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  1. Having a bit of writers block this weekend, next chapter of My Time At The Everland Farms will probably take a little longer to be released.

  2. Very happy my list has helped you! I'll do my best to continue keeping it updated with good stories to suite our refined pallets and keep our endless thirst quenched. So happy you enjoyed it! Welcome to DD! I hope this list will continue to help you and others in the future as I will continue updating it as frequently as I am able.
  3. Actually he is back in his old clothing. "Emmy took the sleeping Daniel out of the crib he was in and placed him back in the stroller. All fluids had been cleaned off of him, just how Emmy had left him." I see how that's a bit confusing looking back on it now. Thanks for pointing this out. I've edited the line and updated the downloads. Much appreciated. I'm so happy you enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy the following chapters as they come out!
  4. Chapter 11 is ready to go I hope you enjoy it! Remember TXT, ODT and PDF formats are available for download and constantly kept up to date! As always I'd love to read what you have to say, your words keep me motivated and directly helps new chapters come out faster. Here's Chapter 11. This form must have been fairly long because Emmy ended up sitting down by the enterance and looking over it carefully, she also seemed to take significantly longer to answer some questions than others. Once she was finally done filling everything out she left me in my stroller with the lady who greeted us before. "You be good for the nice caretaker now, I'll be back as soon as I finish getting some odds and ends." "Alright little guy let's get you out of that stroller and get you ready for a nap." the caretaker unbuckled the safety belt and picked me up out of the stroller cradling me in her arms. Her giant nipple was pressed up against my mouth. She moved me over to a changing table mounted to the wall gently placing me down and strapping me in. "What's the meaning of this?" "Every child in our care needs to be wearing protection, this is a law to protect the children and to give legal protection to care giving facilities. So unless you want me to find Emmy and tell her that you refused to comply with our rules this is necessary." I didn't want to have to comply, but at the same time I know it'd just be a huge inconvenience to Emmy if I didn't. So I gave a reluctant sigh and said "fine." "Good now I don't want any more out of you unless directly spoken to, you understand?" "yes...." "Glad we understand eachother." She pulled out a diaper from a nearby shelf, placed it under me and started diapering me. After the first diaper was on she went and did the same thing with a second diaper. "There we go, that should do it. All that's left now is to give you a feeding and than put you down for a nap." The women unstrapped me from the changing table and picked me up, once again cradling me in her arms, her nipple pressing against my mouth again through her top. She went over to a rocking chair and sat down. "Alright, your mommy didn't say whether you were breast or bottle fed so I'm just going to have to default to both, since we have to feed children in our care before we put them down for a nap.." "That's really not necessar-" I was interrupted by the nipple of a giant baby bottle being shoved into my mouth. "I thought I told you not to make a peep. This is your last warning." She held the bottle to my lips so I couldn't spit it out, her breasts were still rubbing against me, the nipple of her left breast lightly pressing against my cheek. "Do you like that baby? Do you like my soft squishy boobies pressing up against you?" I just laid there, refusing to move or draw liquid from the bottle nipple. This women might be bigger than me, but she can't force me to eat/drink anything that I don't want to. "Come on baby, drink your babas, no need to be stubborn. The quicker we're done with your feeding the quicker you can take a nap." She placed her hand on my padded crotch and began gently rubbing back and forth applying varying pressure to my genitals. The stimulation made me to let out a moan, which in turn caused the nipple of the baby bottle to squirt filling my mouth with milk. Not wanting to choke I had to swallow the milk which just made it so I drew more milk from the bottle. I had unintentionally given this lady exactly what she wanted. "There we go, good boy!" She continued rubbing my front of my diaper as an erection began to form. "Looks like someone is enjoying their feeding!" I was being forced to drink down the milky substance, every time I swallowed more milk would fill my mouth. What's worse is the bottle wasn't even half way done and I felt very full. "Is the baby full? Okay baby I'll let you take a little break, looks like I need to take care of something anyway." She took the bottle out of my mouth and picked up some strange contraption from an end table, she than proceeded to fiddle with the front of my diaper. Undoing a few bits of velcro revealed a crotch hole like you would find in most men's underwear. Instantly my erect penis sprang out through the crotch hole. She took the contraption and placed it over my penis, attaching two small square patches to my balls "Perfect fit!" I opened my mouth to protest but was quickly silenced by her shoving her giant nipple in my mouth. "You be a good boy and drink up, otherwise I'll have to punish you." Not like I had much choice, the instant her nipple entered my mouth I was instantly greeted with a steady flow of breast milk, which again I had to swallow otherwise I'd choke. "That's a good boy, you just keep drinking while I take care of that naughty pee pee of yours." I could feel her fiddling with the contraption on my penis, but my entire field of view was covered by her massive breast. I could hear soft moans coming from the care taker as I continued to empty her breast of it's actually rather delicious milk. I could feel the contraption start to apply pressure to my penis, the patches attached to my balls vibrating gently. I couldn't stop myself from letting out a loud moan. "I think baby is enjoying his milking, don't worry baby, I promise to milk you whenever you come visit me." The points on my penis which the machine applied gentle pressure to changed seemingly randomly, the patches on my balls seemed to have multiple vibration points on them as well which also randomly moved from one to another. This women was raping me, no doubt about it, but I couldn't help but enjoy it. "I think it's time for Auntie Kaylee to give the baby his nap." I could feel her fiddling with the machine some more. The machine went into overdrive causing my body to feel more pleasure than I had ever felt before in my life. "Wait KAYLEE!?!??" I yelled out just as I reached climax subsequently passing out. My face covered in breast milk my penis drained of every last drop of cum and I enjoyed it. **** After about an hour Emmy came back from shopping. "Hey Kaylee! How did our little man hold up." "He was wonderful, he really seemed to enjoy himself." "I'll be sure to bring him back than, he looks so content sleeping. It's nice that he got to go out today. He really enjoyed stopping by your stand today. Speaking of which, who runs your stand while you work here?" "I have my cousin run the stand when I have shifts here, keeps it in the family." "That makes sense." Emmy took the sleeping Daniel out of the crib he was in and placed him back in the stroller. All fluids had been cleaned off of him, he had also been changed back into his old cloths, just how Emmy had left him. **** I woke up, I was back in my crib at The Everland Farm. I noticed something scratchy on my body, I reached down my shirt and pulled out a sticky note that was stuck to my chest. "Hey baby, you better not tell anyone about what happened today...or else. ~Kaylee <3" I had a feeling I just got myself into a whole new world of trouble. ====End Of Chapter 11==== As always I'd love to read what you have to say, your words keep me motivated and directly helps new chapters come out faster.
  5. I've experienced this myself in the past. I had this one girl who I pursued for awhile, she had no interest in me, but when I went and got a girlfriend, she suddenly got jealous and started pursuing me. She told me that she enjoyed having someone wrapped around her finger at all times.
  6. Enjoying this story so far. Keep up the good work.
  7. I just added a few stories to My Non-Con List!

    Going to try and update that more often. It also has a catchier name now!

  8. Hopefully Chapter 10 will clear some of this stuff up. Worldbuilding isn't my strong-suite so I'm unsure how much more of it will happen in this story, maybe more,maybe not. I guess you'll have to wait to find out ;) I hope the next chapter will meet your expectations! Thank you so much! I'm very happy that something I create is bringing someone joy in one way or another! Really appreciate the compliment. Glad you enjoy it, I hope you'll enjoy chapter 11 just as much when it comes out!
  9. Chapter 10 is up and ready to go! It's actually a Miracle this chapter made it to you in it's original state. I accidentally lost a ton of data (including the progress from this story.) I managed to recover all of it, took all day, but I did do it. So I didn't lose any data and I'm able to give this chapter to you in it's original state. No Rewrites required! This is also officially my longest story on DD and the closest to being completed, there's still a lot to write, but I think I'll actually be able to complete this one. As always I'd love to read what you guys have to say! Your words give me encouragement and motivation to keep the chapters coming in a semi-regular schedule. I hope you enjoy chapter 10. I started to wake up, I was still in the stroller and It didn't look like I had moved much at all. "Looks like somebody is already awake. How's it going little guy, we were just catching up with eachother while you were catching some Z's" Kaylee said still manning her stand. "Hey so I have a question, do you or Kaylee have a race?" I turned towards Emmy "Well Kaylee is an Amazon and Most of us on the complex are what they call a Hybrid" "A Hybrid?" "It's when an Amazon and a Mid have children, that makes a Hybrid. We're far bigger than Mids but far smaller than Amazons." "Are there any Mids on the community?" "A few, but most live in Voras which is a neighboring territory of Gaule" "What are these places like?" "You sure are full of questions today aren't you? Well, lucky for you Kaylee and I have answers. Gaule is very modern, lots of cities as well as industrial not to many rural areas, don't get me wrong they exist there are just very few of them. Voras is the complete opposite, mostly rural areas and small towns. They don't even have cellphones over in Voras, well they have them but usually only the wealthy can afford them." "What about here? Does this place have a name, or is it just "The Community"?" "This place does have a name most people just refer to us as The Community since everyone is so close, but the official name is technically Orand. I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to see for yourself what this place is like, but we're kind of a mix between Gaule and Zoras. We get a lot of corporate support since Madeira has a lot of businesses over here, but we're not very industrial as far as our buildings go and lean more towards the rural style of houses and motels instead of condos and apartments." I just kinda sat there with a child-like whimsy. "I just find this all so fascinating, there's this entire race of people that I never even heard about before." "I guess when you put it like that it does sound pretty interesting." Kaylee chuckled. Taking another look at Kaylee's produce stand I noticed a bunch of various meats hanging, but none of it looked like anything I had ever seen before. "Is that meat?" "Yeah, we have all sorts." "What's that one?" I said pointing at a particularly interestingly shaped piece of meat. "That's Qhuseris, they're basically seen as trash-eaters, they're practically an invasive species, they have some natural predators but very few. Usually you sea them digging around in trash cans, but they also eat crops and farm animals. The government is trying to crack down on them by encouraging local businesses to catch as many as possible. This has caused them to become a very common and cheap source of protein, since companies don't want the animal to go to waste and they don't actually taste bad. The businesses have to make sure the animal doesn't have any diseases before processing it though, most don't but it's a safety measure to prevent any potential disease from spreading. You want a bite?" I kinda nervously shook my head after hearing about the animal, sounded like eating a raccoon or something. "I thought you liked Qhuseris meat. You've had it before." "No I haven't." "Yes you have, remember that 'chicken' you had at our place that you liked so much? That was really just a Qhuseris" "It was? Well it tasted really good if that's the case." I like to consider myself an open minded guy, I didn't want to give the Qhuseris a try because of it's diet, but knowing that I had already tried it and I knew what it tasted like made me less worried about what it might taste like. "I still don't want a bite right now, that Ergulant filled me up." Emmy and Kaylee started to burst out laughing. "Why are you laughing?" "Oh Sweetie, It's pronounced Eglurant not Ergulant." "That was adorable." Kaylee tried to stop herself from laughing. My face blushed a bright shade of red, that was so embarrassing. "Oh, it's okay little man! You just learned the name of the fruit less than an hour ago, ofcourse you wouldn't know it by heart yet. We were just laughing because what you said was so adorable!" I was still embarrassed even though I'd probably have laughed to if someone I knew mispronounced the name of something like an Apple or a Banana. "Looks like someone might need a longer nap." "I think you might be right Kaylee, I can't take him home, that's too far of a walk and I do have some light shopping to do." "There's a room inside the building which might work, it's mainly for children but I'm sure they wouldn't mind a tourist going there to take a nap." "I think I'll try that. What do you think little man, are you still sleepy?" "I am still a little tired, though I'm absolutely opposed to giving any more people the idea that I'm a child." "Are you still harping on that? How about this, I'll be sure to explicitly tell them that you're just a guest staying at our farm for your vacation, would that make you feel better about the whole thing?" "I guess it's better than nothing, since I am really tired." "That's the spirit! Alright Kaylee I hate to cut this visit so short, but I think I should get this guy to a place he can take a nap." "That's fine, I totally understand. Maybe I'll come visit you both at the farm soon." "Absolutely, we'd love for you to come visit! Come on little man, let's get you somewhere you can rest your head." We were on the move again, going inside the large building at the center of what otherwise is an outside market. The inside of the building was huge and had the layout you'd expect in a mall. "So this whole building is owned by Madeira?" "Well, the building is, but as you can see there's a lot of places inside this building that aren't directly associated with Madeira, at least no more associated than a tenant is with associated with their landlord." After some more walking we came across a place with a glowing neon sign saying 'Mother's Milk Double D Child Care' "Well this must be the place." "Why does it say 'Double D Child Care'?" "Big breasts are kind of a staple of good maternal instinct around here, so they probably don't hire anyone with a cup size below DD. Since they're far more likely to gain trust if the employees here look like they have that natural maternal instinct, it's kinda prejudice if you ask me, but what can you do." Emmy explained with a shrug. We walked inside and were greeted with this girl who looked to be about Emmy's age, though I can't be sure it's hard to tell with everyone being so big and all. The part that really confused me is this girl was dressed like a cow, she had a cowbell around her neck and was wearing cow patterned top with matching skirt. "Hello! And welcome to Mother's Milk Double D Child Care!" "Hi I was wondering if I could drop off this little one for a bit while I get some shopping done" "Absolutely! There's just a short form that you need to fill out before we can have you drop him off here. Don't worry though you only need to fill it out once." The lady handed Emmy a clipboard with a piece of paper attached to it. **** Emmy was looking through the questions on the form filling them out one by one. Most of the questions were simple things like name and gender, but as she went down the list some more difficult questions came up such as 'bottlefed, breastfed or both' **** ====End Of Chapter 10==== I'd love to read what you guys have to say! Your words give me encouragement and motivation to keep the chapters coming in a semi-regular schedule.
  10. I was able to recover all my data! I should have the next chapter out by tomorrow!

    Happy news all around!

  11. Chapter 10 of My Time At Everland Farms would have been ready today but unfortunately I accidentally deleted everything on my second drive trying to reinstall an OS.

    Doing everything I can to recover the data, so you may get that chapter today anyway.


    Worst case scenario I lose 2TB of data.

    The story is frequently backed up as I provide new raw downloads every new chapter, so catching up will be fairly easy.

  12. Can't Believe It's already on the 9th chapter.

    Work on Chapter 10 of My Time At The Everland Farm has officially begun.