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  1. Hi I like to wear aw-so-cute. I just love the way they fit
  2. Hey I’ll get with you later when I get home! What’s your location? I’m in Missouri
  3. Gosh! You all are so lucky to have a partner who will do anything for you and I’m sure if they are not comfortable with it try something else
  4. Same thing here! I’m straight all my life but after two failed marriages I’m sure I’ll never get hitched again! But it’s crossed my mind that I’m going to fulfill some of the things on my bucket list??? Wearing diaper and onesies are art of it. I’m sorry but women are a pain in my Diaper!
  5. To wetonme22: are you still looking for a partner? I just might be able to help you out but we’d have to talk via email or phone. Fro me a line if you want nd I’ll do the best I can
  6. Imallwet

    here goes nothing

    I have some of the exact diapers that you have and I’ll get them through Amazon. I ordered some other stuff and they have been right on size and quality of the material on the onesies I got were excellent and I’ll continue to buy them if they keep them in stock
  7. No! There is nothing wrong with it as long as you’re two consenting adult’s disease free of course) and that’s what you both want then just do it and have a little fun while or after you do it. Hey you only live once. If you lived near me I would make sure you were comfortable doing it you’d be a pro! Good luck!
  8. What I left out was in the near future I would love to be having intercourse and have a cute female straddle us and just let go on are sexual organs then when she stands up we both Lick her clean until she has a good ogasam! Also I will at some time soon get with someone that we both pull out our cocks and pee into each other’s Diaper! Those two things I just mentioned would send me over the edge! Any reply’s.???
  9. Yes I have! First time was about 18 years ago and recently I met a D.L./M/55/bi-/ and we lived about 50 miles apart and after getting to know each other and had a few drinks everything just fell together and we went to the next town and rented a motel and I had some DL Movies and we had such a great time doing it we kept the room for another night! We both went home for a little while just to make a appearance (him more than me) being I am single but still went home to get a change of clothes and I had some Rearz diaper’s I had just got about a month ago and a few other select toys and dress up clothes for myself but we both ended up wearing them! One of the best things I have ever done and looking forward to doing it again probably next weekend! It’s just finding the right person to do it with and have dinner or a few drinks and it’ll allfall together and I just met the right person at the right time! ENJOY ! If you have questions email me please don’t ask me publicly. Thanks
  10. I like putting on a thick rearz diaper I have and go out to a casino late at night sitting and playing and never have to get up to go potty! I always look around and hoping someone likes them as well as I do. Strike up a conversation and end up in a room at the casino? a pocket full of money and a hand full of whatever you desire? I always have a bag in the car with toys, didees, onesies, and a change of clothes of course
  11. That would be great! Just go have fun for a night and no strings attached?
  12. I'll spend about $300 - $500 but I'll get a few onesies and some toys also! But roughly $360.00 on diaper's a few different vendors
  13. I hear ya! Same here also I am by myself and I love wearing them and seeing other's wearing diaper's and just not sure how to get with someone safe