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  1. As a regular bedwetter until I was 17, I discovered that I would dream that I was standing in front of the toilet and letting go. I would wake up in a wet bed - my parents were reluctant, unfortunately, to just diaper me at night. As I got older - at first, I slept so soundly I didn't know when I wet the bed - and recognized the bathroom dream, I would force myself to wake up(not sure how I did that) and find I had to go to the bathroom, would get up and go, before I wet the bed! Now, nearing 60, I find my bladder capacity diminishing and urgency increasing tremendously. I think I'll just stay diapered "just in case", since I have had some real embarassing moments I've never had before...
  2. I think for me, my diaper life has become more comfortable. I wear when I want, and to the degree I want - because I CAN. If there's been a change, it is because I am able to enjoy my fetishism on MY terms, as I want, WHEN I want. My "diaper stash" very complete. I am comfortable. THAT is what makes the difference.
  3. Love the new layout of the site. Almost unparalleled and very professional and user friendly. Thanks for hanging in there and give our world a site like this and something we need!
  4. tcc

    Bedroom bondage

    There you go! Nobody should be left alone to be found in a predicament by outsiders. Wife shouldn't be upstairs sleeping while you are struggling. And, agreed with the others that some sort of escape mechanism should be available and in place.
  5. tcc

    diapers and marriage

    Should not be a problem if the fetishism is out in the open, discussed if needed, accepted or agreed to - BEFORE the rings get traded. If it isn't, a DL or AB is headed for trouble OR a lifetime of hiding, frustration and disappointment. Been there, done that. Can do my own thing, openly, in my THIRD marriage.
  6. tcc


    Since other sites have come and gone, Fetlife is a great place to connect in the DL/AB world. I like it.
  7. tcc

    Away From It All

    While I like to wear cloth, for travel and daily use out and about, it's disposables. So, travelling, unless I can buy at my destination, especially with the TSA, I just don't do diapers when travelling. Too, with the "package" I like to put together when I wear - soakers of cloth and disposable inserts, and plastic pants - I can't really put together that kind of package somewhere else and I wouldn't be content. My "system" usually lasts most of a day. Now, when it's local travel, like "in state", in the car, depending upon my mood, I go "bundled" or not. And, usually, I take a diaper bag with me so I can get a change or get bundled when I get to where I'm going. I love being diapered on car trips. I usually would have to stop along the way on a long trip. Diapers are so much more convenient. If only I could get my dearly beloved to see and understand and embrace that for herself! LOL I always wonder what the maids think when they find my Molicare "package" in the bathroom garbage. I'm sure they've seen it all already. And, I'm sure the $5 tip left on the night stand doesn't hurt! LOL I usually bring my cloth soakers home in a Ziplock bag after rinsing them. Thus, for an overnight, like to a casino, being diapered the whole time is pure pleasure.
  8. tcc

    Wetting Till You Are Soaked

    For me, if I am wearing, I use. If I use, then it only makes sense to me, if I can do it, to use up the diaper as much as possible UP to the point of leaking, cloth OR disposables. But, it's not always possible. Part of it is the decadence I feel in being diapered and using when I don't have to be in diapers OR use. And, I think that speaks for a lot of us in our "community"...
  9. I only had one time that I purged and threw supplies away - including a dozen perfectly good cloth adult diapers and plastic pants - and, of course, like everyone else, was back replacing those supplies within six months. I think I had more guilt at "being different", as I felt I was, and with something that surely had to be "wrong", and truly was "out of sync with society", but, for the most part, just wanted to know that I was not alone in my thinking, in my type of desires, and that if MY mind could conceive it, and be turned on by it, others "out there", also could be of the same mind-state. And, all I wanted to do was "connect", somehow, and if nothing else(and this was back in the snail-mail days only, and early days of DPF and like Nugget magazine "Personals" section) just KNOW that I was not alone, not warped, not crazy, not mentally ill and not in need of being institutionalized or seeing a shrink to deal with my diaper "obsession". And, back then, I thought I needed all the trappings of "adult infancy" to legitimize my diaper urges, wear and use. When I got over THAT hurdle, I was good to go. Diapers are easy to hide, easy to use out in public, and easy to be discreet with - being in them and using them - and very practical, and MY choice to have as MY underwear. And, where I got there, I relaxed and have never looked back, and never will. Guilt? Yes. Self-loathing? Never. It's only diapers - a legitimate product for a legitimate need - even if I CHOOSE to wear them and use them, and not NEED or HAVE to...
  10. You need to get away from the lie. Women always have a way, accepting or not, to find out the truth. You need to get a handle on YOUR "diaper thing". When you become comfortable with who you are and what you're into - you're very young and inexperienced in the relationships world(I've been at this over 40 years, and married a third time...) - it makes it easier to 'reveal" your diaper side. It's imperitive, as secrets discovered, and secrets kept, will blow apart a relationship quickly. And, it will destroy trust. Better to have loved and lost - moved on because your kink was NOT acceptable to or accepted by your partner - and do so BEFORE a lot of time and emotion is invested into a relationship, and then do like many others have done, "drop" a diaper "surprise" into a partner's lap - and learn how to meet acceptant-type partners and how to reveal, early on, to best succeed at having successful relationships - with diapers included - and maybe finding, ultimately, "the one". It's all in the approach and in the reveal...
  11. She wears several times a week for you - and it's YOUR thing. She WEARS. And, that's not enough? It never fails to amaze me - and I, like many others, are grateful WHEN a partner wears, let alone those that would kill to HAVE a partner wear - some people just do NOT know how good they have it - until it's GONE. Be grateful with what you have. It's YOUR thing. Revel in THAT and what you have...
  12. One thing about "sociality" is a unique uneasiness a DL can feel being around another DL. I mean, if you're both discreet, you both know you both are wearing and using, but it's not obvious either way. Thus, what do you say? How do you socialize? Do you just talk about the weather? Do you just go about your business and disregard the common bond you have of being diapered without it being obvious, and working toward needing a diaper change right in front of someone else? Kind of like what a true incon would experience as their underwear soaked up leakage as they went about normal activity. At times, it can be a "wink, wink, nod, nod" especially if you're not to the point where you might openly talk about Daily D activity, or FetLife, or Wet Set, or visit of any other diaper sites or diaper photo sites. And, even then, just how long and how much can you talk about DIAPERS? I guess that's what I like best about limited social contact with other DLs anymore, and being able to freely, while discreetly, "do my thing". I know I'm not unique and I know I'm not alone. But, for others, it's another ballgame. Such is life...
  13. You know, if you're going to have a roommate, it seems you would want freedom of movement in your own domicile. You can either be a "shrinking violet" and live in fear of "discovery", or admit you "plumbing" has leakage, and whenever - day, night, both - you tend to wear absorbent underwear to stanch the flow and stay sanitary. That's ALL a roommate has to know. Thus, if you're out padding around in just diapers, while it may take some getting used to for the roommate, so be it. It's a shared situation - say HE wanted to dress up in women's clothes! - and roommates have to understand and accept each other's quirks, or don't be roommates. Relax. Probe. Challenge. Be YOU. See where it goes. You may be pleasantly surprised where it might leave you - like total freedom to be you, with no restraints, in your own home, IN FRONT OF anybody else that's there!
  14. I continue to think that most people, given that they have a particular perception of societal expectations and dictates, continue to try and legitimize their DL side/life/world, and their CHOOSING to wear and use diapers - a legal product produced for a legitimate need, FIRST. Spun into that is the guilt and self-loathing that comes with a person feeling they have failed at upholding expectations of them - and it doesn't matter WHOM has or seems to have those expectations, parents, family, friends, society in general - when they find themselves "different", find that they enjoy being different, and WHAT makes them different, and struggle with self-acceptance first, societal expectations be damned. The AB community wants to be able to freely and openly be an AB, and have it accepted. Unless there comes a "Stepford" project to make the entire society automatons, and oblivious to certain thoughts and opinions that someone who can freely think might have, the AB community is never going to be accepted as those in it would fantasize of it being - adults dressed and acting like a doddering infant and wanting, demanding and needing total care, while in a world of expected responsibility, is simply not going to fly. And, many in the DL world are so wrapped up at being uncomfortable with and not accepting their diaper stimulation, that takes the place of and overshadows potential pleasure, comfort and enjoyment of a simple prop that is also very functional - a diaper - and whatever trappings might come along with it. Good topic, interesting thread, maybe too deep and maybe more deep than the whole situation needs to be. And, simply my humble opinion...
  15. In my humble opininon, if you want to dump disposable diapers into the trash, do it and forget about it. Unless your name is on the diaper(s), how would anybody know they are YOUR used diapers. Now, since REUSABLE diapers - cloth diapers, needing laundering and plastic pants to make them waterproof(as is possible) - don't go INTO the trash bin or dumpster, the problem is eliminated. I see a couple of issues, both of which can be addressed fairly easily...