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  1. I am lonely and want a alpha male daddy to adopt and take care of me.
  2. I have already spent too much money on disposable diapers to just give up and switch to boosters.
  3. Not just about catching leaks. It chafes badly because of this hip problem. I need something comfortable too. probably just gonna layer my disposables inside a cloth pull on with full elastics without using the tabs (or only the top tabs to make it like a belted undergarment) on the disposable then get roomy plastic/rubber pants over all that. Hopefully that would work.
  4. Omg, this hip just won't stop giving me hell. How are you supposed to fit a diaper on something like this? It's so messed up that it's just impossible. I can't win.😭 Goodbye everyone. I'll be gone by this Friday if a solution to this hasn't been figured out.
  5. Why have these been discontinued from northshore? Any other place I can pick them up?
  6. Sorry for the drama you all. I just want to update everyone on the situation. I think i have several ideas to make this work. I am feeling a little bit better about this now that I have ideas and am in physical therapy to try to reduce the deformity. Even if I can't fix my hip i feel that there is something I can do to work around it. Changing where I placed the tabs and how tight I pull them has worked well enough to cut my time spent changing down by roughly 66% ( 1 hour cut down to 20 minutes ) and has improved the fit to being pretty good but still not quite perfect. I will update everyone
  7. Thanks for your help. My family has a few ideas to help me. I might wait to see how their ideas work. If I am still having issues I will contact you.
  8. That's a possibility. I am maybe going to try to talk to someone that is a expert in tight fitting clothing (like diapers for example) and maybe they can take measurements of my deformity so I know how much plastic I should trim off and where. It's too tight in the front of one leg but too loose in the back. It's the opposite problem for the other leg.
  9. I don't know man. I like cloth but I am not willing to give up disposables either. I am going to need more ideas. Like if I can't get it to work I am literally going to want surgery over giving them up. This issue is driving me to the point of wanting to take my own life. I am sorry for the rant and I get it if no one really understands why I would flip the off switch on myself over this but it is really that important to me. I can thank my f**ked up childhood for my PTSD and other issues. Psychiatry is kind of a joke considering the fact that diapers worked better that any pill they could th
  10. Sorry. Pull ups aren't what I am looking for. I am looking for either a new strategy for taping them or a way to modify them to accommodate the hip. But thanks for trying to help.
  11. My rotated pelvis is ruining my life by making diapers almost impossible to fit without excessive rubbing and chaffing and it causes them to leak too early. I not only use diapers to manage my bladder and bowel issues but they help my anxiety. I don't want to consider other ways of managing my issues because nothing works as good as diapers. I used to be able to change and fit them perfectly in less than 5 minutes but now with the hip the way it is it takes me near a hour to get only a semi decent fit. I actually had to ask for help getting them on and my helper even has difficulties with it.
  12. Honestly, it isn't all that great when I have great weaknesses in other areas such as social skills. Lacking in that department can make life much harder than it needs to be. I sometimes wonder if life would have been easier if I was just average. Sorry for the rant. We all have our own set of problems and perks, we just got to try to play with the hand we were dealt in the best way possible to overcome life's challenges.
  13. I have unfortunately had the unpleasant experience of being contacted and badgered by a creep on a few occasions. (Not on DD but elsewhere) I respond to every message but responses may be delayed sometimes when I get real busy. I give everyone new that messages me at least once chance. If your the type that messages me asking how wet and/or messy my diaper is every day and claim you are in love with me even though you have only known me for less than a day you will find yourself blocked rather quickly. Just because I actually responded to your initial message and carried on a short conversatio
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