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  1. It's nice to see Kimmy home and safe with April and Gwen. That dream sequence was interesting. I guess Kimmy still sees herself as an adult at least in her dreams. It would be great to find out what happens to Sunshine and the other characters in Catalon, at least Nanny and Sunshine. Maybe those two make a break for it to get away from that crazy family and end up in Albion as refugees.
  2. Thanks for another chapter! This had some sweetness before the darkness descended. The milk seems tailored for Little Pets rather than just total regression. Hopefully it has no long-lasting effects. I wonder how much the milk got Kimmy used to the kitten life, and how much was just her friendship with Sunshine and even Bella. So Opal's isn't just a sadistic Little, she's a psychopath. It's hard to believe Bella's parents picked out a designer Little with that in mind, but it seems they got what they wanted and now they don't care. Not sure if Opal or the parents are worse. I almost feel sorry for Bella and I feel really sorry for Sunshine. At least, if the parents don't leave Kimmy to die, she will end up at a vet and returned from that den of evil to April.
  3. Wow my mistake. We have been spoiled with all the great writing as of late, and much the same discussion is happening surrounding both stories. It's great that Melanie gets to express herself as she identifies in her new life. It's too bad she couldn't find that acceptance in her old life and that she had to almost die to get to a better place. Gwen is in a good place too. It doesn't seem like she gets a lot of static from other Amazons even though she expresses herself how she wants. I'm glad she likes April and Kimmy and approves of how April treats Kimmy. I want to see more of her. Oh, and Bella and Opal's parents are horrible people. I'm not sure you can even blame the Littles industry for it. It would be nice to see them get in trouble for stealing Kimmy but I'm not counting on it. Getting another chapter today would be great!
  4. Sure there are the two extreme ends of the gender spectrum but there's lots of room in the middle. Gender is actually a lot more complex than just genetic xx/xy, and even the genetics isn't that simple (think xxy, xyy, etc). There are lots of body chemistry, physical development, psychological development steps that get you to the place on the gender spectrum you feel or identify with. And then there is the way you present yourself to everyone else, based on a bunch of things. And on top of all that is who/what you are attracted to, which is separate from the first too. Humans are complicated, yo. To bring it back to the story, it seems like Stacy was in the middle somewhere but fit in with being male at home. But Stacey also fits in as female in this new place and doesn't identify strongly either way. She had long hair at home which I guess is not something most little males wear, but in the Amazon world she is totally presented as female and she's OK with that too. And I don't think it's clear what is her sexual orientation.
  5. Kimmy is having a rough ride, isn't she? I don't she imagined Catalon could be this bad. Stealing a little/pet is criminal even by Catalon standards I think so there could be hell to pay. I wonder what penalty Beth will have to pay for losing a little in her care. I mean, there's all sorts of interesting punishment equipment right there... I don't think it was ever said if Kimmy's collar (the one April put on her) had any special features though it would make sense to have a locator to help Amazons keep track of their littles. That would be really helpful just about now! I can't wait to see what happens next.
  6. This trip is going to be an eye opener for April as much as Kimmy. I want to see how they will both react to a part of the world that will frown on how nicely April treats Kimmy. How is April going to trust anyone to watch Kimmy long enough to do her job? And somehow I think sushi will not be on the menu for Kimmy.
  7. Great story so far. April loves Kimmy and want to be gentle with Kimmy but it seems the rest of the world is pushing her to be more forceful and April might grudgingly agree. I'm nervous for Kimmy but I can't help but wonder what April will do for Kimmy's own good.
  8. The Woes of Maddison Page - Chapter 44

    It's fulfilling that Maddie was able to find room in her heart for Lucy while still greiving to loss of Merry. They both found ways to include Merry in their wedding. Very sweet and bittersweet. I like the way the story wrapped up. It did leave me wanting to spend more time learning about Lucy and how she grew into the relationship, but I suppose sometimes less is more in storytelling. Anyway thank you for the great story!
  9. The Woes of Maddison Page - Chapter 44

    Awww, Bugs for the win. Maddie is right that Lucy isn't Merry, but Bugs is right that Lucy's a keeper. Can't wait for the next chapter.
  10. The Teacher

    So it's a device compact enough to be implanted. It has a controller, sensors, and a stimulus unit. The sensors are implanted around the Student's sphincter and can sense if it's tightened or relaxed. The controller reads the sensors and if it detects the sphincter tightening, it activates the stimulus unit to send out a gradually increasing sensation of mild pain or discomfort around the sphincter. The tighter the sphincter is held, the more painful it becomes. When the controller senses the sphincter relaxing, it has the stimulus unit to stop sending pain signals. The Student quickly learn consciously and consciously to relax the sphincter. Over time, the sphincter loses tone and the Student becomes functionally incontinent.
  11. The Woes of Maddison Page - Chapter 44

    Just wrapping my head arounder the last couple chapters. Merry's death is devastating and you are an evil genius for building up the story knowing all along Merry's fate. It's beautifully written and heartbreaking. Words like "I wanted to lie down in the road next to my love. I wanted to leave the world behind to seek what comes next with her. " Just... damn. And it wouldn't have been so devastating if you hadn't done such a good job developing Maddie and Merry and their relationship to have such passion. I have this urge to read the story again from the beginning just feel it all build up again. It seemed like Maddie was recounting the accident with some distance, a few months or years, so it makes sense you skipped forward 8 years in the next chapter. It's bittersweet that she was able to survive and function, but she's still wounded deeply by losing her fiance
  12. The Woes of Maddison Page - Chapter 44

    Inside you the time moves And she don't fade The ghost in you She don't fade
  13. Personally I like the redone ending you went with over the alternate one you didn't like. That's mostly because I didn't like the thought of Evie getting away with what she did to Dawn. I would have been OK with Cherry being stuck as Sylvia's little in the alternate alternate ending where Sylvia shows up at the motel and helps them defeat Evie instead of getting shrunk, but then wants something in return. In any case I'm interested in what you have in store. I think a Promise spinoff would be great with the cast of characters you have created, but a new story would be cool too. Thanks for sharing your work with us!