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  1. Honestly, it isn't all that great when I have great weaknesses in other areas such as social skills. Lacking in that department can make life much harder than it needs to be. I sometimes wonder if life would have been easier if I was just average. Sorry for the rant. We all have our own set of problems and perks, we just got to try to play with the hand we were dealt in the best way possible to overcome life's challenges.
  2. I have unfortunately had the unpleasant experience of being contacted and badgered by a creep on a few occasions. (Not on DD but elsewhere) I respond to every message but responses may be delayed sometimes when I get real busy. I give everyone new that messages me at least once chance. If your the type that messages me asking how wet and/or messy my diaper is every day and claim you are in love with me even though you have only known me for less than a day you will find yourself blocked rather quickly. Just because I actually responded to your initial message and carried on a short conversation with you does not mean we are in love. To "those" people, you know who you are and you should be ashamed of yourself. I am willing to make friends, ( I don't bite ) and I am even looking for a partner, but at least i realize that a relationship takes several months if not longer to build, not a day or two.
  3. Both ecoable and happy endings are great. Happy endings is best for daytime as it is a bit thinner.
  4. I have Aspergers syndrome (A form of high functioning autism). I am really smart (140 IQ) but just lack social skills.
  5. The old dry 24/7's right before they moved production to the USA. They felt thicker back then.
  6. Any position. I don't have control over when and where I go.
  7. The act of wetting and/or messing a diaper. Feels so right. 🙂
  8. Hey, sorry about the necropost but I thought what I have to say is relevant. I found someone on Esty that is making and selling custom Segufix kits for people. He is actually making me a 20 point restraint kit rigged to a folding stretcher for me. Lol, I am excited to get it.
  9. Well, I can get pretty creative with how I store my diapers. You would be amazed on how much you can actually fit in a reasonably small space if you know how to play tetris well with all the bags. Btw my stash just got even bigger. I recently got two cases of crinkles auqanaut and two cases of Abu super dry kids.
  10. Confidry 24/7. The leak guards are tall and run the entire length of the diapers. I have had some huge and I mean HUGE accidents in them and it never once leaked on me and I have been using them for several years now.