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  1. I'd love to too. I'm trying to stay on here more often, I'd be down to talk to you and meet someone similar in my area
  2. I still haven't yet, I'm looking for extender pads for my thick diapers, and plastic panties for double protection and lavender baby powder for extended wear and especially when I'm going out.
  3. I live in Blue Springs, and near Independence and Liberty near the Kansas City area, and I'm looking for friends and support of all Kinds, I'm having a hard time leaving the rat race, and finding friends in the community, and I'm ready to leave the rat race and expand from here.
  4. I live in Blue Springs, 30 minutes away and I want friends. I'm in Blue Springs looking for friends. I'm 30 minutes near Kansas City
  5. I'm 21, and Trans in Blue Springs.
  6. I live in Blue Springs, Mo, and here where I live it is hard for me to find anyone in the diaper community here in west of Missouri, and I at times have a really hard time feeling like I'm the only one, and I wish I could know of community members I could physically meet, I been coming to terms for the first time in over many years of this being in my identity. Anyone from Independence or Sedelia and Lee Summit or Liberty Missouri are mainly where I'm around living in the Kansas City area, and I've never met anyone physically around here in the community, and I'm looking for the best support that I can get near me.
  7. I too use them for the same purposes, I'm in love with both the sensation of peeing and pooping my diaper, and feel it fill up the seat of my diaper between my legs and the back seat of my diaper with a pointy bulge, and the squishyness, all of it. I loooove it, I always have, It just feels comfortable and right to me, It makes me feel naughty and taboo, Regardless of how naughty it is, it feels like heaven, holding it in for awhile can be a pain, but releasing after awhile, and I prefer hard poops, not soft and loose as they make me feel nasty, so I guess I'll take peptobismol. I want to do it someone in public, see if anyone acknowledges me doing it, somewhere late at night, curious of they're reaction.
  8. I used to be a bed wetter alot, I wore huggies pull ups and then Goodnites, and they never really did their job keeping me dry, But I on awake days I would put them on at home and mess them at home. I know now I can buy better thicker diapers, especially since I'm working and get money, and can buy them, I've honestly thought of messing my diaper in public myself lately, it would be even funner if I had someone else with me who is into diapers the exact way was I, because we'd mess our diapers together in public, It honestly feels right, I love the idea of even getting someones attention and asking if they can change me, it just feels right and makes me feel naughty and taboo. I never done this before, but It feels like its going to feel fun and right.