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  1. Wet Knight

    do you fell shame in your wetting

    If my waterproof pants or bed protection leaks, I feel ashamed.
  2. Wet Knight

    Hard and crackling

    On a journey, long day out or somewhere that I need the security because I may flood my nappy, I wear well fitting rubbers. If my nappy is only likely to become damp and especially in warm weather, I wear polyurethane and can't feel that I am wearing waterproof pants.
  3. Wet Knight

    Is AB/DL Tolerance a Generational Matter?

    The wearing of a nappy as useful rather than just for need is slowly becoming realised among a very small proportion of the population, as being acceptable, but wearing for pleasure is always going to be seen as weird.
  4. Wet Knight

    Hard and crackling

    And yet you delight to sleep between sheets made from adhesive ! Polyurethane waterproof pants are just so comfortable, that they are hard to beat for everyday wear.
  5. Wet Knight

    Earliest You Remember Rubber Panties Being On You

    People improvised. I remember, aged about 5, finding two pairs of girls navy blue knickers that had been painted silver, which my mother said was silver latex used to touch up Barrage Balloons, that had been my waterproof pants as a baby. Some years later, as a result of a "What did you do in the war,Mummy", she told me that there had been a detachment of Balloon Command positioned in the grounds of the Royal Herbert Hospital in Woolwich, where she was nursing in the early part of the war before she married, and that the hospital had cut up damaged balloons and used them to cover mattresses.
  6. Wet Knight

    Does any of this Make Sense to Anyone

    I didn't think much of the (very well spoken) lyrics, and the backing was awful. No chance of that getting into the top 20.
  7. Wet Knight

    Family friend a bedwetter but will not wear diapers

    "you can suggest he wear a diaper but you can not force him to wear one." You can take a Skunk to slaughter, but you can't make him Mink.
  8. Wet Knight

    AB Or DL - When You Get Changed

    Aren't Mums wonderful !
  9. Wet Knight

    ABDL dating sites?

    Making actual contact with another adult baby, first requires the exchange of hen's teeth.
  10. Wet Knight

    Family friend a bedwetter but will not wear diapers

    I have added a clarification.
  11. Wet Knight

    Family friend a bedwetter but will not wear diapers

    A waterproof sheet over the mattress and another over the couch would be my solution to his wetting, and if you put his email on DD, we can all send him our advice.Lol
  12. Wet Knight

    Already Wet at Bedtime

    It doesn't matter how wet you are before you go to bed or how much you leak, because you sleep between rubber sheets.
  13. Wet Knight

    If you could ask GOD anything

    God loves you because of, not despite you autism, and He won't "Shut down on you". I have heard that autistic people see the world in an alternative way, so I hope that what I will write is a simplistic example, not an explanation. In a physical way, if you buy a pair of shoes, you try them; same with testing a hard or soft mattress, because you want the best fit or the comfiest and you can prove to your self which is which. Well God wants the best souls in heaven, and giving in to the devil's temptations and the fortitude with which we bare the misfortunes in life are His shoe and mattress test. These are the sorts of thing that your best friend could see and write down in their diary and some liken this to St Peter with a book of your life's faults, blocking you like a revenue officer, at the gates of heaven. In a mental way, you can't very well try an avocado or bubble gum, you have to believe something about them, the ripeness or the flavour. These are things in your mind, about which you can change your mind, that your friend can't see or know, to write down. These are God's 'here and now' tests, things like you forgiving your father and loving him despite all the things that were unkind or that he didn't do, or perhaps accepting that others seem to be more fortunate than you. God hears your prayers, but He might be having trouble getting back to you because you are buried under piles of "why". Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be with us. If something goes well, instead of thinking "Clever me", say thank you to the Holy Spirit (Every one likes to be thanked), and if you need help, ask him, even if it is trying to find the car keys, a piece of paper that you are sure is on the table some where or that little something that you have just heard drop on the floor. He can also help with quite big things, like bringing one of your ideas that they heard of somewhere, back to mind as something that interests them. I often hear people say "If I had proof, I'd believe", but the whole point about believing is that you do it without proof, and I have found that as a believer, God encourages me with little examples of proof, from the unasked for opening of the hymn book at the correct page or asking the Holy Spirit for a parking slot just before a car pulls away, to people being miraculously healed. To sum up. Be grateful for what you have and be generous with what you have, be it forgiveness, time, comfort or a little money. "Cast your bread upon the waters.................God loves a cheerful giver"............As president Kennedy should have said "Ask not what God can do for me, but what I can do for God". The Holy Spirit is here to help.