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  1. Eating healthy is expensive

    Fat-Freezing Vs. Weight Loss | CoolSculpting® www.coolsculpting.com/what-is-coolsculpting/fat-reduction-vs-weight-loss/ Your body has a fixed number of fat cells that get bigger or smaller as you gain or lose weight. When you have the CoolSculpting treatment, fat cells freeze and start to die off. During the process of cell death, fat cells begin to collapse. Over the weeks following your procedure, other cells consume the dead fat cells, which ...
  2. DL's of the world, unite, increase and multiply!

    Trump is working on that, by going easy on the gun laws.
  3. Too many people, having too many children! And to cap it all, living too long.
  4. Black out.?

    Did you remember to remove the insulating tab before inserting the battery in the CO monitor?
  5. I found out (censorship-related)

    "I like that something is being done to help stop young children seeing things that they really shouldn't " Working on the assumption that the younger they are, the more important it is that they see less:- ... Should very young children be allowed to see their nappies?.
  6. latex diaper cover

    Re: "No links". Did you click on the picture?.
  7. latex diaper cover

    These people make pants to be pissed in, .... out of Latex. You can pay a bit more and have the garments "Chlorinated", which alters the surface of the latex . The latex feels smoother and is easier to put on, but, most importantly, it makes the latex 95% less inclined to stick to its self as it dries after washing. A well fitting latex 'diaper cover' is not only waterproof, it can be watertight around the thighs. ⎜Adult Baby Clothes ⎜Bloomers ⎜Panties ⎜Rubber Pants
  8. Why do I feel ashamed about wearing diapers

    If it results in you wearing less and saving money, it is a good thing.
  9. Random Encounters

  10. Black out.?

    As you are again feeling poorly, take leaf out of T rump's diary, award yourself more executive time.
  11. Another night in the ER

    Wish you well, quickly.
  12. Hitler rant - diapers

    At the end of my first week, I missed my "C" by 30 seconds. We used to use a pop bottle.
  13. Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    REARZ realize it is a BUM idea to threaten their customers, AB is a world accepted blood group. Are they going to fight the world's blood-banks? Ask any US cop, DL is your driver's license. They ain't going to pick a fight with the cops. Claiming the right to combining the letters B,A,L & D with a slash is balderdash ! and m'thinks they are overcharging if they are making enough money to take action against all the people who use AB & DL, or were optimistic about the chances of actually winning enough cash to cover their costs. Now that this has blown over, if they respond without comment to an order headed:- As an AB/DL, I wish to buy.......................the precedent will kill this for ever.
  14. Bed wetting in the Army

    Now that the British Army are going to be less picky about who can join, can some young bedwetter please try to apply. Lol
  15. Adult Diapers vs. Condom Catheters for men

    Some 50 years ago, shortly before I met my wife to be, I was persuaded to start using a condom cath and bag. As a contraceptive, it didn't stop us having sex, but after several flooded beds, we moved on to a dutch cap and back to a bed-pad. Since then, with the huge improvement in today's nappies, cath and bag are yesterday's technology.