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  1. Car advise

    First, what does you car need to do? Do you need anything special, auto or manual transmission, all wheel drive? That should dictate your starting point. As a car guy, I've only owned one new car in my life and that was when it was a left over with nearly 20% off the sticker price. Every other car I've ever bought was used, a few were certified used. I do like Hondas for daily drivers. They will go forever with maintenance. So will Toyotas, Mazdas, Nissans and nearly anything these days that the Japanese build. They have it down to an art. Generally, I like simple cars, ones I can work on myself. Manual heater/AC really cuts down on the things that can go wrong. I use Autotrader.com to search for vehicles constantly. I also use ISeeCars.com to look up VIN numbers. You can get a good idea if a car is overpriced or been on the lot a long time.
  2. As one who writes, I write until I think the story should end, be it one page or 100. Some think stories end too soon. I think they drag out too long. As one who reads stories, I despise filler for filler sake and find myself skimming the stories I find boring or unimaginative. I have read great one or two page stories and painful 10 pages ones that never really hit the mark. Brevity is a gift, one I sometimes lack but I always try to clean a story shorter and clearer instead of longer and more bloated.
  3. Advise on story

    You could start it with the person's name. Here's an example: Jill looked on in anticipation as Jack unwrapped the package she had so carefully selected and decorated, "Be careful, it's delicate." Jack, a bit too eager, responded by huffing as he thought outloud, "Why did you use so much tape?" You might also just put the name and a colon to show who is thinking or speaking: Jill: Walks into the room, turns her back to Jack and wiggles her skirt to get his attention. Jack: Out of the corner of his eye sees something moving. He turns to catch Jill, her back to him but her shoulders turned so she can see him, swivels her hips to make her skirt flutter. Just some ideas I might use.
  4. Jillian Harris

    I think that is a maternity pad. There's quite a bit that comes out of the uterus after birth.
  5. Dropped in a new world. ch 26

    Good end to some cliff hangers. I look forward to more. The only thing I might wish for was a character guide so I could easily refer to the characters that aren't quite a central to the story. Keep up the good work.
  6. Rearz Inspire+ Incontrol L10

    I wore these for at least 12 hours, 6PM until 6AM the next day. They were not to capacity but weighed in excess of 7 pounds. There is no use putting one on unless you have at least 12 hours to soak it! Very thick, very good fitting on an average medium guy. They sag when well flooded but that's to be expected from 7lbs of wetness!
  7. Is it just me or does it seem like Hollywood, the weird place we all suspect it is, is actually worse than anyone could have imagined?
  8. Halloween... Again?

    Hmm, maybe I'll add a new section every Halloween.
  9. Halloween... Again?

    Bumping my 11 year old story that last filtered to the top in 2014. Hopefully, some new folks will read it for the first time.
  10. DIY bowel incontinence stent

    I can appreciated the long and steady course to a permanent solution. However, my goal in not a permanent case of bowel or bladder incontinence. I want a temporary taste that I can reverse at my (or someone's) desire to regain it. I like to play in diapers, sometimes for more than a day but rarely has my desire gone beyond the third day and I almost always give up after five days if I've stuck it out that long. Perhaps having a choice is coloring my thoughts but I'm a temporary kind of guy when it comes to incontinence. To that end, I did purchase the hollow, 4-petaled silicone butt plug. Results are mixed on first attempt. If anyone is interested, I'll update once I make a few more attempts.
  11. Rearz Inspire+ Incontrol L10

    I just bought a bag of Rearz Inspire+ Incontrol to try out for myself. They look amazing so I'm hoping they don't disappoint.
  12. Very cool and very thorough review. ATN has always been a favorite of mine for everyday where. I also like the Smartcore line for more discrete wear with less noise and breathability during warmer weather.
  13. Traveling to Ireland

    Another good thing to do is get some vacuum bags. They will compress everything down very nicely. Use it for your clothes and diapers to conserve the most space. I do this regularly. Just be careful of being overweight on a bag with compressed things.
  14. DIY bowel incontinence stent

    So, I'm looking at the hollow one and modifying it to get rid of the rough/sharp edges that everyone complains about in the reviews. At any rate, these are what I was envisioning when I was talking about a retaining mechanism.
  15. DIY bowel incontinence stent

    This is smaller but no hole in the center on amazon. I figure I can bore one if it works. However, if you can accomodate a regular plug the size of the claw, I don't see it being that big once expanded. My double balloon enema nozzle is about that size when fully inflated.