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  1. A man who worked for our family does not believe in the 'near hereafter' . He respects those who are Christians, but says that "When you are dead, you are dead" This saddened me, because he is a good, honest, kind, sober man, who has worked hard and not been bitter about disappointments in life. He is skillful, he was fatherless, he helps widdows, he is not boastful and I am blessed to have known him for over 50 years. At a "Businessmen's Full Gospel" dinner last week, the speaker asked us all to renew our prayer to BE BORN AGAIN in Christ, "For no man cometh to the Father but by Me", and in the wonderful way that the Holy Spirit reveals things, I now have the answer to something that has worried me for many years. Where is their place in heaven for those who lived a righteous life, either without hearing of Jesus of before he was born? The answer is "No man cometh to the Father, but by Me". If Jesus sees the good works that a man does on earth and approves of him, He will meet him and take him to His Father in heaven.
  2. DON'T DO IT. If you have a bladder that works, don't muck it up Wetting a nappy when you want to is one thing, but as a lifelong bedwetter, I assure you that not to having a choice, isn't the fun that you think.
  3. Wet Knight

    If you could ask GOD anything

    Assuming that I was not overcome by His Glory, I'd thank Him for this wonderful world that we don't deserve to live in.
  4. Wet Knight

    do you want too stop your bedwetting

    To quote the song from "My Fair Lady" ... "Wooden tit, beee loverrr lea"
  5. Wet Knight

    Corinthians 13:11

    Our souls, which are for a short time in the care of our bodies, are what we should be mindful about, while alive. While it is OK to play as children without full understanding, when we become adult, we are foolish to squander time on trivial things when we could, through good deeds, be storing up "golden brownie points" in heaven.
  6. Wet Knight

    How many of us are out there?

    To help keep the figures accurate, when the time comes, please tell Elfy that you have died.
  7. Wet Knight


    The time that I have wasted.
  8. Wet Knight

    New Sub: Littles of Faih

    I don't think there is anything wrong with wearing a nappy that clashes with being a Christian, but as St Paul says, 'when I was a child I did childish things but when I grew up I stopped doing them', which brings us to, why wear a nappy instead of ordinary underpants. When it comes to wearing a nappy and wetting it, if faced with the need to pee and it is a choice between either urinating in the public gutter for which there is an on the spot fine, or using the nappy one happens to be wearing, I think God would probably prefer the latter. The fact that one is prepared could be compared to the virgins who had oil in their lamps. On the other hand, if you are at home and it is a choice of your nappy or walking to the bathroom, again, I think God would prefer the latter. These, however, are mere triflings compared with hours wasted on a computer egging others on, when the short life that we have here could be much better spent doing something to promote God's will.
  9. Wet Knight

    Cant wet the bed

    DON'T, please don't wish for that. As a lifelong bedwetter, when it happens every night, it isn't fun. The fun bit is being naughty, and flooding your nappy without a care whether it leaks or not, and feeling the warmth spread out and the wet trickle everywhere.
  10. Wet Knight

    PANTS IN A CAN!! That HAS to takd the cake!

    I bought a pair of those pants and a pair of their directoire's in 1962. They were the first adult waterproof pants that I had ever seen, and they gave me the freedom to visit a night or two away from home. They had a delicious, rubbery scent and lasted for many years before the elastic failed. Their only drawback was that they had 6 or 8 ventilation holes punched at either hip, but I soon patched that with an old balloon.
  11. Wet Knight

    Bedwetting Training: Some success?

    I agree, much nicer than just waking wet, not knowing when you wet and not having enjoyed it.
  12. Wet Knight

    Ottawa Valley DLs?

    And I wish I was in your area, there aren't enough guys of our age to chat with.
  13. Wet Knight

    What's Your Diaper Size?

    'Kinky Diaper' rubber pants and a folded flat 48" at night, as I easily flood a 40", but if I go away for a single night, it's a 60" using a chinese fold. Any more than a night and I have to resort to medium disposables and a large baby nappy as a stuffer.
  14. Wet Knight

    Real Rubber/Latex Mattress Cover

    I see that there are quite a lot of aquatic centers in NJ. Go and look at Butyl rubber pond liner.
  15. Wet Knight

    Songs That Are Suspiciously Abdl-ish

    I was 16, going on 17........... As a bedwetter every night, I convinced myself that a girlfriend was unattainable.