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  1. My friend keeps on bugging me to update to Windows 7 and I was getting quite annoyed, so I looked them dead in the eyes and told them; (in Schwarzenegger accent) I still love Vista baby!
  2. Emily nooooooo! Oh the poor thing, I just want to hug her after that ending. As a fellow sufferer of crippling social anxiety and as an outside observer, that last bit is both incredibly painful and at the same time incredibly amusing. 😅 Another fantastic update, and so soon after the last one too I was super mega surprised when I checked DD and saw chapter 19 was up! I can't wait for more and a Happy Easter to you!
  3. I honestly started grinning like an idiot when Emily decided to make a run for it 😅 probably one of my favorite scenes so far. Also it was nice to get a little extra background on Joyce, to be honest for most of the story her character has been pretty "Super Mommy"-ish with no real discernible character flaws super rich, super pretty, super caring, super cook; all good things but not giving any real color to her character, there's no such thing as a perfect person after all and Joyce was pretty close. Now with this last chapter where we see what looks like despite all her super human qualities, that she actually has some problems of her own to deal with, basically what I'm getting at is she feels a little more relatable to us human beings now. 😅 Awesome update as always and can't wait for more!
  4. Yay for the update! I believed in the continuation and checked everyday! I think it's needless to say but, I can't wait for more Emily & Joyce; I'm incredibly curious as to how the parent's visit is going to go so I'll continue to stalk this thread until the next chapter, don't keep poor little ol' me waiting too long, I might explode with anticipation. 😛
  5. Ah sorry I didn't get to reading right away, yesterday was Valentines day so yea~ 🤭 Wow you really did an amazing job bringing my prompt to life, I'm kind of at a loss for words, like I have no idea how I can even express how this story made me feel; Frankie had a really saddening life and I was finding myself tearing up when she finally learned to block out everyone's thoughts and live normally for a while, only to be blind sided by her mother's murder and having all that progress into happiness and normalcy ripped from her. During the subway scene when Gabrielle is introduced I let out a big sigh of relief as I knew that Frankie was finally going to get a break and have some real happiness for once, speaking of Gabrielle I especially like how she was implemented with a power of her own; It made me feel that her and Frankie were like star crossed lovers destined to be together or something, like what are the chances that the kindest deaf empath meets the most depressed broken mind reader? one in a million! In the end, of course my grand vision for my prompt didn't come true! 😝 but that's kind of the point, if I wanted a story to be a perfect replication of my expectations I should have just written it myself! I gave you an idea with the expectations that you would take inspiration and make the story your own unique, awesome, exquisite, marvelous story... and I for one, was not disappointed. 😘
  6. I just wanted to say that I have been following along ever since the first chapter came out on abdlstoryforum back in 2017 and I love it to pieces, I find myself going back and rereading all the chapters at least once a month just because of how much joy it fills me with. I always have trouble expressing myself when trying to complement authors on their stories, so I'll just say keep up the fabulous work! Oh and Emily and Joyce, JUST KISS ALREADY DANGIT!!! 😆
  7. I let myself be pulled in, thinking I'll just use the toilet after our shower. I don't have to go that badly anyway. I wrap my arms around your mid drift as I bask in the pleasurable hot water as it cascades from the shower head, not minding as you busy yourself with your hair and mine.
  8. I gladly take your hand and walk with you side by side into the bathroom, I fidget a little as you set the water temperature, the sound of running water bringing attention to my need to pee. my eyes shifting over to the toilet and back to you repeatedly while your attention is diverted.
  9. I softly reciprocate and nuzzle into your arms, "I love you too Mommy." I hug you tightly and just rest in your arms, basking in your warmth.
  10. I gasp in surprise as you attack my crotch, quickly reigniting my lust. As quickly as you start I'm feeling the familiar tingle in my womb as I cum full force, leaning my head back and moan in ecstasy. My legs fail me and go numb, bringing me to collapse into your arms breathlessly. I all but purr as I sigh wistfully, being wrapped in your strong warm arms as I bask in my after glow.
  11. I watch you collapse back, pleasure being the only emotion I can pinpoint on your flushed face as you blankly gaze up at me. I can't help but pout, while it's true that watching you get off because of me was truly a sight to behold, sexy as hell too, I can't help but be a little peeved that I didn't quite get my release though; even now my pussy is still throbbing for your touch, my fluids still slowly leaking out and trickling down my thighs as my horny state isn't lessened in the slightest. I look down at you and bite my lip and speak, almost whimpering, "Mommy? I want to feel good too..." I trail off, wanting nothing more then for you to quickly make me cum too.
  12. this is the point where you stopped previously on another site correct? I'm really glad you're continuing this, and I can't wait to see what happens next
  13. In the brief reprieve I'm given I catch my breathe to the best of my abilities while watching you extricate yourself from your clothes. Your soft, curvaceous, luscious body has me entranced as you saunter up to me again, pinning me to the wall with such strength that I couldn't move if I wanted to. And like hell I would want to. You continue your assault, kissing, biting, and sucking as my own lust is building, I grind my naked pussy against your knee as it's pinned between my thighs, my heart beating fast as I gasp for air between each long ferocious kiss, soaking your leg in my natural lubrication as it oozes from my heated core.
  14. I look directly into your sharp eyes and very deliberately enunciate, "I'm yours Mommy." my breathing is picking up with my arousal under your strong presence.
  15. I squeak in surprise at your ferocity, I let you take control of me following along with you for each turn you take, my sex is throbbing in want as you manhandle me. "Emma, I want you" I rasp out breathlessly between your ferocious kisses.