore was a thing. For a beautiful few years, it was hard to go into Hot Topic and not find among the punk and rock merch things that looked like they belonged for kids. Toys, costume jewelry and makeup,ribbons, bows, the works. The early 10's were such a weird and wonderful time to be alive. I'm going to be taking you through a multipart series here on Punk History. I'm grateful for the Odcast network for letting me speak with you today. I may be a journalist, but returning to my roots will be something awesome I want to share with you. I'll be taking you through dressing cute the first time, buying my first guitar, my first wet pull-up, wetting the bed for the first time, writing music, making friends, slumber parties, play dates, all the way up until our first and only show. Please, join me in taking a look at a maligned subculture. Join me for, The Best Ever Daycore Band Out of Desoto. *Inert ad for another podcast* “Only, the the All Things Odcast Network. XOXO Ya'll.” *Insert ad for Zip Recruiter*
  13. "Oh hey, yeah today was...something." Emily wipes the tears out of her eyes, "But yeah, how are you, how are things?"
  14. Emily took a moment before responding. Feeling like a kid who'd been caught but hadn't done anything wrong. Still, the warm bubbles and suds were nice and even after she pushed the thought from her mind she took a moment. "In the tub,, hun."
  15. Emily returned home. She paid the Uber driver she'd gotten at the station and walked in. Every step felt heavy and she felt herself fighting back tears as she fumbled for her keys first inside of her purse and then again finding the right one to unlock the door. The lights were out, there was no smell of dinner. It was just another night. Emily trudged inside shrugging off accessories and clothes before walking into the bathroom, turning on the bath and sitting down for a cry. She'd started doing it quite a bit lately, but there was something about setting oaking, especially with some bath bombs or bubble bath, and just letting the day soak away as best as she could. Emily stilled herself as best as possible in her privacy, focusing on keeping her breathing stable to fight off crying and just enjoying the warm, sudsy goodness of the tub.