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  1. Koi can't heal Luzy but I hope she can support her somehow. She's a great friend and it's too bad she has to worry because she's not in the loop when Luzy goes AWOL.
  2. So it's a device compact enough to be implanted. It has a controller, sensors, and a stimulus unit. The sensors are implanted around the Student's sphincter and can sense if it's tightened or relaxed. The controller reads the sensors and if it detects the sphincter tightening, it activates the stimulus unit to send out a gradually increasing sensation of mild pain or discomfort around the sphincter. The tighter the sphincter is held, the more painful it becomes. When the controller senses the sphincter relaxing, it has the stimulus unit to stop sending pain signals. The Student quickly learn consciously and consciously to relax the sphincter. Over time, the sphincter loses tone and the Student becomes functionally incontinent.
  3. Well that's disappointing, and the loss of a good author that was willing to post here for free.
  4. The author hasn't even visited this site in a while. Totally understandable.
  5. Just wrapping my head arounder the last couple chapters. Merry's death is devastating and you are an evil genius for building up the story knowing all along Merry's fate. It's beautifully written and heartbreaking. Words like "I wanted to lie down in the road next to my love. I wanted to leave the world behind to seek what comes next with her. " Just... damn. And it wouldn't have been so devastating if you hadn't done such a good job developing Maddie and Merry and their relationship to have such passion. I have this urge to read the story again from the beginning just feel it all build up again. It seemed like Maddie was recounting the accident with some distance, a few months or years, so it makes sense you skipped forward 8 years in the next chapter. It's bittersweet that she was able to survive and function, but she's still wounded deeply by losing her fianceé. Well done.
  6. Inside you the time moves And she don't fade The ghost in you She don't fade
  7. Great story! I love that Kate Lynn is so committed to her diapers. Fun fact: you can wear some thick diapers through airport body scanner and not set it off, at least if your diapers are dry. I've done it many times.
  8. Personally I like the redone ending you went with over the alternate one you didn't like. That's mostly because I didn't like the thought of Evie getting away with what she did to Dawn. I would have been OK with Cherry being stuck as Sylvia's little in the alternate alternate ending where Sylvia shows up at the motel and helps them defeat Evie instead of getting shrunk, but then wants something in return. In any case I'm interested in what you have in store. I think a Promise spinoff would be great with the cast of characters you have created, but a new story would be cool too. Thanks for sharing your work with us!
  9. That was a very close call. I guess Steven foresaw that possibility because the messy diaper rule is common in high-stakes poker. I am now curious if Conrad did it because he saw her as the strongest competition or because he knows she is working for Steven. On top of that, Steven is getting close to Caroline, maybe to throw her off or because they are working together. Oh, the intrigue. Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to next chapter.
  10. Excellent work. I'm happy you found an ending you liked (a little curious what the original ending was going to be). I think it was a fitting end for Evie and definitely a twist for Sylvia. I was hoping she would redeem herself a little and help them escape, but she did herself in. They can think about it in Daisy Bell's classroom I guess.
  11. I'm still really interested in where this one will go. I think Evie will show up and so will Sylvia. I could see Sylvia helping Dawn and Cherry, but she would want something in return.
  12. Great work. I didn't expect the rescue to end with a Michael Bay moment.
  13. My guess is Hans just saved her from Az. Poor Riley is still doomed though. I can't wait to see the plan play out. I wonder when the plan was set in motion. Was it when they showed up and Riley threw a tantrum over the food, or before Riley even got on the plane?
  14. I wonder if it's really meth. Given the drugs Evie has access to, I expected she would be cooking up something more exotic. Given the positive buildup at the end of this chapter, I bet something serious is about to happen. I don't know if Cherry's cover is blown (baby monitors usually don't buzz or crackle) but I bet she gets busted for wandering around. And If Dawn is really helping out why does she keep saying Cherry's name out loud? This story keeps me guessing and wanting more. Nice work!
  15. Hmmm I think Reila will accept Az's drink and will get more than she expected and a warm welcome to the family.