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  1. Wet Knight

    A subtle way to show you're ABDL.

    Sew, what did you tell them about why the pin was on your key ring?
  2. Wet Knight

    Anyone interested in selling Scentsy Products?

    Alas, I am rather too old to have experienced smelling even an old pampers, just a terry nappy that has dried outside on the washing like.
  3. Wet Knight

    Anyone interested in selling Scentsy Products?

    Thank you for enlightening me. I was reasoning along the lines that in might be a sweet scented nappy liner.
  4. Wet Knight

    Anyone interested in selling Scentsy Products?

    What is a "Scentsy"?
  5. Wet Knight

    A subtle way to show you're ABDL.

    PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE, post as soon as you see someone else .
  6. Wet Knight

    Time to let go?

    I feel very sorry for you. Like every other married couple, you both married "For Better or Worse". Those words are there because no marriage is perfect. Put your foot down with a firm hand. Tell him that, just as your baby grows up, he must grow up too, not be a spoiled brat and to attend to his foible himself. You won't like missing out on loving sex, any less him, but he won't like washing his sheets or his baby status being ignored. The grass, which might be on the other side of the hedge, is very seldom greener and in his case it is a desert.
  7. Wet Knight

    Surgery To Become Incontinent.

    As someone who has been a bedwetter all my life, and when out and about no longer have total confidence in my continence, I say this to those of you who have the choice about whether or not to wet your nappy. If God has given you a good bladder, don't muck it up.
  8. Wet Knight

    Is there such a thing as too many boosters?

    Side sleepers need one on each hip as well.
  9. Wet Knight

    Pampers Size 8 UK

    Adult nappies have '20% vat' added to their price, children's nappies don't. Because of this zero tax rate, a manufacturer has to be very careful about sizing youth's clothes, shoes etc:.
  10. Wet Knight

    Telling hotels about your bedwetting

    Surely, the time to mention it, is when booking.
  11. Wet Knight

    Do You Sleep Better In Diapers

    Do you not wear PJ's or nightshirt because you pull-up leaks?
  12. Wet Knight

    If you had a major leak....

    It wouldn't have mattered if you had been wearing rubber shorts.
  13. Wet Knight

    How do you pronounce it?

    Two pees in our naPPy, as opposed to only one pee in their diPur, is just as deliberate a pun as wet night.
  14. Moderate by your definition, but severe every night and only minor in the day.
  15. Wet Knight


    I always tell guys "I'm cumming"; most mumble something like "Let me worry about that" and swallow.